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Why Your Business Should Have a Conference

IMG_4037[1]One of the best ways to restore and replenish your business is by holding a conference! When you hold a conference, you are giving the staff at your business an opportunity to get to know each other and look back at the company’s ultimate goals. At Camp Friendship, we are the perfect conference center near Maryland to hold your next business conference! Our staff is extremely dedicated to making sure your business the best experience possible. And to get started, we have come up with a few reasons why your business should have and deserves to have a conference!

  • A conference gives your business a chance to work as a team and reconnect with one another. By spending time outside of the office, the staff gets to see and interact each other in a different light. This allows everyone to get to know and appreciate one another.
  • Is there a specific goal or plan that your business is working on? A conference is a great place for the whole company to work on a plan or accomplish it together. A conference center gives you and your staff an opportunity to focus and pay attention to the task at hand.
  • Last, but not least, conferences can be fun. Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend all of his or her time in the office. A conference provides a new setting that isn’t the same four walls that your workers are used to every day. Plus, there are plenty of options to choose from how you would like to plan your conference!

Ready to start planning your next conference at the best conference center near Maryland? Then call Camp Friendship at (434)-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour of our facilities today!

Lifelong Memories at Sleepaway Camp

IMG_2542 1Fun fact: ten million children attend some kind of camp every summer. How crazy is that? Going to sleepaway camp was the highlight of our childhood summers, and that hasn’t changed for this generation. There are thousands of sleepaway camps all around the United States. Sending your son or daughter to a sleepaway camp near Delaware, like Camp Friendship, is one of the best decisions you could make for their summer plans and for their future. When you pick up you child at the end of the summer, they will have a million of new stories to tell you about all of the memories they had made that summer.

Speaking of childhood summers, if you attended sleepaway camp as a child, what are some of the memories that you think of? Do the super hot days where going to the lake was the only option to stay cool come to mind? What about hanging out with all of your new friends all day, every day? And then do you remember pick up day where the entire ride home you told your parents all of the cool things you did? Sleepaway camp provided you with some of your fondest childhood memories, and the same goes for children today! Our campers say that the best part about Camp Friendship are all of the sleepaway camp activities that we have to offer. Whether it is winning the pool olympics, participating in the talent show, or our ugliest counselor contests, our campers say that looking back at their summers, Camp Friendship made the top of their lists. Along with all of this, our sleepaway camp counselors strive to give campers a memorable summer. They go above and beyond to ensure that campers are having fun every single day at Camp Friendship. And to be honest, it’s impossible to not have fun every day while you’re here.

If you are interested in sending your son or daughter to the best sleepaway camp near Delaware to give them the best summer of their lives, then contact Camp Friendship today! Call us at (434)-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Make New Friends at Overnight Camp

IMG_9640One of the highlights of summer for children is spending a few weeks at overnight camp! Here, they have endless hours of fun and adventure that they can’t have anywhere else. So what exactly is the best part about going to an overnight camp near West Virginia? At Camp Friendship, we believe that it’s all the lifelong friends that campers will make!

When looking at overnight camps, a lot of parent’s main concern is whether or not their child will make friends. But rest assured, by the end of the first day, your child will have met a ton of new people, and likely met one of their new best friends! A lot of campers make new friends by finding other children that have similar interests. That makes our overnight camp activities the prime opportunity to make new friends. Children have to communicate and work with each other to achieve a common goal. By doing this, children aren’t just making new friends, they are also gaining social skills, boosting their self-esteem, and also gaining self-confidence, all while having a fun time! Our safe and supportive overnight camp environment is the perfect place for children to discover who they truly are. Therefore, making friends that support them and have similar mindsets. School can be a stressful place, therefore finding time to make friends can often be hard. Allowing overnight camp is the perfect place to make new friends happen!

So are you ready to sign your son or daughter up for the best overnight camp near West Virginia?! Then call Camp Friendship to get more information or to schedule a tour today at (434)-589-8950.

3 Things to Love About Camp Friendship

Some of our Junior Girls Campers have been enjoying Arts and Crafts activities.

Can you believe that it’s almost been a whole month since the summer ended at Camp Friendship? It feels like just yesterday that our campers were running around having an awesome summer. Here at our residential camp near Delaware, we are already counting down the days until we are reunited with our campers to have an even better summer (if that’s even possible)! And to finish off the summer, we thought we would give potential campers, and even returning campers, three things to love about Camp Friendship!

  1. What’s camp without all of the fun activities? At Camp Friendship, we offer campers a variety of residential camp activities to choose from. There’s something for everyone to enjoy! The activities include arts & crafts, aquatics, performing arts, sports, and more. No matter what you’re interested in, Camp Friendship has something for you.
  2. We don’t mean to brag, but our residential camp staff is the best. Our counselors are a group of enthusiastic, motivated, hardworking, and responsible individuals who love to work with children and help them to reach their maximum potential. In addition, all of our staff goes through a thorough hiring process that includes a background check, interview, training, and more to ensure that they are fit and ready to give campers a safe and fun experience at Camp Friendship.
  3. Finally, campers will leave at the end of the summer with a ton of memories and friends that will last a lifetime. One of the best parts about going away to residential camp is all of the friendships and bonds that campers create between one another. Many of our campers say that they have met their best friend at camp, and count down the days until they are reunited again next summer!

Now, if those three reasons weren’t enough to fall in love with the best residential camp near Delaware, then contact us to learn more! Call Camp Friendship at (434)-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour of our campgrounds today!

What Makes Our Equestrian Camp Different From Others?

IMG_3927If your son or daughter is interested in horseback riding, you’ve probably looked at tons of equestrian camp websites already, right? Now, brace yourself for the best one yet and the perfect equestrian camp near Maryland for your child… Camp Friendship! So, what sets our camp apart from the others and why should you send your son or daughter to Camp Friendship? Keep reading to learn more!

  • Various Skill Programs- Whether your child is an intermediate rider, or just starting out, you are going to want to put them into a camp that matches their skills and will allow them to move at the right pace. Our equestrian camp programs are separated by age and skill level. There is the Jr. Village with Riding for boys and girls ages 7-12 who ride at the beginner or intermediate level. The Equestrian Camp for girls ages 9-16 for any skill level. And the 1-Hour Riding program for children who are general campers at Camp Friendship who are ages 8-16 and would like to include riding as one of their activities. Depending on the skill level, children will learn different lessons, skills, and exercises to help them improve and learn at their own pace.
  • State of the Art Stables- Here at Camp Friendship, our equestrian camp stables are the best around. The horses surround our campers at all times with the barn located across from the living quarters. We also have over ninety horses living in the stables! There are four different sized outdoor rings, a spacious indoor arena, and over 750 acres of open fields and trials.
  • Amazing Horses- Like we said before, we have over ninety horses. These horses are maintained all year round and owned by Camp Friendship. Every horse is unique with different sizes, colors, and breeds, allowing your child to be matched with a horse that is perfect for their skill level.

Still not sure if we are the best equestrian camp near Maryland for your son or daughter? Then call Camp Friendship today at (434)-589-8950 for more information, to ask any questions, or to schedule a tour of our grounds today!