Lifelong Memories at Sleepaway Camp near North Carolina

IMG_2542 1Fun fact: ten million children attend some kind of camp every summer. How crazy is that? Going to sleepaway camp was the highlight of our childhood summers, and that hasn’t changed for this generation. There are thousands of sleepaway camps all around the United States. Sending your son or daughter to a sleepaway camp near North Carolina, like Camp Friendship, is one of the best decisions you could make for their summer plans and for their future. When you pick up you child at the end of the summer, they will have a million of new stories to tell you about all of the memories they had made that summer.

Speaking of childhood summers, if you attended sleepaway camp as a child, what are some of the memories that you think of? Do the super hot days where going to the lake was the only option to stay cool come to mind? What about hanging out with all of your new friends all day, every day? And then do you remember pick up day where the entire ride home you told your parents all of the cool things you did? Sleepaway camp provided you with some of your fondest childhood memories, and the same goes for children today! Our campers say that the best part about Camp Friendship are all of the sleepaway camp activities that we have to offer. Whether it is winning the pool olympics, participating in the talent show, or our ugliest counselor contests, our campers say that looking back at their summers, Camp Friendship made the top of their lists. Along with all of this, our sleepaway camp counselors strive to give campers a memorable summer. They go above and beyond to ensure that campers are having fun every single day at Camp Friendship. And to be honest, it’s impossible to not have fun every day while you’re here.

If you are interested in sending your son or daughter to the best sleepaway camp near North Carolina to give them the best summer of their lives, then contact Camp Friendship today! Call us at (434)-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Family Camp Week and a Farewell

Hi camp friendship community. The last time I posted an update I mentioned that this week would be our family camp issue and I’m happy to start off by saying that we’ve had a super fun week. S’mores have been toasted in villages and the lake has been a particularly popular spot for families this week with the wonderful weather we’ve had in Palmyra. Moms have been flying off the zip or getting lost in the forest with a good book whilst their kids try out archery with our experts. You really get the opportunity to mold your own dream day with us during the family camp week.

So what does the family camp schedule look like? Candle making, rifelry, ice cream social, fireworks and many more exciting activities and events are on the weekly program. We also enjoyed an intense dodgeball match and held our wish boats closing ceremony on the beach with an and of week slideshow highlighting memories from this week.

I’m going to share a few photographs below this post and I should mention that this is my last blog post for camp friendship, oh nooooo. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for following the stories of our beautiful summer and contributing to our ever growing family. Also do keep in the link to see memories posted throughout the year. As a final note I just want to say that although camp is over for the year, we can’t wait to have everyone back next year.



Well done to all the participants of our triathalon. After an early start campers either took part individually or teamed up to swim, cycle and run the circute drawn up by our wonderful Co-ordinator Colleen. Great team work to all those involved.


After our basket ball game we set foot onto the ropes course. Night ropes were a weekly highlight and definately lit up the forest with laughter and good times. We offered a variety of bridge and wall challanges and had an unforgetable night.


Slip n Slide was a highlight for the kids, adults cheered them on from the sidelines, however some parents decided to face their own challenge at our water polo game. Staff vs Campers. There were some serious moments in that match but it has to be said that it was all in good spirit and all players left laughing as they headed to the gymnasium for our candy land dance.



And finally, it’s the wishboats. I have to say it was a personal highlight of my summer as campers who had visited earlier for kids camp returned with their families excitedly watched with families who had spent their first week at camp. Some of our families have been coming to camp for over twenty years so it’s always amazing to see their welcoming spirit at these bonding times. It was enlightening to see this years beautiful floats made by many. We knew we would never forget summer 2015 as the reflection from the candle lit floats burned brightly into the night.

Animal antics at our jungle gym dance and camp fire excitement. It’s week 9 at camp friendship.

So somehow we’ve hit that time ! It’s Friday, and not just any Friday. It’s our last summer camp day of the season. That also means this is my last blog post on summer camp happenings. I hope I’ve given you a taste of how life changing camp is, and for anyone who’s spent time with us here this summer, I think it’s safe to say it was special and timeless to us all. I’d also like to remind you to check out this space next week to find out what goes on at family camp. That’s right ! We welcome some slightly older campers next week and I can’t wait to share my update with you !

So to start this off, I have to say the sun is shining brightly on friendship way and today is already shaping up to be one of the best days of the season. This morning as some campers enjoyed shooting balloon targets on the archery range or swimming in the lake, others set off on a pony trek. After junior lunch, kids jumped and danced around to music as we played our top 2015 tracks, many of which flooded in amazing memories from this week and past weeks. Kids then gathered together and headed into the sun room for video productions premiere of ‘cabin 13’ a horror spoof that has been filmed and produced by our campers with the instruction of our junior boys counsellor and media expert Alex. Dinner and a show was enjoyed by all and it really showed as campers smiled and danced around the dining hall.



