Q. May I bring my own horse?
A. Unfortunately Camp Friendship does not have the room between stalls and pastures to accommodate any outside horses.

Q. Who are the instructors?
A.The instructors, who also act as the Equestrian Camp counselors, are selected from college programs through the United States and from abroad.  Camp Friendship prides itself in hiring highly qualified staff that are not just excellent instructors but are also great role models for the campers.

Q. Do campers ride English or western?
A. The Camp Friendship equestrian programs are all English riding of the hunt seat discipline, but campers with experience in all disciplines are welcome!

Q. Do the horses get time to relax?
A. Yes, every horse in the program is turned out each night to allow for a mental break so that they stay willing.  They also have the weekends free from riding.

Q. How high do we jump at camp?
A. The most advanced lessons typically do not jump higher than 2’6”.  Although many of our campers have jumped higher at home, it is important to preserve the horses’ legs from hard landings since they are ridden every day. Additionally, since campers are generally here for one or two weeks at a time, it is very important that they work through basic fundamentals first, since they are riding horses that are new to them.  We do not believe that the height of the jump at all determines the level of the rider.

Q. How are horses selected and riding groups scheduled?
When filling out your campers paperwork, a riding questionnaire is included to give us prior knowledge of their current riding level/experiences.  In addition to reading all of those thoroughly, the Equestrian Director does a brief evaluation with each camper upon arrival where they are given the opportunity to share in their own words their past riding experience and what they want to gain from their riding experience at camp.  They are then evaluated briefly on a lunge line.  This is simply so that we can see their physical size on a horse, and their basic fundamentals, how they use their legs, hands and seat so that we can choose the best match for them.  Campers are put into riding groups based on their current level so that the entire group can progress together.  

Q. Do campers ride the same horse every day?
Yes, campers do stay with their horse/pony for the entire session to allow them to progress together daily.  However, since they are animals, if for any reason they were to be unrideable, or unsuitable for the lesson objective, we would select another horse appropriate to substitute.  We have a large number of horses so that they are all allowed plenty of rest time and so that there are always extra horses available to meet any needs necessary.

Please contact the Skye, our Equestrian Director with further questions at (434) 589-3878 or stables@campfriendship.com