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Preparing For Residential Camp Near North Carolina

April is over and before we know it, it will be drop off day at Camp Friendship. The most stressful part of going away to residential camp is often packing for it! But how do you guarantee that everything is packed and ready to go to residential camp near North Carolina? Look at these tips for some ideas on how to pack for a great summer at residential camp:

Create a list: It’s very common for a camp to supply the family with a residential camp packing list with everything that the camp requires. In addition, search online for residential camp packing lists to make sure you don’t miss anything important. If your child requires medications, see how the camp handles it. You might have to supply the camp nurse with a doctor’s note and medication a few weeks before drop off day.


  • Pack with your child so he or she knows what you are sending them to residential camp with. Ask if they want a list of everything pack so they can easily remember whether or not they brought a specific item.
  • Ask the camp if a debit card is necessary for trips and if so, does the child handle it or does the camp handle it.
  • If your child is taking part in specific camp activities, find out if they need any equipment or clothes.
  • LABEL EVERYTHING. Avoid a trip to the lost and found on pick up day.
  • If letters are allowed, don’t forget the paper, envelopes, pens, and stamps.
  • Pack reminders of home. Homesickness at residential camp is super common, to try and lessen the sadness, pack a stuffed animal, blanket, photos, or anything else that will comfort your child and remind him or her of home.
  • If there is a no electronics policy, follow it.
  • Have a waterproof bag or extra plastic bags for wet bathing suits and towels to be placed in during the day.
  • Try not to over pack. Sending your child to camp with excess items almost guarantees that things will get lost or mixed up.

We still have room for last minute enrollments! If you’re interested in enrolling in residential camp near North Carolina, contact Camp Friendship at 1-800-873-3223 or 434-589-8950 today!

Sleepaway camp in Virginia, help your child have a great time at camp

Art_&_Craft_CFSummer camp is a place where kids go to have fun, but they also learn so many important life skills. The camp facility at ourVirginia sleep away camp leads to outdoor knowledge and appreciation, confidence building, and of course we can’t forget to mention the lifelong friendships that come out of a summer at Camp Friendship.

While so many great things come out of a summer camp experience, it’s common for children to feel an uneasiness about going away to camp. Here are some tips to help your child have, not only a great time, but a successful time at camp.

Listen/Talk About Concerns:
As the countdown to camp gets closer and closer, your children may begin to feel an uncertainty about going away to camp. Being away from home for the first time, (and even for return campers), and not having your family right by your side can seem scary! Ask your child how they feel about the summer camp program, and try to communicate your confidence in them to succeed. Remind them that summer camp is about having fun! Addressing any concerns your child may have before they get to camp, can definitely help them to relax and regain that excitement to ensure they have the best camp experience they can!

During Camp:
Communicate via writing! Ask specific questions about activities, camp life, friends, etc. While it’s ok to write that you miss your child, try to steer clear of comments such as “Champ the dog really misses you,” or “The house is so quiet without you here…”, etc.

If you are planning on sending packages, try to send things like postcards, cartoons, game books, puzzles, and other things that can become conversation starters. This can help ease interactions between children, as they have something to show, and/or a group activity to ask others to participate in.

If your child is expressing pleas to come get them, let them know that you love them and are confident in their abilities to get through it, and have a great time! You can always talk to the camp director/counselors, to get their advice on the situation. Camp professionals have been doing this for years, and will have great insight into the situation and tips on how to handle it.

Come the end of camp, your child will typically thank you for encouraging them to stay!! And, more importantly they will have gained experience and life skills that will help them as they grow!

We have a first time camper orientation taking place on Saturday April 25 from 11am – 12pmContact us for more information. And feel free to contact with any questions/concerns about camp as the countdown to summer camp continues!