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Since its founding in 1966, Camp Friendship has fully embraced the mission of creating a place where children from all over the world can gather in peace. Camp Friendship is a family-owned business that currently hosts over 1,000 campers who come from almost 20 different countries each summer. Since our primary concern is for the physical, mental and spiritual growth and well-being of our campers, every effort is made to provide the highest quality environment possible. We offer over 30 activities such as fine arts, performing arts, aquatic activities, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ropes course, and horseback riding. We are also open year-round for use by local rental groups.

The Friendship Fund was created this past year with the goal of raising funds for Camp Friendship to help improve what we offer and build a scholarship for campers in need. One hundred percent of all corporate and individual contributions go directly to the Friendship Fund and improvements made to grounds, equipment, and programs that Camp offers. The Friendship Fund depends on the generosity of corporations and individuals to carry on this vital support.

Your generous support will enable Camp Friendship to continue providing services to campers from all over the world. Thank you for your interest and consideration. Your commitment to supporting our campers and their families is greatly appreciated.

Current Donors:

Thank you for your continued support to the vision of Camp Friendship.


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