Zombie Virus Outbreak At Camp Friendship

Anyone who’s been at camp over the past few days will have spotted cryptic posters scattered around villages by our junior boys counselors. The messages were headlined ‘Camp Friendship is set to be swarmed by a lethal strain of the FFX-1966 VIRUS’ and urged any campers and staff to speak to junior boys counselors if feeling unwell, to which they were greeted with stories about the zombie virus outbreak. Zombie Apocalypse CF


As campers prepared for the zombie apocalypse dance which took place on Thursday evening, Cody became the first counselor to be captured at lunch break by Alex, our high ropes expert and new found zombie disinfectant agent. Campers rose from their chairs with excitement as the junior boys counselors ran across the dining hall in full costume screaming ‘he’s got me.’

After a day of activities campers entered the hall for dinner feeling excited. Some campers were already dressed up for the evenings activities and some went back to cabins to prepare their makeovers.2AA

The Zombie Apocalypse Dance went down a storm. Against the sound of beating rain there was a wonderful atmosphere of chaos and fun. Campers did the limbo, had a chance to have a dance with the whole of camp and admired each others costumes whilst telling each other their characters stories.IMG_6992 2ABOur junior boys counselors delivered a skit performance delivered by Ben who acted as a news reporter. Ben began the skit by reporting on the zombie outbreak around camp, closely followed by an outbreak of disinfectant agents that came into the audience from various store cupboards to seize the crowd. This performance made a tremendous impact on not just the evening but was the finale of

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this weeks themed activity.


In other news, during activities on Friday, some of our campers enjoyed the fencing program by taking part in a game of roundheads and cavaliers. This is a game where campers split into two teams and can battle anyone on the opposing side. In this case one camper put up a good fight when he took on the challenge of defeating three remaining opponents.


Today we look forward to performances at our weekly closing camp fire before opening for week three at camp.

Also don’t forget to check out our weekly video which will be released today.

What’s new in week two of Camp?

Week two is well under way and since arriving at Camp, campers have been smiling from cheek to cheek. On Sunday we enjoyed some special Camp Fire performances, including a junior girls rendition of Katy Perry’s firework. A dodge ball slow motion ballet performance from the junior boys counselors was a unique sketch that received a special camp ‘O’vation. For those of you that don’t already know, this happens when a performance is outstanding and members of the audience raise their arms up into an O shape.

Senior village decided they were staying seated when they got down to the stage, where they acted out hand movements onto a table in fast unison. This was a particularly notable act, leaving the crowd ready to go forward into the weeks activity and also considering their own camp fire performance for our next camp fire which will take place on Friday.


Go Senior Village!

As they have began to explore our activities and enjoyed settling into camp life since Sunday, campers have been spending time by the lake, enjoying the sun and getting the chance to enjoy water activities around camp. Many campers have had their first attempt at rope swing and others have teamed up to paddle their way under the bridge at canoeing. Our fishing activity has been more popular than ever and there have even been a few catches down there! Good work.


Catch of the day.

Stepping away from lake activity, Our ESL teacher Becky has been leading the way in interactive language teaching and our international campers are enjoying the opportunity to experience a lesson that defies straight forward text book teaching. Becky makes memorable language classes by encouraging campers to connect with each other by asking each other questions then deciding whether each question belongs in the present, future and past tense section.


Campers decide where they stand on each phrase.

So what’s next? Moving into the later half of this week campers will enjoy dining outside at our cook out events tonight before preparing to get scary at the Zombie Apocalypse dance tomorrow evening. Don’t forget to check out our photography gallery at camp in touch, and watch out for our new video release this Friday which will be available to view on the camp friendship youtube and vimeo.

3,2,1, Jump !


Imagination continues to run wild at Camp Friendship as we dive into summer.

We could not be happier to see the smiling faces of children from across the world come to life as they begin to select and take part in the activities that they are going to enjoy over summer.

Have you been wondering what’s been happening around camp over the past few days?
Campers have been diving from boards, swinging from ropes, getting out arts and craft supplies and tying the first friendship bracelets of Summer 2015. In this update of our Friendship blog I am going to share some of this weeks activities with you.

Our campers took part in either our chip cup activity which combines a crazy combination of catching plastic chips in a cup before swapping them for water or got muddy at our slip and slide activity. (There was not one person left uncovered by the end!) These activities took place during our afternoon sessions and were a great way for campers to bond by letting their hair down and their inhibitions go.

