Friendship camp, you will never know what you mean to me.

You might be wondering what’s been going on around here ? As you may of heard we’ve had a spot of stormy weather in some of our evening periods, but that has not stopped us from having masses of fun ! I’m even tempted to say it has been more exciting, seeing campers laughing and screaming amidst the unpredictable weather ! Don’t believe me ? Grab a hair brush and have a sing song on the porch like some of our junior girls did last night ! (See below) Or just take a look at week sevens video update later this week .


In Thursdays evening activities seniors grabbed pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and anything else snugly before setting off to the dining hall to catch the remainder of The hobbit. This proved to be a great adventure movie to watch and seniors enjoyed the chance to spend some down time with their friends. On the other side of camp, junior’s took part in the pool olympics. After being split into teams the tasks included trying to make the smallest splash and most creative chant for their given country. As extra points were given for support and cheering the evening was full of energy.


Next up, let’s get out of the water for a moment and head over to stable activities where today Skye Ackenbom and the whole of riding camp  displayed our second summer horse show. The sun came out just in time for the event. After seeing the level of professionalism and passion at the show ring from start to finish at our last show we have all been super excited to see the girls in action again. There were twenty four activities and campers were split into groups depending on experience and ability. Riders competed with admirable concentration as twenty four activities took place from ten till three. As a lunch time reward pizza is a well deserved reward for our riders ! We love you riding camp.


Around camp we are getting pumped for camp fire tonight. I even spotted a jigga in morning activities today. The jigga (which is one of our well known camp fire dances) was performed at Fridays Freestyle Mountain Boarding Class, where campers are encouraged to mountain board whilst mixing things up a bit with some hand gestures. In todays class we saw campers throwing in some robotic arm action and doing some seventies dance moves in keeping with Wednesdays dance theme.


That’s all for this week but don’t miss next weeks updates where you can check out the second summer return of a huge camp event and get the scoop live from the top of the beanstalk ! (All will be reviled.) as always, we thank you for being part of the camp friendship community and hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you may be !

An indoor cook out and all the latest from week seven; We’ve got that summer feeling at camp friendship !

So far I’ve been exploring the fabulous activities and important events here at camp Friendship in order to update you with this summers latest news. Campers have been exploring this beautiful place with their village friends and counselors since we opened our gates for our 49th summer in June.

Today I want to highlight two areas that have really caught my attention this week, but before I do so I am going to share this photograph of some of our junior girls playing a get to know you game. These games are played straight after check in and each village has their own traditional games including water balloon game where you shout the name of someone around the circle whilst throw the balloon trying not to burst it. Another game plated at this time is the three fact game. In this game campers share three facts, two of which are true. They then have to guess which fact is false and by doing so learn a few things about those around them.


Some of our junior girls folded a piece of paper and each drew part of a character, after finishing their drawing the girls decided on a profile for their creation.

Taking a look at some of our activity highlights I have yet to share with you information on the awesome swim lessons at camp friendship These lessons are far from what you might see at your local swim centre. Lessons are suitable for any level of swimmer, from those who have never taken a step into water to those who wouldn’t hesitate to dive straight in. This week Counselor kate taught one swim lessons attendee to do an under water head stand after showing her how to to take in a deep breath before being able to touch the bottom of the water and finally raise legs into the air. We design fun classes that suit the campers skill level.

Stepping out of the water I also have the latest happenings from sports variety. As the name suggests this is the activity to choose if you want to try out different sports games  across camp. On Monday our sports variety counselors introduced counselors to the Jedi Frisbee Competition. In this game five counselors hold a frisbee whilst one camper stands in the net and tries to deflect frisbee with their light saber (which in this case appears to us in the form of a baseball bat.) Campers absolutely loved this game, here’s a shot of a guard deflecting the frisbees !


Deflect your way to glory !

Due to a little stormy weather last night, we brought cook out inside. Campers got into pajamas and really got to chill out after the days activity in our flag room and dining hall. Senior counselors tuned into the hobbit and juniors watched rise of the guardians. It was one of the most chilled evenings I have seen so far at camp and the chance to throw a sleeping bag down and watch a movie was enjoyed as the day drew into night time.


So what should we expect to see next ? Don’t miss our upcoming posts because it’s our friendship 70’s disco tomorrow night ! We can’t wait to spend the rest of week seven doing what we do best, providing the best summer at our camp !



Tips to Plan a Retreat in Virginia


When it comes to planning a conference or retreat, there are a lot of things to consider and remember to ensure it is successful. Here at Camp Friendship, we have hosted numerous retreats for groups ranging from 20-300 participants. Our retreat center in Virginia offers cabins, lodges, a spacious dining hall, four-acre lake and more to ensure that your next retreat is the best one yet!