This evening is all about one thing, it’s our closing camp fire. So to prepare for that, four of our program classes have spent time this week building on performances. Participants are set to dance, sing and act their way onto the stage. A variety of other acts will also appear including our junior girls counselors who have been seen practicing harmonies to never be alone by Shawn Mendes. Set to be a tear jerking performance for many.

So what else has been going on ? In Thursdays day activities canoe enthusiasts got into the jungle feeling with the jungle keeper game, for those that don’t know this challenge involves capturing a variety of floating animal figures that are worth between one and ten points. Catch those critters !

After this, at around 7:30 we headed down to the gymnasium for an evening of fun. Think monkeys hanging off shoulders, packs of dancing tigers and even bear grylls made an appearance. Another canoe extravaganza took place…this time indoors ?! Heads turned as Indiana jones guided campers on a voyage through our gymnasium in a mysterious canoe that proved to be a dance highlight ! Juniors loved making up stories around this area whilst seniors jumped around to our resident DJ Fernando’s mix tape !


So to close this post I’d just like to say I hope you’ve enjoyed keeping up to date on our program information and latest news and don’t forget to follow our updates throughout the year. That’s all for now !



Campers excitedly exit our opening camp fire to see what week nine has in store.

Summer 2015 has been beyond amazing so far. We’ve welcomed many returning faces and new friends from all over the world onto our camp grounds. With two eventful color wars, countless standing O-vations rewarded at our camp fire performances and so much else going on in activities, we couldn’t be prouder of the Camp Friendship community and I’d like to kick off this update by thanking every parent, camper, staff member and friend for making this summer so special for our campers.


Let me take you back to Sunday night for a second. After our last set of campers arrived there was a village race to get down to camp fire for front row seats. Excitement for the evening took over as the crowd formed in villages. Our hosts Fernando and Lauren announced each act onto the stage including a variety of musical numbers performed by village counselors. One of our favourite acts was brought to us from a Junior girls team, or in this case junior ‘bro’s. A team of our JG’s took to the stage in sock hats folding their arms and leaning on each other in a comical fashion. They then made a second appearance at our junior village activity camp friendships got talent on Monday evening. The girls gave a shout out to junior boys village before performing a comic skit discussing parkour and their daily ‘bro’ activities.


Whilst on the topic of Monday evening, our senior campers had an amazing time taking part in the noodle hockey activity. Campers waved their noodles around whilst attempting to capture the soft ball and pass it through the gymnasium to their goal. Music was played and instead of just waiting to be shouted for their next round, campers danced by the sidelines supporting fellow village friends.

Moving further into the week we look forward to our cook out tonight where campers will make the most of our beautiful surroundings by dining outdoors. Cook out always promises a night of singing, stories and bonding. Tomorrow evening we will look forward to our jungle gym dance after a day of fun at our daily activities.

So to end this update I’d like to remind you to check out our Facebook page and keep updated with our photo gallery.

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell week eight at camp friendship!!

At the end of my last post I talked about some secretive events that would unfold later into this week, I also mentioned the tremendous energy and team spirit around villages and I have to say that momentum has just grown since then. So to kick this update off let me uncover some of what’s been kept mainly between supervisors and take you back to Thursday mornings flag ceremony, just one day ago.

My story for today begins with a squad of masked individuals who unexpectedly invaded camp after our flags were raised. The doctors (as we call them) ran onto the scene capturing counselors and dragging them away from the flag area. Attendees were left confused and waiting for an explanation to this curious event. We next spotted these odd looking characters at lunch time, where campers clung to fellow campers and counselors as they were taken from tables and introduced to a test area in our sun room !


IMG_5456After once again crashing the stage, this time at the end of our drama production of Jack and the beanstalk the doctors surrounded performers and grabbed some of our much loved village supervisors. Their final and most notable appearance was at our Hawaiian dance last night where we let ourselves in for more than just the grass skirts and floral necklaces. A video of a news program staring two of our super-visors Steph and Angela was screened before all of camp. Six of our counselors took centre stage in teams of two and it was announced that colour wars would return today (Friday.) I am telling you the crowd went wild, the atmosphere was unmissable.


If you didn’t read my earlier post describing our last colour wars let me quickly explain the day to you. There are three teams, in this case purple, red and green. This is the one time that teams are made up of members from multiple villages across camp, meaning everyone gels together. Points are rewarded for playing games and team spirit. Dive boarding, volley balling, unique floats and so much more are all on the agenda for colour wars.

