The Best Mother and Daughter Relationships

Even the best mother and daughter relationships can be complicated or difficult at times. There is always room for improvement, and like most things in life, it takes effort to get the best results. Here’s a few suggestions on how to enhance your connection and help you to have the best mother and daughter relationship.

1. Communicate Better-even though they might think they know everything, daughters aren’t the mind readers we wish they were. We need to try and explain ourselves better so there is less assuming or misunderstandings. Try and avoid sarcasm, facetiousness and teasing that could be misinterpreted or hurtful.
2. Listen-during a conversation, reflect back what your daughter is saying. This helps confirm she’s being heard and that you understand. Listen for the feelings or real message she is trying to convey.
3. Deal with conflict, but pick your battles-not resolving conflict can cause resentment and stunt the growth of your relationship. If you avoid resolving conflict, it can become a repeated pattern in your daughters future relationships.
4. Practice Empathy and offer a compromise when necessary-your daughter needs to feel like you recognize her as an individual.
5. Balance Independence and Closeness-sometimes daughters think they need to break away to be their own person, or it may be hard for them to let go of the apron strings. Let her find her own voice and identity in the relationship. You can take a position on important issues, while other times agree to disagree.
7. Forgive-this doesn’t mean you don’t address bad behavior. Forgiving is something that helps you experience more peace and continue in a more healthy relationship.
8. Boundaries-key for any healthy relationship. Connecting with your daughter is made easier by setting clear boundaries. Asserting yourself with your daughter can be a great example for her to follow, and have a positive effect on her future relationships.
9. Share more quality time with your daughter-not much will happen if you’re not available. 

Mother Daughter relationships are a unique and special bond. Putting effort into the relationship will keep it growing and help you raise a daughter with confidence, to be better equipped in life. Make the best of your mother and daughter relationship! Time passes quickly and before you know it they’re all grown up. Every minute counts! 

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Riding A Horse Can Be Good For Your Health

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of riding a horse, then consider this-
Aside from the immense enjoyment, riding a horse can be good for your health!
Riding a horse is good for you physically.
To keep fit: Riding allows you to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. When you ride a horse, balance is developed. Coordination and motor function is improved. Muscles you didn’t know you had are being strengthened. Riding a horse improves your reflexes, increases joint mobility, increases blood flow and gives your cardiovascular system a boost. Calories are burned while riding a horse. When riding a horse you can experience improved visual perception of space and stimulation of your senses.
Riding a horse is good for you mentally.
To decompress: Being outdoors is good for your mind. Not far into your ride you’ll notice time will slow down a little while you have the chance to connect with nature. Making your way down the trail, you’ll feel more relaxed, gently easing away from the distractions and the stress of everyday living. A horse is a big and beautiful animal. It can be a quiet friend and companion while you take a break from your normal day to day routine.
To exercise your mind: Learning to ride is a challenge, but becomes easier and more fun over time. The most experienced rider can tell you riding a horse is a continual process of new learning opportunities. Continual learning exercises your mind, helps to keep you sharp, focused and feel young.
To build self esteem and confidence: Learning to control, and interact with such a large animal, can really boost your confidence. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you succeed in mastering various riding skills and techniques. When you progress in your riding skills enough to go a little faster, there is no comparable feeling to the exhilaration and sense of freedom of the wind through your hair, or hearing the sound of hoofs and the breathing of a horse while your heart races with delight. Getting to share in the camaraderie, of others who love horses and riding, is a great way to build lasting friendships and well…have fun and feel good about yourself!
Riding a horse is fun, and can benefit your child and/or you more than you can imagine. Camp Friendship offers horseback riding weekends for girls each year in the spring and fall. Riding weekends are a great experience for prospective campers, and a fun time for returning campers who just can’t wait for the next summer camp!  Camp Friendship also offers mother/daughter horseback riding weekends. Call to find out more about our horseback riding opportunities. Please contact Skye, our Equestrian Director with any questions at (434) 589-3878 or Riding a horse is not just fun. It can be good for your health!
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Adjusting to Life After Summer Camp

Although summer seems to have ended long ago, children are still adjusting to life after summer camp, their new schedules, responsibilities and mindset that start with the new school year.

Bedtime especially, may seem very lonely compared to your child’s summer camp experience. Late nights previously spent in group discussions, telling stories or confiding secrets with bunkmates now contrast in comparison to quietly laying in their own bedrooms by themself, trying to sleep. Gym classes cannot compare to Camp Friendship activities that ended the day with exhaustion, not to mention the fresh air, which both helped get a good nights rest.

Something else that may need time to adjust to is that at camp, there was probably always a friend, peer or counselor close by to run to with news or to ask for help, or to do something with. This may not be the case in school, or may not be as easy or accessible as it was at camp. Now, arrangements and efforts need to be made. Time, schedules, availability and rides have to be considered.

Support, understanding and a gentle nudge to keep your child engaged, will certainly help during the year and through all their changes and challenges. At Camp Friendship, we have tried to incorporate that in your child’s summer experience. Your children have learned many things at camp and have many wonderful memories that have hopefully helped them become better people equipped to face whatever comes next. One of the biggest and most important benefit of summer camp is giving your child the chance to recharge, and face the new school year refreshed and energized.

I hope your child will make the most of their school year. As someone having spent the summer getting to know many of your kids, I feel confident that they will.
To those of you who may be available or in the Palmyra, VA area next month - Join us for our FALL FAMILY FUN DAY on October 18th from 11 am – 2 pm!

Still Horsing Around

WIMG_7444e’ve made new friends from all over the world this summer and we’ve reconnected with old ones. It has been a fabulous summer and we hope to see all of you next year. But before all that, we have to celebrate our last week at camp! Sunday was one of the best campfires of the summer, complete with our favorite Health Center and Snack Bar duo as hosts for campfire. Junior Boys outdid themselves with a classic youtube sketch and Junior girls took the stage with their impressive singing and acting talents; however riding camp took the show. Whinny the Horse made a surprise appearance at Campfire! The crowd was both shocked and thrilled!

IMG_7724Monday was a great first day of activities. One of the dance classes is already planning a performance for closing Campfire! A kayaking class played basketball in the red water and much much more! The Juniors were visited by the powder fairies down on the lower fields for a whimsical game of Powder Fairies. The challenges were difficult this week and the campers had to work hard to figure out what the secret sentence was in order to win the game. Up at the gym the seniors of SV3 and riding camp dueled in a game of noodle hockey. After several intense rounds the supervisors had the campers play a “silent” round in which the campers had to stay quite during the entire game and if they were caught making noise they would be tapped by a referee and have to sit down for 20 seconds before joining the game again. After several rounds we had to call it a night and head back to the villages for the evening to get ready for bed.

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