Horseback Riding Camp Washington D.C.

Camp Friendship is the best horseback riding camp, located only a few hours away from home for Washington D.C. campers. What makes Camp Friendship the best horseback riding camp for children, is that we are experts in teaching the fundamentals of horse and rider, as well as providers of the most fun with our horses. Your child can enjoy time with our gentle horses, playing in the river or taking them out on our extensive cross country trails. Whether your daughter is a beginner or an advanced rider, Camp Friendship has the perfect program for any horse enthusiast! Our programs are designed to bring the best experience to children during their stay at summer camp.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the unique experience that a Camp Friendship Summer can provide your children. We are open all year round for tours and questions. Contact Camp Friendship today at 1-800-873-3223.

6 Steps to Choosing a Summer Camp

When it comes to summer camps, there’s a lot more involved than just campfires, s’mores and sing-along songs. As a parent, you might already have come to the realization that picking the right summer camp for your child isn’t easy… it’s an important and time-consuming decision.

As leaders in the camp industry, we’ve simplified the process for busy parents by creating a 6 step process to choosing a summer camp:

1. Day or Sleepaway?
First things first, simplify your options. While there are hundreds of camps out there, you need to decide first and foremost whether you’ll be picking a day camp, an overnight camp or a combination of both for the summer. The most important part of this step is involving your child in the decision-making process. Some 7 year olds are ready for overnight camp, others are not; and parents need to be ready too. Session length is also a consideration when thinking of overnight camps as some offer 1 week sessions and others offer 2,3,4 and full-summer options.

2. Specialized Programming or General Fun?
Consider your child’s interests: what do they enjoy doing and what new activities would they like to try? Are you hoping for them to enjoy a wide range of experiences or do you want to opt for a specialty camp that focuses on a particular activity or set of skills? Nowadays camps offer all sorts of specialized options including horseback riding, circus and performing arts, sports, science and computer-based activities and more.

3. Philosophy and Mission: Does It Match Yours?
Now that you’ve narrowed it down some, it’s time to get to know the camp itself. What are you looking for in a camp? What should you be looking for? A sure-fire way to check whether a camp is the right fit is to consider your own parenting philosophy and whether the camp’s philosophy matches this: what is their view on competition, conflict resolution, flexibility and free-choice, are they affiliated with a religion etc. Another aspect to consider is the children that make up the camp’s community – would they all be from the same area or does the camp welcome children from out-of-state or other countries?

4. Consider the Costs
The general rule of thumb is that the earlier you sign up for camp, the cheaper it is. Some camps may offer financial aid or payment plans as well as sibling discounts or multiple week discounts. Check whether tuition is all-inclusive or if there are additional costs for transportation, specialized activities, out-of-camp trips etc.

5. Ask Questions:

All camps should have a helpful FAQ section on their website which will most likely provide answers to questions you hadn’t even thought to ask. The American Camp Association suggests parents ask questions relating to:

  • Accreditation and References: Is the camp accredited by the American Camp Association and are they willing to provide previous camper families as references? What is their return rate for campers and staff?
  • Facilities and Food: How are campers bunked and what are the bathroom facilities like? How does the camp accommodate fussy eaters or food allergies?
  • Health & Wellness: How does the camp handle medical issues and manage camper medications? What about special needs? Are there health care professionals on-site and where is the closest medical facility? How is homesickness handled? What is the camp’s stance on behavior management?
  • Activities and Program Goals: How does the camp assign campers their activities – is it free-choice or do they receive a structured schedule as a group or individuals? Which is better for your child? How does the camp structure free time into a typical day?
  • Communication: How can you stay in touch with your child during camp? Does the camp allow electronics or is it technology-free?

6. Pay Them a Visit:
For a nervous camper (or parent!) there is nothing better than actually visiting the camp to ease any anxieties. Many camps have Open House Days during this time of year where first-time camper families are welcomed onto camp to meet staff, see the facilities and ask questions. Some camps also offer private tours just for you and your family. If you live too far away to visit, some camps may have camp videos or virtual camp tours on their websites which may be helpful.

Ready to start searching? Try the ACA’s Camp Search on

There’s a camp out there to suit every child, and when you consider the fact that over 14 million people attend camps annually in the United States alone, it becomes easy to recognize that there must be something special and beneficial about the experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about Camp Friendship, join us at our Open House on April 22nd.