  1. Why do you want to have a retreat? Whether it is for leadership, teambuilding, spiritual, church, university, creative arts, horseback riding, or another kind of retreat, Camp Friendship can cater to it.
  2. Now that you have established why you want to hold a retreat, go through the basics of planning. What is your budget going to be? How many people will be attending? What else do you think is necessary to guarantee a successful retreat?
  3. Start looking for a location to hold your retreat. Take a tour of Camp Friendship to see all the retreat center facilities we have to offer. Ask any questions and if possible, speak with the retreat coordinator.
  4. Now that you know what the retreat center has to offer, decide on a plan. What retreat activities will you be holding? Make sure to give your participants some time to relax and take a break. Don’t pack the schedule filled so everyone is exhausted and doesn’t enjoy it. The most successful retreats are the ones that every participant has fun and learns
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Remember this is only the beginning of your retreat planning and there is plenty more to do! If you’re interested in having your next retreat at the best Virginia retreat center, contact Camp Friendship! Call us at 434-589-8950 for more information or to schedule your next retreat with us today!

Week six is awesome at Camp Friendship !

Wednesday evening saw the spirit of camp filling all of us here at Camp Friendship. At cook outs counselors dished out burgers and taco skillet as campers took part in a range of activities with their villages. Campers listened to acoustic music and talked about their daily activities. Cherishable times took place as kids played table tennis, card games and of course toasted some s’mores over roaring camp fires. A great bonding time for villages full of picturesque summer moments.


IMG_0245revised Senior village two got a head start on preparations for Thursdays galactic happenings by starting to make decorations and prepare their costumes.good thinking SV2 !

Moving into Thursday, our Space invasion dance crash landed in the gymnasium and was an evening that took campers out of this world, literally. After the days activities, villages spent time preparing themselves and others before heading down to the gymnasium to check out each others costumes and bust out some dance moves. The added dodge ball planet pit was great fun for those who wanted to play games and was filled with a variety of aliens throughout the evening. We were lucky enough to have a guest visit from E.T. who made an entrance through the dance floor on a bicycle. Another hilarious entrance came to us in the form of Junior boys counselors Star Wars skit, which left the crowd laughing as the boys dived around acting out clips from classic scenes from the empire strikes back.


IMG_0765revisedOn the topic of dives, our gymnasts took part in the ninja relay on Thursday. What is the ninja relay ? You might ask. Well, picture yourself embarking through a variety of obstacles, leaping through the air, winding around boards and taking gigantic steps to shorten your finishing time. Kids cheered each other on as they took turns to give the relay a go. Some par takers managed to complete the course In under twenty seconds. Wow !


Well done gymnastics crew !


From ninja warriors to avid explorers, earlier today some of our campers gathered to take a trek down to into lower fields for some Wilderness camping. This activity is unique because campers really get the chance to take a look at the joys of the natural environment around them. Counselors Ben and Andrew showed campers how to start a fire starting by collecting small twigs and building flame from foundation.Campers then enjoyed toasting s’mores playing catch, and looking at the local wild life.


Some of our wilderness campers met a tiger butterfly on the lower fields

Moving into the finalé of week six we are off to meet the wizard later on this evening. Yes It’s our wizard of oz performance, we wish good luck to all those involved and can feel a buzz about camp. Don’t forget to check out more about camping life in our weekly video update on Vimeo soon to be released. Check out photos of camp on your camp in touch account.


International color guards unite; we raise our flags for week six at Camp Friendship !

We are enjoying the fantastic weather here at camp friendship and hope that you are continuing to have a great summer wherever you may be. Our Camp has been full of laughter and happiness as sunny skies have backlit daily activities since check in time on Sunday. Just after campers settled into cabins and finished dinner we gathered at our flag area to raise our international flags. As campers from China, Mexico, Australia and many more countries raised there flag, our campers cheered and welcomed each other into our community. From here we went down to camp fire where we enjoyed a variety of singing acts and skit performances


Here are some of our international campers and counselors raising their flags.  

Moving into our weekly highlights, water activities have been thriving ! The atmosphere was full of energy in Junior villages slip and slide activity yesterday evening. As campers sung away to disney songs and chart toppers whilst holding onto each others hands they took turns to take a trip down our water slide, rewarding each other with high fives at the end. Senior campers took part in the water olympic challenge down by the pool, where campers formed teams and performed songs and dances to each other. A great evening for all involved.

In other water activity, it has to be said that the lake is one of the places to be right now and has been full of excitement. We love spending time in this area throughout summer because it’s a beautiful surrounding very much at the heart of camp. Kayakers and canoers joined together on their Wednesday session as our junior boys counsellor Sean introduced the battleships game where participants start off with three lives that they try to hold onto whilst picking up tennis balls from the lake and trying to hit either their components life jacket or land a ball in their canoe or kayak. What a great way to make new friends and bond.


