Riding Camp near Washington D.C.

Are you looking for summer plans for your daughter next year? At Camp Friendship, we have an equestrian camp for girls ages 9-16. genericcialis-onlineed.com Whether your daughter has never rode a horse before, or she has been riding for years, Camp Friendship offers the best riding camp cheap generic cialis canada near Washington D.C. Keep on reading to buy generic viagra learn more about our riding camp and why it is a great option for your daughter’s summer plans!

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At Camp Friendship, girls will receive a combination of well-instructed English hunt seat ring lessons as well as ours of fun with our horses! These lessons focus on the fundamentals of both the horse and the rider. We have ninety horses that we describe as wonderful and versatile, allowing for a fun and safe experience at our riding camp. Our horses at riding camp are all different sizes, colors, and breeds allowing a perfect match for each camper, whether they are a beginner or advanced. Our riding camp facilities are state of the art and close to the campers living quarters. In addition to all of the summer camp facilities that Camp Friendship has to offer, we have a barn, four different sized outdoor rings, an indoor arena, and over 750 acres open fields and trails. This land allows girls to take horses out to explore and learn as well as enjoy 40 mg cialis side effects the beauty of Camp Friendship’s surroundings. Besides our girls-only riding camp program, we also have a one-hour riding program for both boys and girls ages 8-16. Campers can choose riding as one of their summer camp activities at Camp Friendship and learn the fundamentals and various exercises. Your daughter (or son!) will definitely have the time of their life at Camp Friendship’s equestrian camp!

If you’re interested in the best riding camp near generic cialis Washington D.C., best canadian pharmacy contact us at Camp Friendship today. Call us at (434)-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour today!


Essential Skills Learned at Camp

As parents we have a responsibility to our children to help them grow to be the best they can be.  In this digital world we all live in today it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep our children connected to people as opposed to their digital devices.  It seems to go against everything our society dictates these days as everything is headed to an even more digitally focused way of life.  This however couldn’t be further from the truth and I’m about to tell you why.

A study completed by the P21 Organization which is comprised of global leaders like Apple, Google, and Dell, demonstrates the skills that are essential for 21st Century success.  The outlined essential skills are:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Collaborating
  • Communicating
  • Flexibility/Adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Social Skills
  • Productivity
  • Leadership

These skills are the basis of what we have done here at Camp Friendship for over 49 summers.  Campers are introduced into a world where they will interact with fellow campers and staff face to face.  Cell phones are not allowed, screens are minimal to non-existent.  Communication is rewarded through new friendships and discovering new skills by participating in new activities with their fellow campers.

Camp Friendship is a global community with campers and staff from all over the world. Our campers adapt to these new situations and experiences by living in close quarters with campers who may not speak English natively.

In just one-week at Camp Friendship our campers are being exposed to a world very different from the one they’ve left behind for a short time.  They are away from their parents, meeting completely new people they must interact with, trying new things, and realizing they must work together, communicate on their own, and be responsible for their decisions.

As we prepare our children for success in a digital world just take a look at the skills employers are looking for based on a survey by Millennial Branding of 225 employers.


While the traditional skills such as math, reading, and writing are the foundation there’s a huge deficit in the essential skills our children are going to need in the future.

As child development professionals we see our campers come summer after summer with a sense of wonder.  They arrive not knowing what to expect, saying good-bye to their parents with this mix of excitement and fear.  That first step alone is a learning opportunity that they can’t get anywhere else.  Our campers are greeted by our staff and welcomed into a new community of people just like them.  Immediately they are meeting new people, interacting face to face (without a phone, Facebook, or Snapchat) they are pushing themselves.  Even our homesick campers are adapting to a new experience where they must persevere and communicate with the staff to work through their homesickness.  We help our campers engage in new activities that will challenge them to be creative, to make decisions, to think outside the box.

As a parent this may sound a little scary at first.  Think of it this way though, your child is being educated and challenged in ways they don’t even realize at first.  All of this happens through games, day to day structure like getting to meals on time, activities they get to choose like archery, soccer, pottery, performances, and so much more.  Your child is responsible for its own hygiene (with prompting from our staff as needed of course), care for their own living spaces (remember the last time your child cleaned up their room on their own?), and living in close quarters with fellow campers they learn to be respectful and open minded to differences amongst their fellow human beings.

Camp Friendship is a fun environment for your camper where they will have an experience unlike any other.  Even though it will be fun it will provide them with an opportunity to grow those essential skills through proper care and exposure to quality programs and experienced staff.

Looking Back To Summers Past: Blast from the Past #58

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Equestrian Camp near Maryland

IMG_3927If your son or daughter is interested in horseback riding, you’ve probably looked at tons of equestrian camp websites already, right? Now, brace yourself for the best one yet and the perfect equestrian camp near Maryland for your child… Camp Friendship! So, what sets our camp apart from the others and why should you send your son or daughter to Camp Friendship? Keep reading to learn more!