So today our Super Heroes, Super Villains and Super Naturals have taken part in a variety of land and lake activities. In one of our lake activities campers got into teams of twelve in order to try and sink their canoe as quickly as possible by filling it with water. Other tasks included an interpretive dive where we saw Spider-Man fly across the lake, no really ! And our old favourite, the watermelon relay. It was great to see teams supporting each other until the last contestant achieved their goal. We love you camp friendship !


In other colour wars news it had to be said that our dining hall was a little on the quiet side today.. almost silent in fact. That means one thing, our silent lunch made it’s second annual appearance. The silent Jigga dance was performed by the red team at junior lunch whilst at senior lunch the supernatural (purple) team got inventive and delivered purple roses that some campers had hand crafted through the day. Our riding squad loved this token of love and might reward a point or two for their efforts.


Going further into the day contestants competed in a series of land and games including our super relay which took part at stations across our grounds. Campers took part in tag activities such as popping balloons on the archery range and scoring three free throws in the basketball court. The relay finished with a contest to burn through a rope by creating a fire. Whilst two counselors from each team competed, campers cheered from the sidelines chanting and dancing, well done not just to the winning red team but to everyone who took part and supported teams.


Going into tonight we look forward to seeing a song, dance and float from each team and of course to our week eight closing campfire where the colour wars champions will be announced ! That’s all for now but check this space next week for our final summer camp weekly update.

Our Famous Soccer Match Commences ! Week eight is officially in business.

Hi Friends. Now that it’s come around to posting an update It’s hard to know what news to tell you first. I guess I should start by saying that you might be thinking with less than two weeks of our summer camp season to go that we might finally be starting to wind down…   It really is the opposite. Currently it has to be said that we’re laughing, running, flag carrying and fantastic. Village time is pure crazy, with talk of chanting spreading it’s way around us all, campers have began to guess what secrets might unfold in the coming days.

And that chanting was released (extremely loudly) at our head to head soccer game on our lower fields today. At seven O’clock ‘The Haka’ was performed by our entire team before kick off.. After this we didn’t stop singing our well known Camp Songs until the final whistle blew. Anyway, I’ll come back to more on soccer towards the end of this post because I have been waiting to share the stories of some of our exciting cabin rewards that some of you may not know about.

Picture cabin life. The perfect bonding space for campers to play card games and chill out in their free time. Bunk beds, and of course new friends who will be part of their life changing experience with us. Pretty exciting !

However with several people in one place we have to admit it can ALMOST get a little cluttered in our wooden homes from time to time. There’s one big reason our campers don’t want this to happen and that’s the opportunity to pick up the cleanest cabin reward ! What could possibly make my kid want to clean their cabin ? you may be wondering. Well, the prize for seniors is breakfast in bed. And I can promise you that the chance to not move a foot before first period Is very appealing after a week of activities and fun. It has to be said that competition is fierce as campers have been known to go as far as making their own curtain ties and natural flower arrangements.

For junior campers the reward is a little different. A night time ride to the stars led by our Junior Boys Supervisor Chris Dunn. So what’s on the agenda for this little trip ? After leaving our torch lit campfire Chris heads to junior boys HQ to set up a cart and pick up any necessary supplies for the trek. At this point the counsellor and campers inhabiting the most spick and span hut of the village join Chris in the cart as he rides down to our old air field, where the view of the nights sky is beyond dream like. In our latest trip one camper actually said ‘This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life’ as he pointed to the moon, and in such a beautiful surrounding it was clear that everybody there felt the magic of the night in that moment.


Those unforgettable camp memories.

Whilst talking of late night sites, I have spotted some hard work going on in our dance pavillion, which has been lit up over the past fortnight as dance recruits practiced the half time dance for today’s game. It’s the CF soccer match 2015 ! Think cheering, competing, laughter and general randomness. Campers cheered from the sidelines, getting up to dance and support some of their counsellors ! Staff showed support with customised shirts, CCC our local day camp once again visited our grounds for the big event and even joined in the pizza man dance with our campers and staff. I’m going to dive straight in by saying that whilst we did not gain victory today we gave it a good go ! and came close as 1-0 was the final count ! CCC, We can’t wait to see you guys back at Camp Friendship next time !!


Amazing work to the whole team and of course our coach (pictured in live play above). I couldn’t end this post without drawing attention to our unbelievably hard working Sports Supervisor Anthony Shinks who motivated staff to attend soccer practices at 6AM to prepare for the big game. And finally the magnificent Lauren Lyons who has been working doubly hard leading the way in our half time dance and working on our Jack and the Beanstalk Production.

