Adjusting to Life After Summer Camp

Although summer seems to have ended long ago, children are still adjusting to life after summer camp, their new schedules, responsibilities and mindset that start with the new school year.

Bedtime especially, may seem very lonely compared to your child’s summer camp experience. Late nights previously spent in group discussions, telling stories or confiding secrets with bunkmates now contrast in comparison to quietly laying in their own bedrooms by themself, trying to sleep. Gym classes cannot compare to Camp Friendship activities that ended the day with exhaustion, not to mention the fresh air, which both helped get a good nights rest.

Something else that may need time to adjust to is that at camp, there was probably always a friend, peer or counselor close by to run to with news or to ask for help, or to do something with. This may not be the case in school, or may not be as easy or accessible as it was at camp. Now, arrangements and efforts need to be made. Time, schedules, availability and rides have to be considered.

Support, understanding and a gentle nudge to keep your child engaged, will certainly help during the year and through all their changes and challenges. At Camp Friendship, we have tried to incorporate that in your child’s summer experience. Your children have learned many things at camp and have many wonderful memories that have hopefully helped them become better people equipped to face whatever comes next. One of the biggest and most important benefit of summer camp is giving your child the chance to recharge, and face the new school year refreshed and energized.

I hope your child will make the most of their school year. As someone having spent the summer getting to know many of your kids, I feel confident that they will.
To those of you who may be available or in the Palmyra, VA area next month – Join us for our FALL FAMILY FUN DAY on October 18th from 11 am – 2 pm!