  • Various Skill Programs- Whether your child is an intermediate rider, or just starting out, you are going to want to put them into a camp that matches their skills and will allow them to move at the right pace. Our equestrian camp programs are separated by age and skill level. There is the Jr. Village with Riding for boys and girls ages 7-12 who ride at the beginner or intermediate level. The Equestrian Camp for girls ages 9-16 for any skill level. And the 1-Hour Riding program for children who are general campers at Camp Friendship who are ages 8-16 and would like to include riding as one of their activities. Depending on the skill level, children will learn different lessons, skills, and exercises to help them improve and learn at their own pace.
  • State of the Art Stables- Here at Camp Friendship, our equestrian camp stables are the best around. The horses surround our campers at all times with the barn located across from the living quarters. We also have over ninety horses living in the stables! There are four different sized outdoor rings, a spacious indoor arena, and over 750 acres of open fields and trials.
  • Amazing Horses- Like we said before, we have over ninety horses. These horses are maintained all year round and owned by Camp Friendship. Every horse is unique with different sizes, colors, and breeds, allowing your child to be matched with a horse that is perfect for their skill level.

Still not sure if we are the best equestrian camp near Maryland for your son or daughter? Then call Camp Friendship today at (434)-589-8950 for more information, to ask any questions, or to schedule a tour of our grounds today!

Summer Camp near West Virginia

IMG_1176The benefits of summer camp are infinite, and give you the perfect excuse to sign them up right away! But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right summer camp for your son or daughter? Meet Camp Friendship, we are a summer camp near West Virginia, and we are here to help you find the perfect camp! Read on for some tips to consider when selecting a camp for your children next summer.

Age – There isn’t necessarily a perfect age to begin sending your son or daughter to camp. It all depends on their maturity and whether or not you think he or she could handle themselves. Find out if there are different programs for different age groups and what a typical day would consist of.

Price – A major piece of the decision making process is what the price of summer camp is. Many camps may seem out of reach due to their price, but always consult with the camp first. They may have some kind of discount that you could qualify for!

Goals – Do you agree with the summer camp philosophy? You should agree with everything that the camp stands for and intends to teach your children.

Staff – Find out about how the summer camp staff is hired and what kind of training they have to go through. Make sure that you are comfortable with the staff and trust that they will give your children the best experience possible.

Activities – The best way to ensure that your son or daughter enjoys camp is by sending them to one that caters to their interests. If there are specific summer camp activitiesthat your son or daughter is interested in pursuing, choose a camp that offers them! Find out what kind of facilities the camp has for this activity and if there are any additional costs for this activity (many camps will charge extra for activities that aren’t held on the campgrounds).

Now, it’s time to get out there and continue the search for the best summer camp near West Virginia for your son or daughter! And you can start with Camp Friendship, call us at 434-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour today.

ALSO…Check out some of upcoming events at Camp Friendship

– SPRING BREAK RIDING CAMP – March 21-25March 28-April 1 & April 4-8  
Calling all girls ages 7-16: Spend your Spring Break with us! All riding levels are welcome as each girl is assigned a horse and will ride in lesson groups based on ability. Girls will ride twice a day as well as participate in a horse related theory lesson and help out with barn chores each day. The rest of the time is filled with fun camp activities such as crafts, campfires and hayrides. Download the flyer for our Spring Break Riding Camp here.
– SPRING OPEN HOUSE – April 16, 11am-3pm
Camp Friendship hosts a Spring Open House every year.  We invite families and friends to camp to spend a few hours with us getting to know Camp Friendship and getting their questions answered.  The Camp Friendship Open House will give you the opportunity to meet our directors and founder and meet some of the staff that will be close at hand during your child’s stay with us this summer.

  • Meet Camp Directors and ask them about your child’s camp experience or our conference opportunities.
  • Stop at the Dinning Hall to see our videos and get snack and refreshments
  • Tour the camp and its living and program areas
If you are unable to make it to the Open House, just give us a call to schedule a private tour for you and your family and we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.


Conference Center in Virginia

Are you looking for a large space to hold a conference, retreat or event? Camp Friendship offers a unique destination to connect through leadership training or office team building seminars at their conference center in Virginia. We are located in Palmyra, Virginia and our professional staff will help you so that everyone’s time can be productive in a different sort of conference center at our retreat in Virginia that offers natural surroundings and a breath of fresh air.

Our facility provides the opportunity for a positive experience away from the office where your business team can work together, create new relationships, be challenged, gain a new sense of confidence and leave rejuvenated and inspired.

Camp Friendship‘s scenic atmosphere and accommodations are the perfect environment to facilitate your group’s weekend or weeklong stay and make it a success. Contact us today! For more information call 1-800-873-3223.

Looking Back To Summers Past: Blast from the Past #55

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