Horseback Riding Camp Washington D.C.

Camp Friendship is the best horseback riding camp, located only a few hours away from home for Washington D.C. campers. What makes Camp Friendship the best horseback riding camp for children, is that we are experts in teaching the fundamentals of horse and rider, as well as providers of the most fun with our horses. Your child can enjoy time with our gentle horses, playing in the river or taking them out on our extensive cross country trails. Whether your daughter is a beginner or an advanced rider, Camp Friendship has the perfect program for any horse enthusiast! Our programs are designed to bring the best experience to children during their stay at summer camp.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the unique experience that a Camp Friendship Summer can provide your children. We are open all year round for tours and questions. Contact Camp Friendship today at 1-800-873-3223.

Tennis Summer Camp VA

If you are looking for a tennis summer camp in VA for you or your child, Camp Friendship offers a fantastic program, as well as great scenery.

Tennis Summer Camp VA

Our tennis summer camp in VA is supervised by tennis pro, Alina Ackenbom. A member of the Camp Friendship staff since 1997, she holds her Elite Tennis Professional Certification from United States Professional Tennis Association.

Originally from Russia, Alina has over 30 years of experience of playing and teaching tennis.

Our tennis clinics

  • Tennis Summer Club Programs
  • Summer Camp Tennis Clinics
  • Junior Team Tennis Leagues
  • Adult Cardio Tennis Classes

Along with its tennis summer program, we have a plethora of sports for kids to participate in at their summer camp in Virginia. Camp Friendship is a great place for your child to enjoy sports at camp in close proximity to VA. Camp Friendship is an overnight summer camp in VA for campers ages 7-16 and offers six different summer camp programs and unique activities such as tennis, a horseback riding program, color wars and a ropes course, to name a few. There are a wide variety of traditional summer camp activities such as soccer, volleyball, arts and crafts, camp fires, and more!

Come visit or request more information. Contact us call 1-800-873-3223 or 434-589-8950.

Camp Friendship offers a summer tennis camp in Virginia. If you have any questions pertaining to summer camp, sleepaway camp, overnight camp, coed summer camp, horseback riding camp, residential camp, or tennis summer camp in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania, contact Camp Friendship at: 1 (800) 873-3223 or (434) 589-8950.




Coed Summer Camp Virginia

If you’re looking for a Coed Summer Camp in Virginia, then Camp Friendship is the right choice for you. Camp Friendship’s coed summer camp  is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Palmyra, Virginia, and is the perfect camp for boys and girls age 7-16.

While creating wonderful memories, your camper can gain independence, build social values and confidence. They have the chance to step out of their comfort zones and explore tons of new experiences, all at our judgment free camp! Camp Friendship, coed summer camp in Virginia offers several camp programs and loads of activities where camper’s develop a sense of accomplishment through the development of new activity skills and enhance their social growth.  For more information, contact us at 1-800-873-3223 or 434-589-8950 or email:

Overnight Camp North Carolina

If you’re searching overnight camps for kids near North Carolina, check out Camp Friendship located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA. Other overnight camps don’t offer anything like Camp Friendship’s special summer program designed

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for teens in VA where they can enjoy having their own space and new sense of responsibility, free to be themselves. This program is for teenagers who want to learn new skills, explore interests and participate fully in a rewarding summer. In addition to the wonderful memories made here, we can provide a teen with independence, social values, and confidence. Camper’s may develop new activity skills and enhance their personal growth and independence. For more information about our teen camp in Virginia contact us at 1-800-873-3223.

Parents Guide to Worry Free Drop Off at Summer Camp in VA

While it may be true that there are some nervous kids before the start of camp, many parents are probably more nervous leaving their child in someone else’s care. They might also be worrying if their child will have fun while they’re gone for the summer.

Here are some things to think about to help calm the nerves and have a worry free drop off at Camp Friendship’s overnight summer camp in Virginia. Most are helpful because you are re-affirming what’s valuable about summer camp and what will be meaningful to your child. You have made the choice to give your child not only a great experience, but wonderful opportunities. And you’ve carefully chosen the best camp to provide that.

Keep in mind:
-all the wonderful new experiences your child will have
-the personal growth they will experience
-the happy memories they will take home
-all the fun your child will have creating bonds

Remind yourself:
-your child will develop a sense of independence
-they’ll learn new things about themselves and about the world
-they’ll learn how to handle things on their own

See our website and watch our video to remind yourself why this is the right choice for your child. We have a great parent resource section that will be very helpful. If you’re calm and confident in your choices, chances are you’re child will notice and it will probably influence them in a good way. Embrace the change and allow your little one to fly for the summer without sensing you’re worries holding them back. Summer camp is FUN and you’ll be so happy when your child returns home with exciting stories and lifelong memories. No other experience provides the same opportunity as Camp Friendship’s summer camp in Virginia!

Lastly, you can feel free to talk to the Camp Friendship staff about any of your concerns. We understand! Most of us are parents. Contact us at 1-800-873-3223. We want you to enjoy your summer too, being worry free when you drop your child off to have the summer of their life!