Campers then danced their way into Wednesday evening at our camp cook outs. Our team of dedicated counselors prepared different locations around their villages and welcomed Campers to enjoy our outdoor dining experience. Camp cook outs give villages the opportunity to bond with each other and their counselors. Junior girls and boys enjoyed their camp cook out in their pavilion areas whilst senior village set table at the lake side!


On Thursday I caught up with some our campers

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their favorite thing about camp is; and here’s what they said,

Activities. Friends. Food. Ponies. Riflery. Camp Fire. Canoeing.

Everyone loves camp!

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive camp video upload including a taste of our Royal ball evening activity, our video update will be available to you on youtube and vimeo.

It’s one not to miss!


Campers prepare for our Summer Ball by making accessories in our arts and crafts facility.

Camp Friendship is once again filled with the sound of summer.

Each year at Camp Friendship we welcome returning campers and new campers into our community with open arms. That means every member of camp, from our founder Chuck Ackenbom, to all those working behind the scenes, unite with campers at our opening camp fire. As Campers walk down a torch lit path towards the stage, we mark the start of each individual Camp Friendship journey. This year we had some acoustic guitar and village skit acts to set the mark for our summer performances.

Here are some of our Junior boys campers introducing themselves at our camp fire !

Here are some of our Junior boys campers introducing themselves at our camp fire !

So you might be wondering what it feels like to be at camp right now?  The best way to explain the vibe at camp is to give you an insight into what we can currently see happening around our villages. You can keep up to date with camp activity by viewing the photos on our Camp InTouch site. Also watch out for our camp video which will be available to view on Friday via our Vimeo and Youtube accounts. As children laugh and smile whilst making friends and sharing stories, there is a united feeling amongst campers and staff that ‘nowhere is better than camp.’  That’s just one of the reasons we have kicked off our 49th Summer here at Camp Friendship ! We celebrate the best camp experience together as a community whilst focusing individually on campers needs. We know that choosing Camp Friendship secures not just life long memories but also builds core development skills, and that’s why many of our campers return and even become staff members here at camp.

Some of our Junior Girls Campers have been enjoying Arts and Crafts activities.

Some of our Junior Girls Campers have been enjoying Arts and Crafts activities.

In other news, last night some of our campers took part in the ugliest counselor evening activity where campers turned their counselors into their character of choice. The ugliest counselor activity enables campers to work in teams and use their imaginations to create an ‘ugliest counselor’ entry. Starting this activity near the lake, campers then moved into the flag room to watch a cat walk performance and take a vote on their favorite makeover.

Summer 2015 has officially begun !


Staying Active at Summer Camp near Delaware

young boys playing lacrosse

The time for summer camp is here!!! Here at Camp Friendship, we just began our first session and are already having tons of fun! Our campers are having fun, staying active, and learning something new every day. At our summer camp near Delaware, we strive to teach campers new skills that will stay with them even after they return home at the end of the summer.

At Camp Friendship, campers can choose from a variety of summer camp activities. If your son or daughter is interested in water activities, they can try out canoeing, swim lessons, water polo and more! The best part about participating in our water activities? The summer camp facilities that are specifically dedicated to it! We have a Junior Olympic sized pool, three and a half miles of riverfront on the scenic Rivanna River, and our very own Friendship Lake! If your son or daughter is interested in learning or continuing a specific sport, we probably offer it! Soccer, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, and Zumba are just a few of the many sports that Camp Friendship has to offer. And don’t worry if your child has never tried the sport before, our summer camp staff is trained, experienced, and ready to pass on some new skills! How does your son or daughter feel about adventures? Our Ropes and Initiatives Course is just one of the many benefits of attending summer camp at Camp Friendship! We want to keep our camper’s minds just as active as their bodies and do this though the creative arts activities. Campers can participate in arts & crafts, photography, drama, yoga, and more! One of the best parts about summer camp is that your son or daughter will constantly be active and learning new skills. Children will be given the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the electronics and reconnect with the outdoors. What could be better?!

Are you interested in sending your son or daughter to the best summer camp near Delaware? Contact Camp Friendship today at 434-589-8950 for more information or to schedule a tour!