Coed Summer Camp North Carolina

If you’re looking for a Coed Summer Camp Near North CarolinaCamp Friendship is your choice. Camp Friendship’s summer camp in Central Virginia is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains near North Carolina, and is for campers age 7-16.

While creating wonderful memories, your camper can gain independence, build social values and confidence. Camp Friendship, Virginia’s best coed summer camp near North Carolina offers several camp programs where camper’s develop a sense of accomplishment through the development of new activity skills and enhance their social growth.  We guarantee that your son or daughter will absolutely love our coed summer camp and that they will have the experience for a lifetime! They have the opportunity to try new things, For more information, contact us at 1-800-873-3223 or 434-589-8950 or email:

Summer Camp North Carolina

Camp Friendship is a wonderful co-ed summer camp program near North Carolina designed for children aged 7-16. At Camp Friendship’s co-ed sleepaway camp near North Carolina, we offer a variety of summer camp programs designed to fit the unique needs of each one of our campers. Located on 520 acres of rolling hills and scenic woods, Camp Friendship‘s co-ed summer camp in VA has been offering boys and girls the best summer possible since 1966. Allow your child to boost their self esteem, learn to work as part of a team, make new friends, and build positive values this summer at Camp Friendship!

To register your child or to schedule a tour of our VA summer camp,
contact us today at: 1-800-873-3223 | 434-589-8950.

Sleepaway Camp North Carolina

Camp Friendship | Co-ed Sleepaway Camp

Camp Friendship is a sleepaway camp located on a beautiful campus in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains right near North Carolina. Here at Camp Friendship’s sleepaway camp, we believe that camp should be child centered as opposed to skill-centered and that our facilities, co-ed sleepaway camp programs, activities, and staff, are all to benefit our campers. Allow your son or daughter to spend their summer at Camp Friendship’s co-ed sleepaway camp in Virginia and allow them to experience the inherent worth of every individual, a feeling of unity amongst their camp community, and an awareness and concern for the natural heritage of our earth. We hope to see you this summer at Camp Friendship near North Carolina!

For more information on Camp Friendship’s co-ed sleepaway camp near North Carolina, please contact us today. We are always happy to answer your questions.1-800-873-3223, 434-589-8950 |

Conference Center VA

Are you looking for a large space to hold a conference, retreat or event? Camp Friendship offers a unique destination to connect through leadership training or office team building seminars at their conference center in VA. We are located in Palmyra, Virginia and our professional staff will help you so that everyone’s time can be productive in a different sort of conference center at our retreat in Virginia that offers natural surroundings and a breath of fresh air.

Our facility provides the opportunity for a positive experience away from the office where your business team can work together, create new relationships, be challenged, gain a new sense of confidence and leave rejuvenated and inspired.

Camp Friendship‘s scenic atmosphere and accommodations are the perfect environment to facilitate your group’s weekend or weeklong stay and make it a success. Contact us today! For more information call 1-800-873-3223.


Lifelong Memories at Sleepaway Camp near North Carolina

IMG_2542 1Fun fact: ten million children attend some kind of camp every summer. How crazy is that? Going to sleepaway camp was the highlight of our childhood summers, and that hasn’t changed for this generation. There are thousands of sleepaway camps all around the United States. Sending your son or daughter to a sleepaway camp near North Carolina, like Camp Friendship, is one of the best decisions you could make for their summer plans and for their future. When you pick up you child at the end of the summer, they will have a million of new stories to tell you about all of the memories they had made that summer.

Speaking of childhood summers, if you attended sleepaway camp as a child, what are some of the memories that you think of? Do the super hot days where going to the lake was the only option to stay cool come to mind? What about hanging out with all of your new friends all day, every day? And then do you remember pick up day where the entire ride home you told your parents all of the cool things you did? Sleepaway camp provided you with some of your fondest childhood memories, and the same goes for children today! Our campers say that the best part about Camp Friendship are all of the sleepaway camp activities that we have to offer. Whether it is winning the pool olympics, participating in the talent show, or our ugliest counselor contests, our campers say that looking back at their summers, Camp Friendship made the top of their lists. Along with all of this, our sleepaway camp counselors strive to give campers a memorable summer. They go above and beyond to ensure that campers are having fun every single day at Camp Friendship. And to be honest, it’s impossible to not have fun every day while you’re here.