How to Choose the Best Summer Camp in Virginia

The sunny days are here again, and it is time to start poring over advertisements, flyers, and brochures and browsing the Internet to find the best summer camp for your kid. Choosing a summer camp while balancing your finances can be a tricky job. But it will probably be trickier to find one that has the multitude and diversity of activities to wean your kid away from the phone, tablet, computer, television and the gaming console. And then there’s always the challenge of persuading your kid to leave an environment that they feel most secure and comfortable in—their home and family. The tips given below should help you choose the best summer camp for your kid in Virginia.

Go Over the Activities List Thoroughly
Given that kids these days have more entertainment and recreation options to keep them indoors, camps in Virginia have added a plethora of new activities to attract the young ones. So when choosing a camp, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the list of programs on offer.

But more is not always merrier. You have to choose a camp where the activities are after your child’s heart or suit their temperament. For instance, if your kid is not very athletic, then you should not choose a camp where they will have to take part in a lot of sports. Depending on their interest, you opt for camps that organize art classes or cookery programs or teach about space science or magic.

If your kid has some special needs, you will have to look for camps in Virginia that cater to their requirements. These camps organize programs that kids with special needs can easily participate in and also have accommodation areas where they can be comfortable and safe.

Check the Staff Composition and their Credentials
After you have ensured that your kid can have a whale of a time at the summer camp, it is time for you to allay your concerns about their safety while they are away. While choosing a summer camp for your kid in Virginia, ensure that it is accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA). A camp with an ACA accreditation fulfills more than 300 stringent health, hygiene, and safety standards, and you can be sure that your kid will be absolutely safe while having fun.

Visit the Camp Before the Camp Starts
Every child is different. While some kids just can’t wait to go off to a summer camp, some others feel jittery and may suffer from separation anxiety. To soothe your child’s fears and get them excited about the camp, it is a good idea to take them to visit the camp before it starts. The counselor can explain what happens in the camp and maybe even show them photographs and/or videos of the place and the activities. Seeing other kids having fun as they take part in the activities they too enjoy, will comfort your child and make them look forward to camp.

Established in 1966, Camp Friendship has been an ACA accredited camp for many years. Camp Friendship has certified and experienced health personnel who reside on camp property. Most of our Junior Staff, ages 16-17, are former campers with great potential to be our junior staff members. Our Senior Counselors and Program Supervisors are college students and graduates with previous experience working with children in camps, schools or day care programs. Absolutely all candidates go through Federal Background Checks for any criminal history. The counselor to camper ratio is 1 to 4 in Junior Camp and 1 to 6 in Senior Camp. At Camp Friendship we are proud of having a high percentage of returning staff year after year.

Camp Friendship has a FAQ section for you so your questions can be conveniently answered all in one place. Also, if you would like to arrange a private tour of our camp, please contact us at 1-800-873-3223 or 434-589-8950. We would be happy to show you around!


Summer Camp Richmond VA

Camp Friendship is a summer camp within an hour of Richmond Virginia. Our Fluvanna County summer camp is for cialis viagra levitra review Richmond, VA children ages 7-16 who would enjoy a variety of cialis and liver damage summer camp activities such as soccer, volleyball, arts and crafts, and camp fires. Camp Friendship summer camp offers 6 different summer camp programs such cialis buy online generic as Junior Village, Senior Village, and an Equestrian Camp. We also have unique activities such as a horseback riding program, color wars, and a ropes course. We hope you’ll register your Richmond VA child at Camp Friendship! Contact us for more information and schedule a tour.

Co-Ed Sleepaway Camp | Virginia

Camp Friendship is co-ed sleepaway camp in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Camp Friendship’s co-ed sleepaway camp in VA allows campers to express themselves, interact with peers in a comfortable setting, and enjoy a new-found sense of independence and responsibility. Our variety of activities ensures every camper to have the best summer possible. No one is ever bored or left to feel alone at Camp Friendship! Every one-week session at Camp Friendship’s summer camp in Virginia is a mixture of activities chosen by the individual camper. Our campers are given 5 periods to fill throughout the day and swimming.

Allow your child a summer of fun and freedom, new activities, and new friends at Camp Friendship in Virginia!

For more information about Camp Friendship’s co-ed sleepaway camp, please contact us today: 1-800-873-3223, 434-589-8950

Sleepover Camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA

Camp Friendship is a sleepover camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia close to Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland. Camp Friendship sleepover camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA is great for young city campers. Our Fluvanna County sleepover camp in Central Virginia is for children ages 7-16. We offer 6 different summer camp programs such as Junior Village, Senior Village, and even an Equestrian Camp with the most gentle and beautiful horses.

You can schedule a tour or register your child at our Virginia Sleepover Camp. If you would like to contact us call 1-800-873-3223 or see our website for more information.

Camp Friendship: Equestrian Camp in Virginia

Camp Friendship Equestrian Camp in Fluvanna County, Virginia for girls ages 9-16 who LOVE horses.  The Camp Friendship equestrian camp program in VA is designed to provide a fun, safe camp experience involving a full day of horses.  From beginners to advanced riders, our equestrian program offers the combination of well instructed English hunt seat ring lessons focusing on the fundamentals of horse and rider, as well as fun with our horses, whether playing with them in the river or taking them out on our extensive cross country trails.

Our director is a certified instructor through the American Riding Instructors Association and believes in the importance of not only solid riding instruction, but in shaping well rounded horse enthusiasts of tomorrow.

Please contact our Equestrian Director with further questions at (434) 589-3878.