The Senior Village program gives teenagers the freedom to be themselves and to interact with their friends while enjoying a new sense of responsibility. This program is for teenagers who want to learn new skills, explore interests and participate fully in a rewarding summer.

A little space of your own…
Senior Village campers are supervised by counselors who live in the village in separate cabins and provide the necessary supervision while allowing for the needs of the teenagers to have a space of their own. Each cabin has electricity. Bathrooms are located in a central bathhouse in the village.

You choose your activities and make up your daily schedule!
Each one-week session in the Senior Village is a mixture of varied activities chosen by the individual camper. There are five periods available to fill with activities individually selected by each camper and a free swim for everyone. Both campers and the staff plan evening activities; two or three options to choose from are usually available. Geared to the age group, these may include activities such as a talent show, theme nights, evening sports, or optional high ropes.

In addition to all the camp activities available to Senior Village campers at their level, the Ropes and Initiative Course is an integral part of the program and is designed to promote group unity and teamwork through fun and exciting interaction with peers.

Senior Village campers are also eligible to add-in a variety of half-day Sports Clinics taught by our certified sports professionals.  Sports Clinics are available in Tennis, Gymnastics, and Waterskiing/Wakeboarding.

Girls interested in riding may also want to visit our Equestrian Camp page for information on the program that offers a great immersive experience with horses.

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