Daytime Activities

With a ton of exciting activities to choose from, campers are encouraged to make their own choices in a safe and supportive environment. Campers select activities to take part in each day for a week.

Adventure Activities


Want to rank among the likes of Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye or Robin Hood? Archery class will teach you how! Spend time at our outdoor archery ranges learning how to handle your bow, knock your arrows and practice the different techniques that will allow you to hit that prized bullseye.

Mountain Boarding

The ultimate camp adrenaline rush for all ages, mountain boarding is an exciting cross between snowboarding and skateboarding. Grab your board and take on Overlook Hill with all its challenging mounds and dips!

Wilderness Survival

Do you think you could be the next Bear Grylls? Get all the skills you’ll need to survive out in the wild. From how to build a fire to how to make a shelter, this activity will prepare you for the unknown!

Aquatics Activities

Aqua Aerobics

Can’t get enough of the pool or dance class? Aqua Aerobics is a high energy, low impact activity that allows you to dance along to popular, fist-pumping music while doing easy-to-master exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels, you’ll get a great workout without ever breaking a sweat!


Get the chance to explore the entirety of Friendship Lake as a team with your canoe partner and practice a variety of strokes to help you navigate around the fountain, docks and bridges. You’ll learn how to control the canoe from various positions and play awesome canoe games that are bound to have you coming back for more.


Are you hooked? You’ll have the chance to catch-and-release Bass, Blue Gill, Sunfish and Catfish at Friendship Lake. Plus you’re sure to see a turtle or two while you wait for the Big One!


Race around Friendship Lake in your very own kayak this summer, passing under the bridges, swerving around the floating docks and splashing through the water fountain. Kayakers will learn the proper techniques and safety practices through fun and challenging games that encourage individual skill development.


Master the art of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) this summer – the latest craze in water sports. Learn how to balance, paddle, steer and race around the lake. You can even test your balancing skills with some Paddleboard Yoga. (Must be in Senior Village)

Water Polo

Have fun learning the ins and outs of this popular, fast-paced water sport. You’ll learn how to handle the ball, and practice different passing and communication techniques. You’ll get the chance to put all your new skills to the test in mini-matches. (Must be in Senior Village)

Art Activities

Arts & Crafts

It’s time to get creative in Arts & Crafts! Each day presents a new opportunity for you to express yourself through art. There’s tie-dye, beadwork, candle making, dream catchers, nature crafts and more. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Dance Performance

Learn to express yourself through movement and have loads of fun in the process! All levels and styles are welcome. Campers can try their hand at choreographing pieces of their group’s dance and work towards a performance at closing campfire.

Drama Performance

Whether your style is more Shakespeare or “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” you’ll have the chance to display and develop your talents in this fun drama class. Improv games, acting tips and the chance to perform in front of the entire camp at Campfire…to act or not to act? That is the question.

Drawing & Painting

Get inspired by your beautiful surroundings and enjoy the relaxing art of drawing and painting. Learn how to make use of color, shading and proportion with acrylics, pastels, watercolors, charcoal sticks and pencils.Whether it’s a scenic painting or a self-portrait, your creation is sure to remind you of summer camp!

Friendship Bracelet Making

We are Camp Friendship and friendship bracelet making is what we do! This class is the perfect opportunity to try out different patterns, color combinations and techniques. Make a ton of awesome friendship bracelets to give to your friends.

Off Broadway

Whether you’re an aspiring performer or just love the magic of musical theater, Off Broadway is the perfect activity for you! You’ll learn and practice the fundamentals of musical theater, from acting and singing to dancing and stage production. You’ll have the chance to showcase your skills at Campfire and perform songs from hit shows, while building your confidence and having a blast!


Good, messy fun is a camp necessity! Learn how to make bowls, mugs or any other creation you can think of during pottery wheel and pottery flat classes. You can even glaze your item and take it home to use until you make a new masterpiece next summer.


Get ready to unleash your inner songwriter and let your creativity soar! In this activity, you’ll be guided through a fun and interactive songwriting process that will have you crafting your own original music and lyrics in no time. And not to mention the chance to perform them in front of a camp-wide audience at closing campfire!

Sports Activities


Roll on up to play this fun, fast-paced racket sport! Learn the rules as well as how to serve and smash that birdie around the court!


Could you be the next Michael Jordan or play in the WNBA? Get your start by learning all the skills of the game including passing, shooting, dribbling and dunking!

Flag Football

Touchdown! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, this activity will have you running, dodging, catching, throwing and scoring as part of a team. See how many flags you can grab!


All levels of gymnasts are welcome to flip and tumble through the many fun elements at our Gymnastics Center. Challenge yourself on our balance beams, bars, rings and pommel horses or enjoy a bounce on the trampolines!

Obstacle Course Race

Jump across trampolines and traverse monkey bars as you race through an epic obstacle course at our gymnastics center. This activity is both physically and mentally engaging and will have you ready to audition for the next season of American Ninja Warrior.


Learn to master the most popular sport in the world on Camp Friendship’s athletic fields! Campers learn the techniques of shooting, dribbling and passing through enjoyable drills and games. You will also practice skills in mini-matches throughout the week.


Rank among the likes of Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal! Receive great instruction from our ace tennis team. Develop your game based on individual strengths and work on stroke, footwork, tactics and match preparation.


Have a shot at serving, bumping, setting and spiking on our beach volleyball courts. You’ll learn a new skill or improve current skills and get practice working as a team player.


Take a moment to be mindful. Yoga is a great way to start or end your daily activities and helps regenerate your body, mind and soul. Our fun poses work on strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga offers a relaxing way to work out, unwind and streeeetch!

Camp-Wide Evening Activities

The fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down! Different activities are offered each evening, where campers get to know each other and have fun together at the end of the day.

  • Campfire
  • Capture the Flag
  • Chip Cup
  • Cookout
  • Noodle Hockey
  • Pool Party
  • Powder Fairies
  • Slip ‘n Slide
  • Themed Dances
  • Project Funway Fashion Show
  • …and more!