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Camp Friendship would like to reach out to all our past staff and campers that have attended camp since 1966. Alumni share a special bond over the years because they have shared a one of a kind summer experience that connects them in a very special way. We would like to welcome our former staff and campers to contact us and let us know about their lives since camp.  Please follow the link below to join the Camp Friendship Alumni Directory.  We hope to offer new opportunities for our alumni to communicate and connect with old friends but if you have any suggestions please share on the form below.  Join the Camp Friendship Alumni Directory to connect with old friends and make some new friends in the process.  Login to visit our Camp Friendship Alumni Page
(If you have previously provided us with your alumni contact information please either resubmit or wait for an acceptance email from us in the near future.) Connect with Camp Friendship
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Special staff events are being planned for the future, please stay tuned to our current news and upcoming events page for more information.