In Battleships we ask campers, can you hold onto all three lives ?!

Stepping away from the water, you might see the makings of a lion, tin man and a scarecrow forming at our drama theatre. Campers have begun learning lines for our production of the Wizard Of Oz which is sure to wow Fridays audience ! Since our last production of Aladdin was such a success we really can’t wait to see this one.


Rehearsals are in full swing ! 

Here are some of Our CIT’s getting ready to paint the back drop for the performance. For those of you who don’t know, our CIT program is set up for those who would like to train to be a counselor aged 15-17.


 Good work CIT’s !

That’s all for now, watch out for my next blog update on Friday where you can check out more of the activity going on here at Camp Friendship !


Having Fun at Riding Camp near Washington DC

IMG_3927Is your son or daughter interested in riding horses this summer? Meet Camp Friendship, we are a riding camp near Washington DC for boys and girls who love horses! Our riding camp is filled with fun, excitement, and tons of learning experiences to help boys and girls improve their skills and maximize their talents. There are plenty of riding camp options to choose from, keep on reading to see all of the choices and to learn more about them!

  • Equestrian Camp: Girls that are ages 9-16 can choose this program whether they are a beginner or advanced. Campers will spend their entire day with the horses, learning English hunt seat ring lessons with our riding camp staff, and also having hours of fun. At Camp Friendship, we focus on the fundamentals of both the horse and the rider. Girls have the opportunity to explore our riding campgrounds and take the horses on the trails or playing with them in the river.
  • Jr. Village with Riding: Boys and girls ages 7-12 who are beginners or the intermediate level are able to participate in the program. Campers spend half of their day in the riding camp and the other half in our Junior Village Camp program. At riding camp, boys and girls will learn ring lessons, trail rides, river rides, theory lessons, and participate in barn chores. Then the other half of the day is spent participating in general camp activities. These boys and girls get the best of both worlds!

To learn more about us, you can visit our riding camp FAQ’S! If you are interested in sending your son or daughter to the best riding camp near Washington DC, make sure to call Camp Friendship at 434-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour today!

From New York New York To Our biggest Equestrian Event of the season

Camp is buzzing with high fives and positive vibes this week as campers have taken part in a huge variety of activities from performing lines for our next drama casting to jumping onto a pair of water skis for the first time ! Whatever it is that your camper loves, we offer a safe and fun environment to enjoy summer at camp. Amongst activity this week, one iconic figure that has graced our grounds is the Statue of Liberty who has been popping up in the arts and crafts studio and was spotted in a variety of forms at our week five dance ! It was amazing to see campers choosing their own character profiles for the event, even on my own journey to the dance I was approached by a group of junior boy campers offering me directions in a New Yorkers accent. Well done for getting into character Camp Friendship, it makes our events so special !

IMG_2182 IMG_3434

                             Lady Liberty pops up around camp, see it for yourself.

Something I couldn’t miss out of this post was the impressive break dancing from some of SV2 ! As many campers stood in a circle villages united and took turns to bust out some moves to fellow campers ! What a night.



Another huge and particularly horsey highlight of this week is our equestrian show today. This exciting event only happens twice annually. You can expect to see high levels of concentration as riders are judged on equitation, presentability and performance. Applause from campers, staff and visitors fills the fields after each ride has completed their round and recieved those all important ribbons. To the many of you who will be attending today, we recognise that it is a rare opportunity for riders parents and some of our campers to take a look at the achievement of riding camp down at our show ring. Seeing riding staff and campers jumping, racing and performing instantly fills us with pride here at camp.


Later into the day riders took part in the egg and spoon race and a command class. In other camp activity we are going to be enjoying our closing camp fire tonight and welcoming our week six campers. That’s all for now. Don’t forget to check out our new video released later today and keep up to date with photos on your camp-in-touch account.

Get to know our tennis team and find out more about what happens on the courts!

Alina Ackenbom our co-founder and tennis pro spends her time coaching students and campers down at the tennis activity spot. Attracting many beginners and experienced players from our local area and summer camp Alina works closely with the tennis team to deliver an outstanding program built from her own industry knowledge which she has gained from competing in tournaments internationally from a young age. Alina is passionate about passing her own experience in tennis on to her students, campers and program staff.
So what’s been happening on the courts this summer? Anyone here at camp will often walk past the tennis court to see an intense game in action as campers battle against their component to secure the final match point. Coaches support those in play by offering direction and feedback as the game is in play which improves the players ability to make confident returns. You may also see campers working on their body movement, learning how to stand and practicing a variety of swings.
Tennis lessons at camp are fundamentally made up of activities and match games. Players sometimes start out by taking part in a tennis rally where campers split into two teams and make a transition from one line to the next after taking a swing at the ball. At this time campers are practicing reaction time and hand movement whilst getting warmed up for the sessions main game.
In recent activity, this week some players practiced drills whilst others battled to hold onto their crown in ‘King of the courts.’ In king of the courts one camper plays as king whilst rallying with another camper to hold the king of the court position and stay in play with the next component. Players love this game as it gives them a chance to take on many players at once and support each other’s efforts.
On Wednesday, senior village counselor Chris took some time to instruct campers on how to stand and intercept the ball in order to gain more control. Chris did this by taking some time to work one on

