The Week That Was… Session 5A/4B!

As we’ve already reached the end of Week 5 here at Camp Friendship, it’s time to take a look back at all the amazing things we’ve experienced this week. As always, there’s never a dull moment here at camp, and this week has been no exception!

We started off the week by welcoming our international friends who traveled from far and wide to experience the CF way of life. Our International Flag raising ceremony showed us flags from places such as Turkey, Mexico, France, Hong Kong, Russia, Spain and more! We then jumped straight into the festivities of our Opening Campfire where our zany counselors took to the stage to perform all sorts of interesting acts. This week we had some fear-factor type eating contests, a dancing competition that ended in everyone getting soaked, and of course Camp Friendship classics such as the Jigga.

On Monday morning we received our activity schedules for the week – it’s always great to see the excitement levels rising as campers get to try out their chosen activities for the first time! This week saw the start of another Drama Production, and after the success of Law & Order: Fairytale Unit we think The Seussification of Romeo & Juliet is going to be a hit when it’s performed at the end of Week 6. On Monday afternoon the weather man decided that it was time for us to take the fun indoors, and so our Cook-Out became a Cook-In due to a rainy evening. Needless to say a little rain never dampens our spirits here at Camp Friendship and after everyone enjoyed their hamburgers and hot dogs in the Dining Hall we settled in for a cosy movie-watching session.

On Tuesday we spent the day enjoying our second day of activities and getting to know our cabin mates during Village/Cabin time. Our evening activities were some camp favorites – Pool Party for the Juniors and Tri-Cone Ultra for the Seniors which always gets ultra-exciting. 

Our camp-wide dance took place on Wednesday, and what a wild night it was! Everyone came dressed to impress in their best cowboy and cowgirl outfits, and the gym was transformed into a Saloon with hay bales and saddles for us to line dance around.

To cool things down on Thursday evening our Seniors took to the pool for a Pool Party whilst Juniors played Chip Cup on the lower fields. Chip Cup is easiest to describe as a water fight of epic proportions, and it’s always a great deal of fun!

On Friday our 2-week Equestrian Campers had the chance to show off their skills during the end-of-session Horse Show. Parents, siblings and friends were invited to attend and everyone was so very proud of the girls and their 4-legged friends for doing such a great job! Friday night saw the end of our week here at Camp Friendship in Virginia, and the Closing Campfire was a special one with many of our campers performing acts with their new friends.

At the end of every campfire we sing the Friendship Song, a camp classic that has been around for 51 summers and will remain “ever true at the camp for me”. The Friendship Song describes the Camp Friendship experience as a “symbol of my favorite memories”, and these sentiments were definitely felt at the end of this week with many tearful goodbyes on Saturday as our campers bid farewell to their new friends… until next summer! Thanks one and all for helping to make this our best summer ever! “Friendship Camp, you will never know what you mean to me.” #cfbestsummerever

Horseback Riding at the Friendship Equestrian Center in Virginia

Have you ever been so excited about something that it was impossible to say for certain if it was real or a dream? If a pony could pinch, I would have pinched myself to see if it was true. When I backed off the trailer to discover I was at Friendship Equestrian Center in Virginia, I was nothing short of amazed. I had heard it whispered in the night and whinnied in the fields when no one was around – that Camp Friendship is the place to be. And now I’m here! I’m still learning the ropes but I’m as happy as…well…a pony at Camp Friendship! I’m enjoying my winter time off and spending it with my friends, especially Beyonce and Emma. We did come from the same farm, you know. I’m such a good pony and so smart that Riding Director Skye and Barn Manager Mandi decided to name me “Call Me Maybe” for my fancy show name or Carly for short. This way, other horses and ponies would know to call on me if they had any questions at al, just like the famous song on the radio! Everyone already knows they can call on me anytime to see what’s going on because I keep my eyes and ears ready for new information at all times. I do know some info that may be interesting to you. And here it is!

Spring Break Camp at Camp Friendship, I found out, runs just like Summer Camp. Each camper is assigned their own horse for the entire week. They participate in two lessons daily, and even go on trail rides. There are also fun evening activities like hay rides and campfires every night. I can’t wait to see my first hay ride come through the field or smell the delicious scent of marshmallows roasting on a fire. Emma has told me all about it and I might just have to see if I can sneak a marshmallow when those silly humans aren’t looking!

Spring Break Camp Dates:
March 25-29 for the first session and April 1-5 for the second session.

I also heard about the Girl’s Riding Weekends that will be held April 12-14 and May 17-19. They sound like a great way to try out Equestrian Camp for the first time, or for those girls that just can’t wait for summer to be here! The one I’m interested in seeing the most is the Mother Daughter Weekend held May 10-12. It just sounds like a great way to spend Mother’s Day!!

The last tidbit of information I heard is that Camp Friendship is so very excited to have returning staff from last year back again for 2013. They include Ashley White, Brittany Powell, Katie Gaffney, Kaitlyn Morelli, Meghan Harris, and Rachel Perez. I can’t wait to meet them. I’ve heard such wonderful things about the Camp Friendship Staff. What I’m most excited for though is meeting my first group of campers at the Spring Break Camps. I hope I will see you there!