Camp Unplugged

Whether the campers are here for a week or for several, camp is a great place to appreciate nature! Thanks to our rural location there are hundreds of benefits for our campers! During Mountain Boarding this morning the kids found a “Social Butterfly” that landed on a few campers and staff. The butterfly stayed around long enough to show off its wings and then went on its way, leaving the class both excited and in awe. Digital Photography went on a nature scavenger hunt, complete with flowers, bugs, and frogs. The campers worked together to cross off the items on their list before the period ended. The villages engage in a friendly Cleanest Cabin competition in order for the chance to go star gazing for the evening – which is quite the reward. Out here and away from light pollution the stars are bright and beautiful to watch. It’s always too soon to pack up and head back to the cabins.

The Junior Girls appreciated a different kind of natural for their evening activity tuesday night. With their village spa night they buffed out their natural beauty with pedicures, nail polish, and oatmeal face masks, complete with cucumbers and Taylor Swift. TheJunior Boys on the other hand did what they do naturally and played a few rounds of kickball in the lower fields. The Seniors showed off their talent for a round of CF’s Got Talent. The winning act of the evening included a card trick that had the audience and judges alike cheering with wonder.

Additionally, this week’s dance has

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already come and gone. The theme this week was the Monster Mash. The most popular monster of the evening was Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.; however there was a sizable Vampire population as well. The counselors outdid themselves with their costumes this week. The Junior Villages collaborated for a Harry Potter themed costume collaboration. The Senior Village counselors flaunted their creativity and went as the Loch Ness Monster. For more pictures check out our photo galleries!

Wednesday morning also brought a surprise for our campers in Fencing. New gear came in! The Junior Class got to try out the new foil grips while perfecting their form. The Senior Class go to try out the sabers – a different style of fencing. By the end of the class period the campers were already talking about the next skill they were going to learn. The campers and staff alike are excited about the new gear and new possibilities for the class.

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“Curiouser and Curiouser”

On Sunday we raised our International flags and learned where our campers are from this week and after that we went down to campfire for an evening filled with laughs! By the end of campfire the kids were pumped for the rest of the week, which is going to be a busy one! As if the normal activities weren’t enough fun for the campers, this week Drama Productions next performance is due to premiere on Friday AND another Horse Show is scheduled! Drama Production is into its second week of rehearsals for Alice in Wonderland! The campers as well as the staff are excited for the familiar and whimsical characters! And the Horse Shows are always an exciting events for camp! The lovely folks down in Riding camp get to show off their hard work in the ring for parents, family, and friends and rest of camp  gets to stop by and appreciate our lovely Riding Camp in action!

If all of that still isn’t enough there is the Monster Mash dance on Wednesday and our wonderful evening activities! Yesterday the Juniors slipped and slid penguin-style down the Mountain Boarding hill! To mix things up this week the counselors asked the campers questions as they slid down the hill! They answered questions about their favorite food and colors; however some were laughing too hard to answer. The Seniors played Three Cone Ultra, a game that is new to camp this year but has quickly become a camper and staff favorite. The campers sported face paint and game faces for several rounds! Be sure to stop by our photo gallery to see more pictures from yesterday!

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Bring on the Challenge!

As campers go from activity to activity they get to learn about cultures all over the world and even more importantly, about themselves. Camp is a great place for kids to learn about what they are capable of and what they could do in the future. Every day presents a different and exciting challenge for our campers, both mental and physical. Here at Camp Friendship we offer many different sports for our campers; some are playing for the first time and others veterans with years of experience. Either way we encourage kids to try their best and focus on improving and practicing techniques! Nothing is quite as daunting as a 5K run in our new Crossfit class! Of course the campers get to exercise their creativity and problem solving skills in our other program areas. In photography today the campers had a scavenger hunt! Some of the items included something orange, a body of water, the biggest bug you can find, and a portrait of your favorite counselor! Campers get to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and different. So as the week begins to close we hope our campers keep a little Camp in their hearts year-round and continue to challenge themselves!

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Friends From Near and Far

It’s already Tuesday here at camp and the campers are busy with activities! Digital Photography ventured to the beach today where Kayaking and Canoeing were preparing for a game of Battle Ships. Up the hill our wonderful Tennis Pro, Alina, shared her talents with campers in a Half-day Tennis Clinic. Mountain Biking explored, Archery aimed, campers crafted in Art’s and Crafts; that’s just to name a few! It’s already been an exciting week and it’s only day two of activities!

