Fall Family Fun This Saturday – Visit Camp Friendship

Join us at our fall family fun day this Saturday. Take in the beautiful fall scenery and enjoy FREE pony rides, pumpkin painting, archery and more! Visit us at Camp Friendship in Palmyra, VA. We’ll have fall foods and warm apple cider available for all, so bring a friend or 10 and join in the fun, all ages welcome. Please RSVP with an email to info@campfriendship.com to let us know you’re coming!

Fall Family Fun Day this Saturday is going to be a blast. Activities like these are always a bonus for kids who can’t get enough of Camp Friendship. They’re usually so thrilled to show their friends and family around “their” summer camp, pointing out favorite things and telling stories of their experiences. If you’re new to Camp Friendship and thinking about sending your child here, take this opportunity to have some family fun, check out our facilities and meet our staff.

We know that selecting a summer camp for your child is an incredibly important decision. We welcome visits, so families can see what, and who, makes Camp Friendship so special. Surfing the web for summer camps based on what you think your child might like has its limits. Visiting a summer camp can help you make the best choice for your child.

In a typical summer camp visit, you can learn a lot from talking to directors and seeing first hand that the facility is safe, interesting and fun. If you’re lucky enough to visit “during” camp you can get a realistic impression, and see that kids are having a good time. You can also observe how the counselors are relating to their groups. Unfortunately visiting a summer camp during the summer, during the week is not always possible. Especially if you’ve started to look after the summer is over. At Camp Friendship we schedule events and activities throughout the year. Kids that miss camp can return for more fun, potential campers can check the place out and see what we have to offer, and local kids and their families can have a good time.

At Camp Friendship we’re very proud of what we do and what we’ve been doing for over forty years. We provide an opportunity for kids to experience a great time while they discover, develop and strengthen high standards of living and a realistic sense of values among themselves, recognizing the inherent worth of every individual, a feeling of unity, and awareness of and concern for nature and the world around them.

This coming weekend enjoy our
11 am – 2 pm
Fall Foods, Warm Apple Cider, Beautiful fall scenery, FREE Pony Rides, Pumpkin Painting, Archery and more! All ages welcome.
RSVP with an email to info@campfriendship.com to to let us know you’re coming.

Come to our FALL CAMP WEEKEND for ages 7-16
October 31 – November 2
$200 per camper
You’re invited to a weekend of camp in the fall that is sure to be spooktacular. Join us if you dare! Campers will have the chance to sample or re-enjoy some of our most popular activities from the summer of 2014. We’ll have all the favorites as well as campfires, evening activities, s’mores and more! Don’t forget to dress up – best costume wins!

Download the Registration for our Fall Camp Weekend here
As always, we look forward to seeing you!!!

Keep up with what’s going on at Camp Friendship by checking in on our upcoming events page.

Enjoy the Benefits of Being Outdoors

Most children that spend time at Camp Friendship in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, learn to appreciate and enjoy the great outdoors. Hopefully that appreciation and enjoyment can be encouraged during the rest of the year. You might realize after a hectic week that your child has not been outside a whole lot and neither have you. It may be time to plan a family outing so you can all enjoy the benefits of being outdoors and in nature.

Family outings and spending time together outdoors doesn’t have to be complicated. It can  be a simple walk around the neighborhood together or investigating what good hiking trails are in your area. It can be strapping on the bicycle rack and enjoying a bike ride for a few hours. It can be going to the park or just going out in your own backyard and playing a group game of some sort. These can be some of the best times and fondest memories, experiencing something new or different together in a change of environment.

Enjoying the outdoors and exploring new places is good fun. But it’s also a great way to ease away the stress and stay healthy. Give yourself a break from technology and get out in nature, where you can experience a clearer, more focused mindset. Tune into some new surroundings of sights and sounds and awaken other sensibilities. Even the family pets can join in some of the outdoor activities. Interacting together in exercise and fun can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.

By making the effort to spend time outdoors, your family has the opportunity to get out of their everyday routines. Fresh air and the vitamin D from the sun does worlds of wonder for the body and soul. Being outdoors in the natural sunlight helps normalize the body’s internal clock that tells us when to eat and sleep, and re-adjusts our hormonal functions that occur at specific times of the day. Not only will your kids most likely get a good nights sleep from spending some time outdoors, so can you!

Right now is a good time to gather your family and go outside! Plan an outdoor adventure so you can release stress and enjoy being together doing something good for your health. It’s time to have fun and feel good. Take a break from the norm!

Here’s some events happening at Camp Friendship in the next few weeks. Come enjoy the beautiful outdoors with us!