So what else is happening this week ? tomorrow we look forward to our weekly dance and our drama production and on Friday it’s that secret event thing that happened some other time this summer ! Completely confused ? I hope you are. Check back later in the week to get the scoop.



Friendship camp, you will never know what you mean to me.

You might be wondering what’s been going on around here ? As you may of heard we’ve had a spot of stormy weather in some of our evening periods, but that has not stopped us from having masses of fun ! I’m even tempted to say it has been more exciting, seeing campers laughing and screaming amidst the unpredictable weather ! Don’t believe me ? Grab a hair brush and have a sing song on the porch like some of our junior girls did last night ! (See below) Or just take a look at week sevens video update later this week .


In Thursdays evening activities seniors grabbed pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and anything else snugly before setting off to the dining hall to catch the remainder of The hobbit. This proved to be a great adventure movie to watch and seniors enjoyed the chance to spend some down time with their friends. On the other side of camp, junior’s took part in the pool olympics. After being split into teams the tasks included trying to make the smallest splash and most creative chant for their given country. As extra points were given for support and cheering the evening was full of energy.


Next up, let’s get out of the water for a moment and head over to stable activities where today Skye Ackenbom and the whole of riding camp  displayed our second summer horse show. The sun came out just in time for the event. After seeing the level of professionalism and passion at the show ring from start to finish at our last show we have all been super excited to see the girls in action again. There were twenty four activities and campers were split into groups depending on experience and ability. Riders competed with admirable concentration as twenty four activities took place from ten till three. As a lunch time reward pizza is a well deserved reward for our riders ! We love you riding camp.


Around camp we are getting pumped for camp fire tonight. I even spotted a jigga in morning activities today. The jigga (which is one of our well known camp fire dances) was performed at Fridays Freestyle Mountain Boarding Class, where campers are encouraged to mountain board whilst mixing things up a bit with some hand gestures. In todays class we saw campers throwing in some robotic arm action and doing some seventies dance moves in keeping with Wednesdays dance theme.


That’s all for this week but don’t miss next weeks updates where you can check out the second summer return of a huge camp event and get the scoop live from the top of the beanstalk ! (All will be reviled.) as always, we thank you for being part of the camp friendship community and hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you may be !

An indoor cook out and all the latest from week seven; We’ve got that summer feeling at camp friendship !

So far I’ve been exploring the fabulous activities and important events here at camp Friendship in order to update you with this summers latest news. Campers have been exploring this beautiful place with their village friends and counselors since we opened our gates for our 49th summer in June.

Today I want to highlight two areas that have really caught my attention this week, but before I do so I am going to share this photograph of some of our junior girls playing a get to know you game. These games are played straight after check in and each village has their own traditional games including water balloon game where you shout the name of someone around the circle whilst throw the balloon trying not to burst it. Another game plated at this time is the three fact game. In this game campers share three facts, two of which are true. They then have to guess which fact is false and by doing so learn a few things about those around them.


Some of our junior girls folded a piece of paper and each drew part of a character, after finishing their drawing the girls decided on a profile for their creation.

Taking a look at some of our activity highlights I have yet to share with you information on the awesome swim lessons at camp friendship These lessons are far from what you might see at your local swim centre. Lessons are suitable for any level of swimmer, from those who have never taken a step into water to those who wouldn’t hesitate to dive straight in. This week Counselor kate taught one swim lessons attendee to do an under water head stand after showing her how to to take in a deep breath before being able to touch the bottom of the water and finally raise legs into the air. We design fun classes that suit the campers skill level.

Stepping out of the water I also have the latest happenings from sports variety. As the name suggests this is the activity to choose if you want to try out different sports games  across camp. On Monday our sports variety counselors introduced counselors to the Jedi Frisbee Competition. In this game five counselors hold a frisbee whilst one camper stands in the net and tries to deflect frisbee with their light saber (which in this case appears to us in the form of a baseball bat.) Campers absolutely loved this game, here’s a shot of a guard deflecting the frisbees !


Deflect your way to glory !

Due to a little stormy weather last night, we brought cook out inside. Campers got into pajamas and really got to chill out after the days activity in our flag room and dining hall. Senior counselors tuned into the hobbit and juniors watched rise of the guardians. It was one of the most chilled evenings I have seen so far at camp and the chance to throw a sleeping bag down and watch a movie was enjoyed as the day drew into night time.


