The Week So Far… Session 7A!

It’s Week 7 here at Camp Friendship in Virginia, and it’s been nothing but fun, friendships and WAR… SV Wars to be precise! This week our Senior Villages have declared war and are out to win in the epic battles of SV WARS. SV Wars is a brand new Village Time activity here at camp where campers and counselors compete in various activities throughout the week – there have been dance offs, ping pong tournaments, fashion shows, volleyball challenges and so much more! Be sure to follow our Camp Friendship Facebook and Instagram pages to find out whether SV1 or SV2 are victorious at the end of the week.

Taking it back a day or two to Sunday, we started Week 7 in the same way we start every week at Camp Friendship, with our Opening Campfire on Sunday night. This campfire is a time for new friends to come together beneath the stars and get to know each other a little better. It’s also a time where we watch our counselors make complete fools of themselves up on stage, and we love every minute!

After an early start on Monday, there was much excitement as everyone received their activity schedules and prepared to try their activities for the first time! Instead of regular dinner in the Dining Hall, our campers and counselors ate outdoors in a camp-wide cookout that was great fun!

After a full day of activities on Tuesday, it was time to cool off with a few camp favorites for evening activity: Slip ‘n Slide for Juniors and a highly competitive round of Pool Olympics for Seniors.

On Wednesday we received some much needed rain which gave us all some time to rest and recover from the high-energy activities we’ve been doing all week.

Rest time didn’t last long though as it was soon time to head Under the Sea for our camp-wide dance. It’s always great fun to see how our campers interpret the dance theme, and this week we had sharks, crabs, fishermen, squid and a whole crew of Spongebob Squarepants characters that made everyone giggle. Needless to say we had a whale of a time!

As we near the end of our week, we still have big plans for camp fun with our camp friends. Thursday‘s evening activities are some camp classics: Pool Party for Juniors and Powder Fairies for Seniors. Our Equestrian Campers will spend the evening preparing themselves and their horses for the big day on Friday: Horse Show Day! At the end of every 2-week Equestrian Camp session, the girls get the chance to perform the skills they’ve learned at camp to their families and friends, and of course their counselors swell with pride at seeing how far each rider has come in just 2 short weeks.

Be sure to look out for photos of your camper on CampInTouch over the weekend, and there’ll be a special Week 7 Wrap Up video to watch on our YouTube channel.

Children’s Exercise Tips from a Virginia Summer Camp

Spring is in the Virginia air, and summer camp is on its way! (Just 67 days…yes Camp Friendship is counting!) It’s time to get the children up off the couch and outside! However, it’s not always easy to pry their eyes away from the glowing boxes (TVs, Video Games, Tablets, Computers, Phones, etc…). According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CD), in the past 30 yrs, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents.

The recommended regiment from the CDC, is 1 hr of physical activity at least 5 days a week for children ages 6 – 17 years old. How can you make this happen? Here are some tips to get you started.

Get the whole family involved:
Find fun activities the whole family can participate in, like family walks, family bike rides, frisbee, and basketball. Plan a weekly Saturday morning hike, or other outdoor adventure! Did you know we’ve got a Family Camp? Our summer camp is located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Find out more about our facilities and how to make the most of your summer vacation!

Replace the video games:
Of course the video games don’t have to permanently go, but make sure to also provide your children with bikes, jump ropes, kites, balls, and other fun outdoor games to keep them excited about being outside!

Be an example:
Children look up to their parents, so start by setting a good example. If you are excited to get outside and play, it may help motivate and get your kids excited to go out and play!

Make Time:
Life can get hectic, so why not plan your outdoor schedule. Make it a priority to set aside a few days a week to go outside and play with the kids.

How to handle TV:
Of course you can’t be activity 100% of the time! Relaxation and sleep are also important, but it’s how you integrate it into your life that makes the difference. The days are longer in the Spring and Summer, so get out and enjoy the sunshine for as long as you can, and leave the TV watching, and video games for the evening!

Maybe you can find some activity inspiration by looking at our Programs and Activities we have to offer. Get the kids excited and prepped for summer!