Why the World Needs Summer Camp

With all the changes our world is going through, it’s important for youth development organizations such as summer camps to change with the times to continue serving young people and their families. The world needs the next generation to be more open to learning about each other’s views, beliefs, and cultures and summer camp is a special type of community where this can happen safely and easily. Summer camp is an opportunity for children to be exposed to the best of human character, where children practice being the best they can be and are encouraged by role models who have been carefully selected for just that purpose.

While there are many different types of camps and each one differs in terms of tradition and identity, they share the common goal of supporting and developing our youth. Summer camps add a spark of magic to a child’s summer: they are wholesome, inclusive environments purposefully designed to encourage self-expression and growth. At camp, campers always take that shot at a goal, comfortable in the knowledge that the people around them will cheer them on regardless of the result. Camp experiences stay with kids forever.

Sparked by the exciting adventures that childhood brings, Camp Friendship sets the benchmark for an exceptional summer experience with tried and true methods stemming from 50 years of experience. We are eager to be active partners in your child’s journey of wonder and self-discovery, and would be happy to tell you more about the benefits of camp in person, over the phone or via email. Our family-owned camp is available throughout the year for private camp tours – give us a call to set up an appointment and we’d be happy to show you around. See you this summer!

Why The Best Holiday Gift Is Summer Camp

IMG_2049Camp is a one of a kind experience for many children, an experience that not everyone has the opportunity to take part in. This year consider giving the gift of camp to a loved one. There are many reasons why the best holiday gift is camp. Unlike giving toys that will be short lived and break, you can give a child the opportunity to make new friends and spend the summer having loads of fun. But more than that you will be providing them an invaluable experience that will help them to build skills and create memories that will last their lifetime. This year give the children in your life a gift they will always remember.

5 Reasons Why The Best Holiday Gift is Summer Camp

– A Summer Camp experience is something a child can look forward to.

– The benefits from Summer Camp will outlast any effects produced by a toy or gadget.

– Your child, grandchild, niece or nephew can meet new friends and have lots of fun at Summer Camp!

– Providing the opportunity for a Summer Camp experience can make a lasting difference in the life of a child. Camp can help boost their confidence, help them develop social skills and a caring attitude, build on leadership skills, self respect, resilience and resourcefulness, help them better communicate and participate without feeling self-conscious. Summer Camp can encourage a child as well as teach them to encourage others.

The gift of summer camp will be remembered and appreciated for years to come. At Camp Friendship we’re more than happy to tell your about what we have to offer and guide you through the process which is simple and quick. In 24 hours you can receive your gift certificate via email. Give us a call at 1-800-873-3223 and our professional camp staff will assist you.

Many sessions at Camp Friendship fill up quickly. We encourage you to register early, before the holidays, to reserve your child’s space for summer camp 2015.

Go to our Upcoming Events page to reserve your spot.

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Starting To Think About Next Summer

Camp Friendship Thinking about next summerWe’re slowly approaching less than 200 days until summer camp begins. I can’t wait! I’m not sure if it’s the cold weather approaching, the shorter days or simply missing all the fun, that moments like these are already becoming more frequent.

During this time of year the staff at Camp Friendship is thinking about what new changes we should incorporate for next summer to make it better than the last, as well as wondering who will be coming back to join us. By now parents likely have adequate feedback to be able to evaluate the value of their kids spending the summer at Camp Friendship sleep away camp, and soon decide to register their returning campers. Some campers who know they are returning, might be looking forward to the coming summer just as we are, waiting to see friends and counselors with whom over the years they’ve built strong bonds with. We all are looking forward to more memories, adventures and new options and opportunities as they begin to present themselves.

So much happens at camp each summer, it’s easy to see that by not returning–even for a summer–campers could miss out on something big! Probably the most important thing to contemplate when deciding whether to return to camp is that next summer could be a camper’s best summer ever! With that being said, we at Camp Friendship are really missing

everybody and hope to see you all again next year!

Don’t forget to keep checking our events page to find out about upcoming events.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Sleepaway Camp in Virginia

Camp Friendship - Sleepaway Camp in Virginia

Artwork submitted by a longtime camper, Spencer Donley.

By the time summer rolls around, kids are in need of a change in scenery, and that’s what summer camp is for! Located between Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia in a town called Palmyra, Camp Friendship is the perfect sleepaway camp for city kids of nearby Washington DC, and Baltimore MD to get out of the city and into the woods!

At Camp Friendship, we have so much to offer your camper that they might not be able to get at home! We offer a variety of Camp Programs for boys and girls of all ages! Here are just some things your camper can look forward to:

  • New Friends: At home, children have the comfort of their usual social groups, school friends, and family. But, at camp, kids have the opportunity to experience new people, and make long lasting friendships with other kids from all over the country, and even some International Campers as well.
  • Trying New Things: Along with these new friends, campers will also have the opportunity to try activities that might be completely new to them! Along with your every day sports, we also introduce campers to a variety of atypical outdoor activities such as our High and Low Ropes Course and Mountain Boarding. Camp Friendship makes it easy for children to find new interests and hobbies!
  • Taking a Break From Technology: Although your camper might not be excited about leaving the video games behind, taking a break from technology can really benefit a young camper! Campers can work on communication skills by writing letters and of course conversing with other campers face-to-face. Campers will also learn to really appreciate the beauty and joy of the great outdoors!

Change can be scary, but at Friendship we make sure all campers feel welcome. Campers of all types spend their summer with us. From the loud and outgoing to the quite and shy. From the athletic to the artistic. Your child will fit in regardless of their personality type!

First time parents can join us for orientation at our Free Camp Webinar on May 11th, 2013 – Register now to hold your spot! Get tips on packing and prep for summer camp. Get your questions and concerns answered by our very own Camp Director