Equestrian Camp
Ages 9-16

The Equestrian Camp is a full day equestrian program for girls who LOVE horses. All levels and disciplines are welcome, from girls who have never been on a horse to those that have been riding their entire lives. Camp Friendship strongly believes that when developing the equestrians of tomorrow, safe horsemanship and care of the animal are just as important to teach as mounted skills. Our campers are matched with a horse or pony for their entire session allowing them to connect and progress together. Riding campers ride twice daily between ring lessons which focus on the fundamentals of horse and rider, and afternoon fun lessons which encourage relaxed enjoyment of their equine friends. Fun lessons include trail rides, playing games on horseback, and even taking some of our water-loving horses to the river!. No horse crazy girl’s day would be complete without rolling up their sleeves and getting a little dirty! Ample time for grooming, tacking, untacking and barn chores are included in the day. Our campers take great pride in caring for their horses and ponies.

Equestrian campers get to eat, sleep and breathe horses! Girls live in the equestrian village located directly across from the barn. While they do spend the majority of their day with horses, there is still plenty of time to swim, relax and bond with new friends. Equestrian campers are very much a part of the diverse and welcoming Camp Friendship community. They eat their meals at the dining hall with other campers, swim in the pool and lake, as well as participate in camp-wide events such as campfires and dances. We pride ourselves in providing a fun, safe and well-rounded horse camp experience where girls can immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy themselves in a non-competitive environment.

Equestrian Camp Schedule ↝

Equestrian Camp Schedule (sample)

7:15  - Rise & Shine
8:00  - Breakfast
8:45  - Flag
9:00  - Ring Lesson
11:00 - Snack Bar
11:30 - Theory
12:30 - Lunch
1:35  - Free Swim
2:40  - Village Clean Up
3:30  - Fun Lesson
5:30  - Barn Chores
6:30  - Dinner
7:20  - Flag
7:45  - Evening Activity
8:45  - Showers/Village Time
9:30  - Light's Out

The Facilities – Over 80 horses are stabled in our state-of-the-art barn at Camp Friendship. With an indoor arena, show ring, and 3 additional outdoor rings varying in size, we have an area to meet the needs of all riding levels. The living quarters for the equestrian campers are located in the “equestrian village” directly across from the barn. Included is a large dormitory style lodge, as well as two cabins that house both our campers and riding staff. This is all surrounded by scenic fields, paddocks and miles of beautiful wooded riding trails.

The Horses – Camp Friendship Equestrian Center horses and ponies can be described as wonderful, versatile and safe. We own and maintain our horses year-round to ensure they are trained to meet the specific needs of our program. The herd includes many different sizes, breeds and colors so that we are well-equipped to match each rider with a horse or pony best suited for them.

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Those interested in year round riding programs may also want to visit our Year Round page for information on programs that offer a variety of fun and educational activities.  Spring and Fall Riding Weekends are a great way to try out riding camp at Camp Friendship.

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