The Friendship Fund helps us continue to do what matters.

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, the Friendship Fund will now act as an emergency relief fund, financing unavoidable costs such as utility bills and other operating expenses. We hope that the Friendship Fund will soon transition back to what it once was, supporting our programming, facility restoration and camper scholarships for those in need. In the meantime, please help us keep the lights on!

Your generous support will enable Camp Friendship to continue on through this pandemic. Adding value to children’s lives is truly the heartbeat of our camp, so the Ackenbom family and our team will continue working tirelessly to stay afloat and prepare to open when it is safe to do so. We hope to positively impact children and provide quality services to campers and community members alike for years to come. 

One hundred percent of all contributions go directly to the Friendship Fund.

We are always thankful for donations that help us to embrace the past and empower the future of Camp!