A summer at Camp Friendship is unlike any other summer job.

Job Opportunities

Teen girl camper and male counselor high five at Camp Friendship Lake

Staff, ages 16-17+

  • Junior Counselor– Ages 17, or 16 if a Camp Friendship CIT graduate.
  • Riding Junior Counselor– Ages 16 and 17. Must have horse experience and be able to assist campers in horsemanship skills and riding lessons.

Staff, ages 18+

  • Senior Counselor– Must be able to proficiently instruct in a least two activity areas.
  • Riding Senior Counselor– Must have experience riding, knowledge of horses, and the ability to teach riding lessons.
  • Support Staff: Housekeeping, Laundry, Kitchen, Marketing, Store Assistant– Experience in area of work preferred.

Staff, ages 21+

  • Village Supervisor– Experience with children required, some college required, prior camp experience preferred.
  • Nurse– Current Virginia RN license and CPR certification required.
  • Nurse Assistant– Nursing students encouraged to apply. First Aid and CPR certification required.
  • Store Manager

Program Supervisors,  ages 21+

Program Supervisors must have a valid driver’s license and good driving record, and be qualified (or able to become certified) for the specific program area(s).

  • Aquatics– Waterfront Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR certifications required. Experience teaching canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding desired.
  • Sports– Experience and teaching ability in various sports.
  • Fine Arts– Experience and teaching ability in a variety of visual arts and crafts. Formal education or art training desired.
  • Performing Arts– Experience and teaching ability in performance arts, dance, and drama.
  • Adventure– Experience and teaching ability in mountain boarding, mountain biking, and high ropes.
  • Wilderness– Experience and teaching ability in wilderness survival, fishing, and archery.


Each of our approximately 100 staff members are carefully selected and must meet our founding principles of kindness and acceptance. All candidates undergo a thorough screening process including interview, references, and criminal background check in compliance with ACA standards. Staff must be prepared to live and work with children for 9 weeks of camp plus 1-3 weeks of training, depending on position.

2021 Dates

Minimum Contract Dates:
*Supervisors: June 1- August 21
*Riding Staff: June 1- August 21
*Counselors/Junior Counselors: June 7- August 21
*Support Staff: June 7- August 21 (some positions start June 1)

Additional staff are needed for Family Camp with an end date of either:
August 29 or September 5

International staff

We are not hiring new international staff for Summer 2021 at this time due to the uncertainty of timely in-country visa appointments and current travel restrictions. Due to J-1 Visa regulations, we are unable to hire internationals directly without the use of a certified visa sponsor agency. These agencies will help you through the rigorous screening process in your home country before interviewing with Camp Friendship. Please contact one of the following visa sponsor agencies who may work in your home country: Camp America, Camp Leaders, IENA, Interexchange, CIEE or CCUSA.

2021 Salaries

Staff are paid a weekly rate with room and board included. Note: International staff pocket money is determined by their agency and may be less than the salaries listed below.

Junior Counselor: $125
Riding Junior Counselor: $125
Senior Counselor: $225
Senior Riding Counselor: $225
Support Staff: $225
Supervisors: $300
Nurse Assistant: $225
Nurse: Camper tuition trade or contact us for salary details

Campers and Staff preparing for canoe trip on Rivanna River at camp in Virginia

Join our team!

We are now accepting staff applications for the summer of 2021!

Camp Friendship is looking for talented camp counselors and staff. We look forward to reviewing your application. If you have any questions, please contact campstaff@campfriendship.com.

They say get a “real job”. It doesn’t get more real than this.