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one with players whilst others rallied. Together they practiced hitting the tennis ball as hard as possible at the wall of the court. Whilst doing this Chris demonstrated a good standing position to hold, explaining how tennis is about short sharp movements. campers also practiced following Chris’ movements as Chris held the ball focusing purely on reaction and body movement.

That’s all from the courts for now but don’t forget to check out my next blog post on Friday where I will be highlighting some more of this weeks activity at Camp Friendship!

Best Riding Camp near Maryland

IMG_3924Are you looking for summer plans for your daughter next year? canadian pharmacy global drugs At Camp Friendship, we have an equestrian camp for girls ages 9-16. Whether your daughter has never rode a horse before, or she has been riding for years, Camp Friendship offers the best riding camp near Maryland. Keep on reading cheap viagra online to learn more about our riding camp and why it is a great option for your daughter’s summer plans!

At Camp Friendship, girls will receive a combination of well-instructed English hunt seat ring lessons as well as ours of fun with our horses! These lessons focus on the fundamentals of both the horse and the rider. We have ninety horses that we describe as wonderful and versatile, allowing for a fun and safe experience at our riding camp. Our horses at riding camp are all different sizes, colors, and breeds allowing a perfect match for each camper, whether they are a beginner or advanced. Our riding camp facilities are state of the art and close to the campers living quarters. In addition to all of the summer camp facilities that Camp Friendship has to offer, we have a barn, four different sized outdoor rings, an indoor arena, and over 750 acres open fields and trails. This land allows girls to take horses out to explore and learn as well as enjoy the beauty of Camp Friendship’s surroundings. Besides our girls-only riding camp program, we also have a one-hour riding program for both boys and girls ages 8-16. Campers can choose riding as one of their summer camp activities at Camp Friendship and learn the fundamentals and various exercises. Your daughter (or son!) will definitely have the time of their life real canadian pharmacy online at is my canadian pharmacy legitimate Camp Friendship’s equestrian camp!

If you’re information on canadian pharmacy interested in the best riding camp near Maryland, contact us at Camp Friendship today. Call us at (434)-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour today!

What happens in our gymnastic centre? Everything from trampolining to aerial silk performance!

If there’s one place that highlights commitment to activity and brilliant mentorship around camp, it’s our gymnastics centre. Sadly It’s not every day that staff, campers or parents get the opportunity to see all the tricks that happen in our gymnastics classes, but after finding out information on the program highlights, many campers are instantly signing up for sessions and can’t wait to make use of our studio and equipment. That’s why I have decided to uncover some of the program details and information to you in this blog post.

Even at first glance the hand painted forest scene of the buildings exterior reflects camps creative personality. When you set foot into the studio which was partially built by our founder Chuck Ackenbom you can instantly see instructors educating and supporting campers on their technique. This immediately makes you think ‘Wow, why haven’t I been here before!?’ Kay Walsh, our Gymnastics Director works together with her team of dedicated instructors to offer skilled tuition from beginner level right up to level 9.


With a multitude of returning campers eager to get started on the program each year, participators look forward to an exciting week of gymnastics which includes tumble track, bars and beam. In the trampoline activity campers perform seat drops and the week is ended with free play/volt board sessions. Towards the end of weekly sessions we begin to smile as we notice how students have developed from having little confidence or knowledge in the area to completely letting go and attempting the moves.

As well as the mentioned activities, campers can experience the silks activity, where some students work towards building a dance routine with a difference. You are suspended in the air! Silks expert Ashley explained to me how students take on different climbs depending on which part of their body is most suitable for the exercise and skill level. Silks exercises nearly every muscle in the body, as well as improving flexibility, balance and strength. It can also battle a fear of heights!


Throughout winter the centre celebrates the Winter Fest show which is a contest worked towards by year round students and instructors. In the summer a variety of programs run and a close knit tuition pattern works well with attenders, it’s amazing to see the results for campers after just a short time in the gymnastics centre.

Part of our gymnastics philosophy states that instructors want kids to have

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an enjoyable experience and learn how to move and think about how the body learns. We believe that to learn something we must see it, hear it say, it and do it.

But don’t just take my word for it, you can find out more about our gymnastics program on our website at