If you are interested in sending your son or daughter to the best sleepaway camp near North Carolina to give them the best summer of their lives, then contact Camp Friendship today! Call us at (434)-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Retreat Center near North Carolina

Are you looking to hold a getaway weekend/event near North Carolina for family, friends, employees, or coworkers? Well, the decision to hold a retreat is the perfect way to unite, revive, and refresh your business or organization. But how do you ensure that your retreat will be successful and enjoyable? The first step is to find the perfect retreat center. Camp Friendship offers an affordable and accommodating retreat center in Virginia for your next retreat. Keep on reading for some tips to make your next retreat the best one yet!

  • What is the goal and purpose of holding this retreat? Camp Friendship is the perfect setting for leadership, teambuilding, spiritual, church, university, arts and crafts, horseback riding, and other group retreats. Decide what you want to achieve by holding this retreat and go from there.
  • Take a tour of the retreat center campgrounds and find out what it has to offer. See the retreat cabins and what kind of food is offered. Once you have done this, begin to create your schedule. What kind of retreat activities will you want to include? Camp Friendship offers a variety of water activities, target sports, team sports, low & high ropes, creative arts, and evening activities. There is guaranteed to be activities that you and your organization or business will enjoy. Also make sure to include free time, retreats are meant to be relaxing too!
  • Create a retreat budget that you know your business or organization can spare. Camp Friendship is a very affordable retreat center that can cater to 20 to 300 participants.

Remember, this is just the beginning of your retreat planning and there is a lot more to do! If you’re looking for the best retreat center near North Carolina, then Camp Friendship is the answer! Call us at 434-589-8950 for more information or to schedule your next retreat at Camp Friendship!


Residential Summer Camp with Horseback Riding North Carolina

If you’re looking for a Residential Summer Camp with Horseback Riding near North Carolina, Camp Friendship is your choice. Camp Friendship Residential Summer Camp has traditional activities as well as an extensive horseback riding program designed for beginners to advanced riders Near North Carolina. Children ages 7-16 can enjoy playing with horses in the river or taking them out on our extensive cross country trails and experience horses like never before. Riding lessons focus on the fundamentals of horse and rider, as well as fun with our horses. Our camp will give your child endless opportunities for their social skills and independence to grow. And they’ll have the time of their life.

You can schedule a tour at Camp Friendship to see for yourself what makes it so special here. Contact us at 1-800-873-3223 / 434-589-8950.

Best Horseback Riding Camp North Carolina

Camp Friendship is the best horseback riding camp, located only a few hours away from home for North Carolina campers. What makes Camp Friendship the best horseback riding camp for North Carolina children is that we are experts in teaching the fundamentals of horse and rider, as well as providers of the most fun with our horses. Your child can enjoy time with our gentle horses, playing in the river or taking them out on our extensive cross country trails. Whether your daughter is a beginner or an advanced rider, Camp Friendship has the perfect program for any horse enthusiast! Our programs are designed to bring the best experience to children during their stay at summer camp.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the unique experience that a Camp Friendship Summer can provide your children. We are open all year round for tours and questions. Contact Camp Friendship today at 1-800-873-3223.

Best Overnight Equestrian Camp North Carolina

If you have a daughter who loves horses, you should check out Camp Friendship, the best overnight equestrian camp near North Carolina, and ideal place for her next summer! Being the best overnight equestrian camp for your North Carolina daughter, means we provide a fun, safe camp experience involving a FULL DAY of horses! Your camper can spend her summer having a endless fun with our 90+ horses playing with them in the river or taking them out on our extensive cross country trails! No matter whether your daughter is a beginner or an advanced rider, Camp Friendship has the perfect program for any horse enthusiast!

Let your daughter grow her passion for horses and horseback riding next summer, while staying close to home at Camp Friendship overnight equestrian camp in Virginia. Contact us at 1-800-873-3223 for more information!

North Carolina Summer Camp with Horseback Riding

If you live in North Carolina and looking for a Summer Camp with Horseback Riding, Camp Friendship is your choice. Camp Friendship is for North Carolina children ages 7-16 who would enjoy a Summer Camp with traditional summer camp activities as well as an extensive horseback riding program designed for beginners to advanced riders. Whether playing with them in the river or taking them out on our extensive cross country trails your child will experience horses like never before. Riding lessons focus on the fundamentals of horse and rider, as well as fun with our horses.  Our camp will give your child endless opportunities to enhance their social growth and independence. Along with lasting memories, your camper will gain independence and confidence.

You can schedule a tour at Camp Friendship and see what we have to offer your child. Contact us at 1-800-873-3223 / 434-589-8950.