Join us for our
October 18th from 11 am – 2 pm
- – - – - – - -
Come to our
for ages 7-16
October 31st – November 2nd 
$200 per camper
Check out our Events page or call 1-800-873-3223 to see what’s happening next or for more info.

The Best Mother and Daughter Relationships

Even the best mother and daughter relationships can be complicated or difficult at times. There is always room for improvement, and like most things in life, it takes effort to get the best results. Here’s a few suggestions on how to enhance your connection and help you to have the best mother and daughter relationship.

1. Communicate Better-even though they might think they know everything, daughters aren’t the mind readers we wish they were. We need to try and explain ourselves better so there is less assuming or misunderstandings. Try and avoid sarcasm, facetiousness and teasing that could be misinterpreted or hurtful.
2. Listen-during a conversation, reflect back what your daughter is saying. This helps confirm she’s being heard and that you understand. Listen for the feelings or real message she is trying to convey.
3. Deal with conflict, but pick your battles-not resolving conflict can cause resentment and stunt the growth of your relationship. If you avoid resolving conflict, it can become a repeated pattern in your daughters future relationships.
4. Practice Empathy and offer a compromise when necessary-your daughter needs to feel like you recognize her as an individual.
5. Balance Independence and Closeness-sometimes daughters think they need to break away to be their own person, or it may be hard for them to let go of the apron strings. Let her find her own voice and identity in the relationship. You can take a position on important issues, while other times agree to disagree.
7. Forgive-this doesn’t mean you don’t address bad behavior. Forgiving is something that helps you experience more peace and continue in a more healthy relationship.
8. Boundaries-key for any healthy relationship. Connecting with your daughter is made easier by setting clear boundaries. Asserting yourself with your daughter can be a great example for her to follow, and have a positive effect on her future relationships.
9. Share more quality time with your daughter-not much will happen if you’re not available. 

Mother Daughter relationships are a unique and special bond. Putting effort into the relationship will keep it growing and help you raise a daughter with confidence, to be better equipped in life. Make the best of your mother and daughter relationship! Time passes quickly and before you know it they’re all grown up. Every minute counts! 

For a great way to bond with your daughter, enjoy a
MOTHER/DAUGHTER Horseback Riding at Camp Friendship-
scheduled for Fri, October 10 – Sun, October 12
Spend quality time together!

Call Camp Friendship in Palmyra, VA to find out more
at 1-800-873-3223.

Riding A Horse Can Be Good For Your Health

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of riding a horse, then consider this-
Aside from the immense enjoyment, riding a horse can be good for your health!
Riding a horse is good for you physically.
To keep fit: Riding allows you to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. When you ride a horse, balance is developed. Coordination and motor function is improved. Muscles you didn’t know you had are being strengthened. Riding a horse improves your reflexes, increases joint mobility, increases blood flow and gives your cardiovascular system a boost. Calories are burned while riding a horse. When riding a horse you can experience improved visual perception of space and stimulation of your senses.
Riding a horse is good for you mentally.
To decompress: Being outdoors is good for your mind. Not far into your ride you’ll notice time will slow down a little while you have the chance to connect with nature. Making your way down the trail, you’ll feel more relaxed, gently easing away from the distractions and the stress of everyday living. A horse is a big and beautiful animal. It can be a quiet friend and companion while you take a break from your normal day to day routine.
To exercise your mind: Learning to ride is a challenge, but becomes easier and more fun over time. The most experienced rider can tell you riding a horse is a continual process of new learning opportunities. Continual learning exercises your mind, helps to keep you sharp, focused and feel young.
To build self esteem and confidence: Learning to control, and interact with such a large animal, can really boost your confidence. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you succeed in mastering various riding skills and techniques. When you progress in your riding skills enough to go a little faster, there is no comparable feeling to the exhilaration and sense of freedom of the wind through your hair, or hearing the sound of hoofs and the breathing of a horse while your heart races with delight. Getting to share in the camaraderie, of others who love horses and riding, is a great way to build lasting friendships and well…have fun and feel good about yourself!
Riding a horse is fun, and can benefit your child and/or you more than you can imagine. Camp Friendship offers horseback riding weekends for girls each year in the spring and fall. Riding weekends are a great experience for prospective campers, and a fun time for returning campers who just can’t wait for the next summer camp!  Camp Friendship also offers mother/daughter horseback riding weekends. Call to find out more about our horseback riding opportunities. Please contact Skye, our Equestrian Director with any questions at (434) 589-3878 or stables@campfriendship.com. Riding a horse is not just fun. It can be good for your health!
Join us for our
October 18th from 11 am – 2 pm
- – - – - – - -
Come to our
for ages 7-16
October 31st – November 2nd $200 per camper
Check out our Events page or call 1-800-873-3223 for more info.