So what should we expect to see next ? Don’t miss our upcoming posts because it’s our friendship 70’s disco tomorrow night ! We can’t wait to spend the rest of week seven doing what we do best, providing the best summer at our camp !



Week six is awesome at Camp Friendship !

Wednesday evening saw the spirit of camp filling all of us here at Camp Friendship. At cook outs counselors dished out burgers and taco skillet as campers took part in a range of activities with their villages. Campers listened to acoustic music and talked about their daily activities. Cherishable times took place as kids played table tennis, card games and of course toasted some s’mores over roaring camp fires. A great bonding time for villages full of picturesque summer moments.


IMG_0245revised Senior village two got a head start on preparations for Thursdays galactic happenings by starting to make decorations and prepare their costumes.good thinking SV2 !

Moving into Thursday, our Space invasion dance crash landed in the gymnasium and was an evening that took campers out of this world, literally. After the days activities, villages spent time preparing themselves and others before heading down to the gymnasium to check out each others costumes and bust out some dance moves. The added dodge ball planet pit was great fun for those who wanted to play games and was filled with a variety of aliens throughout the evening. We were lucky enough to have a guest visit from E.T. who made an entrance through the dance floor on a bicycle. Another hilarious entrance came to us in the form of Junior boys counselors Star Wars skit, which left the crowd laughing as the boys dived around acting out clips from classic scenes from the empire strikes back.


IMG_0765revisedOn the topic of dives, our gymnasts took part in the ninja relay on Thursday. What is the ninja relay ? You might ask. Well, picture yourself embarking through a variety of obstacles, leaping through the air, winding around boards and taking gigantic steps to shorten your finishing time. Kids cheered each other on as they took turns to give the relay a go. Some par takers managed to complete the course In under twenty seconds. Wow !


Well done gymnastics crew !


From ninja warriors to avid explorers, earlier today some of our campers gathered to take a trek down to into lower fields for some Wilderness camping. This activity is unique because campers really get the chance to take a look at the joys of the natural environment around them. Counselors Ben and Andrew showed campers how to start a fire starting by collecting small twigs and building flame from foundation.Campers then enjoyed toasting s’mores playing catch, and looking at the local wild life.


Some of our wilderness campers met a tiger butterfly on the lower fields

Moving into the finalé of week six we are off to meet the wizard later on this evening. Yes It’s our wizard of oz performance, we wish good luck to all those involved and can feel a buzz about camp. Don’t forget to check out more about camping life in our weekly video update on Vimeo soon to be released. Check out photos of camp on your camp in touch account.


International color guards unite; we raise our flags for week six at Camp Friendship !

We are enjoying the fantastic weather here at camp friendship and hope that you are continuing to have a great summer wherever you may be. Our Camp has been full of laughter and happiness as sunny skies have backlit daily activities since check in time on Sunday. Just after campers settled into cabins and finished dinner we gathered at our flag area to raise our international flags. As campers from China, Mexico, Australia and many more countries raised there flag, our campers cheered and welcomed each other into our community. From here we went down to camp fire where we enjoyed a variety of singing acts and skit performances


Here are some of our international campers and counselors raising their flags.  

Moving into our weekly highlights, water activities have been thriving ! The atmosphere was full of energy in Junior villages slip and slide activity yesterday evening. As campers sung away to disney songs and chart toppers whilst holding onto each others hands they took turns to take a trip down our water slide, rewarding each other with high fives at the end. Senior campers took part in the water olympic challenge down by the pool, where campers formed teams and performed songs and dances to each other. A great evening for all involved.

In other water activity, it has to be said that the lake is one of the places to be right now and has been full of excitement. We love spending time in this area throughout summer because it’s a beautiful surrounding very much at the heart of camp. Kayakers and canoers joined together on their Wednesday session as our junior boys counsellor Sean introduced the battleships game where participants start off with three lives that they try to hold onto whilst picking up tennis balls from the lake and trying to hit either their components life jacket or land a ball in their canoe or kayak. What a great way to make new friends and bond.


In Battleships we ask campers, can you hold onto all three lives ?!

Stepping away from the water, you might see the makings of a lion, tin man and a scarecrow forming at our drama theatre. Campers have begun learning lines for our production of the Wizard Of Oz which is sure to wow Fridays audience ! Since our last production of Aladdin was such a success we really can’t wait to see this one.


Rehearsals are in full swing ! 

Here are some of Our CIT’s getting ready to paint the back drop for the performance. For those of you who don’t know, our CIT program is set up for those who would like to train to be a counselor aged 15-17.


 Good work CIT’s !

That’s all for now, watch out for my next blog update on Friday where you can check out more of the activity going on here at Camp Friendship !