Overnight Camp Maryland

Camp Friendship is an overnight summer camp near Maryland! If you and your family live in Maryland, then you are not far at al from our camp location in Palmyra, VA. Camp Friendship is for boys and girls, ages 7-16. Camp Friendship’s overnight summer camp in Virginia offers 6 different summer camp programs such as Junior Village, Senior Village, and even an Equestrian Camp, and activities that make us unique, such as a horseback riding program, color wars, and a ropes course. We also offer traditional summer camp activities such as soccer, volleyball, arts and crafts, and camp fires. We know your child will absolutely love our camp; they’ll have an unforgettable experience, guaranteed! To request more information contact us call 1-800-873-3223.

Making New Friends at Overnight camp near Washington D.C.

One of the highlights of summer for children is spending a few weeks at overnight camp! Here, they have endless hours of fun and adventure that they can’t have anywhere else. So what exactly is the best part about going to an overnight camp near Washington D.C? At Camp Friendship, we believe that it’s all the lifelong friends that campers will make!

When looking at overnight camps, a lot of parent’s main concern is whether or not their child will make friends. But rest assured, by the end of the first day, your child will have met a ton of new people, and likely met one of their new best friends! A lot of campers make new friends by finding other children that have similar interests. That makes our overnight camp activities the prime opportunity to make new friends. Children have to communicate and work with each other to achieve a common goal. By doing this, children aren’t just making new friends, they are also gaining social skills, boosting their self-esteem, and also gaining self-confidence, all while having a fun time! Our safe and supportive overnight camp environment is the perfect place for children to discover who they truly are. Therefore, making friends that support them and have similar mindsets. School can be a stressful place, therefore finding time to make friends can often be hard. Allowing overnight camp is the perfect place to make new friends happen!

So are you ready to sign your son or daughter up for the best overnight camp near Washington D.C.?! Then call Camp Friendship to get more information or to schedule a tour today at (434)-589-8950.


Traditional Summer Camp Virginia

Camp Friendship is a

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highly acclaimed traditional summer camp for children ages 7-16; nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Here at Camp Friendship’s traditional summer camp in Virginia, there is something for everyone! Since 1966, we have been offering campers the opportunity to have a summer experience focused on responsibility, independence and making individual choices. Campers have the choice of over 40 activities so they can create their own summer fun and adventure! See for yourself what Camp Friendship‘s summer residential camp in Virginia can do for your child. Contact us today! For more information call 1-800-873-3223.

Virginia Teen Camp

Camp Friendship is a Virginia Teen Camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’re looking for a Virginia Teen Camp, Camp Friendship is a good choice. Our Teen Camp offers traditional

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and a ropes course. Our camp programs are designed to enhance social growth and independence in our campers. Your teen can gain confidence, lasting friendships, and create cherished memories that will last their lifetime.

Visit our website and/or schedule a tour. You’ll see how Camp Friendship caters to young adults to promote their success. You can contact us at 1-800-873-3223 / 434-589-8950.

A Teen Camp in Virginia

Camp Friendship is a Teen Camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA. If you’re looking for a Teen Camp in Virginia, Camp Friendship is your choice. Our Teen Camp in Virginia offers a wide variety of traditional summer camp activities such as soccer, volleyball, arts and crafts, and camp fires. But, we also have some activities that make us unique, such as a horseback riding program, color wars, and a ropes course. We design our camp programs to enhance social growth and independence in our campers. Your teen can gain confidence, new and lasting friendships and memories in Virginia this summer!

Come visit us, or our website for more information. We hope you’ll join us at Camp Friendship. Contact us at 1-800-873-3223 / 434-589-8950.

Overnight Summer Camp in Virginia

Camp Friendship is an overnight summer camp in Virginia. With its close proximity to Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland, Camp Friendship is a great overnight summer camp in Virginia! Camp Friendship is an overnight summer camp in Virginia for campers ages 7-16.

Our Fluvanna County overnight summer camp in Virginia offers 6 different summer camp programs such as Junior Village, Senior Village, and even an Equestrian Camp.

We offer activities that make us unique, such as a horseback riding program, color wars, and a ropes course. We also offer a wide variety of traditional summer camp activities such as soccer, volleyball, arts and crafts, and camp fires.

Come visit us, or request more information on our website. Either way, we hope you’ll register for a session at our Virginia Summer Camp! To Contact us call 1-800-873-3223 or 434-589-8950.