This week we’ve watched our international campers raise their flags in the opening flag ceremony on Sunday evening. It’s a wonderful experience to see and hear where our campers come from – both near and far! In Friendship Bracelet Making campers discussed where they’ve traveled and the places they’d like to go someday. They showed a remarkable amount of open-mindedness and an intense curiosity about places they’ve never been before! We’ve also seen a round of evening activities come and go. The Juniors were visited by the Powder Fairies at the lower fields last night. By the end of the evening everyone was laughing too hard to run away from the fairies. The Seniors dominated the gym in a game of Dodgeball – with a twist. The dodge balls are different colors, each of which has a different “Power Up”. The red ball would get your whole team back in if a teammate caught it. The Purple Ball allowed the player to cross over the line of play to throw it at the opponent. After three different rounds of Dodgeball the Seniors had to call it a night – but a rematch is sure to come by the end of the week.

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Superhero Showdown

We’ve had a great week here at Camp Friendship! Earlier this week camp got Camplified – check out the blog post for more information! Also, the pictures are up from Camp’s jam session, so go to our photo galleries to see what the campers were up to!

This week’s dance has already come and gone – hero style. The theme was Super Heroes and the campers were more than excited for the dance. The kids lined up by the gymnasium and waited in lines for the dance to start. The campers were entertained with music, decor provided by the Junior Boys village, and a mini “battle” acted out by the counselors dressed as villains and heroes alike. Batman and Superman were the favorite heroes of the evening while both of their villains – Venom and The Joker – attended, making for a hilarious mix of villain and hero.

Even though the week is reaching the end, camp is still going strong. To close the week with a bang the Drama Production is excitedly preparing for their debut of Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Today they were preparing costumes and final touches on their dance moves! While Drama Production is perfecting their acting, many of the other activities here at camp are preparing for Campfire performances. The Glee Club, Song Writing, Dance classes, and Drama workshops have all been huge contributors to campfires all summer. Of course, that’s just to name a few. After the talent displayed at this week’s Opening Campfire this friday is sure to be a huge turnout of talent. Some the acts featured earlier this week included Juggling and an impressive rendition of a Celine Dion song. Campfire is always filled with creativity, laughs, Jiggas, and standing “o”vations!

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Let’s Get Camplified!

Camp is abuzz with activity this morning. Although Tuesdays usually mark the finalizing of activities for the campers, today is more than that! Instead of their usual activities this afternoon the campers are going to get Camplified! Complete with Q&A with the bands and other exciting activities the campers are going to learn about music directly from the band members. Campers all day have been asking bout the bands and when they will be able to see them. This is a great experience for the campers to witness live music and the people behind it – a refreshing and exciting way for the campers to appreciate and learn about music firsthand. Of course after dinner the campers get to go to their very own Rock Concert held here at our very own Camp Friendship. For additional information visit Camplified online.

This week there is more to come for our campers! This week’s dance is quickly approaching and the campers are scurrying preparing costumes and decorations for the dance. Also Drama Production is ready to release another performance for Camp to enjoy. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is set to play on Thursday and after two weeks of preparation it is sure to be a thrill!

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Ponies and Pageants

Laughter is the word of this week! Both Staff and Camper alike became more familiar of the word this week. Check out our last blog post for more information on this week’s Campfire. If the puns and slapstick comedy from Campfire wasn’t enough to get the campers laughing the evening activities certainly did. The Juniors laughed the whole way down the Slip n’ Slide on Monday while the Seniors battled for bragging rights in a friendly dodgeball competition. While those activities were full of laughter, what really sealed the deal was the Seniors Ugliest Counselor. The point of the activity is to make the counselors either look or act unattractive and then have a “beauty” pageant complete with dancing and interviews for the contestants. The Campers have to come up with a costume, name, and a back story for their “Ugly” Counselor and then watch as the counselor acts on stage. This week the counselors outdid themselves with their commitment to their characters. Each of the contestants had wonderfully and creatively composed backstories and character-specific dances, including a “Lake Sweep” dance from one character that lived in the Lake and cleaned it after all of the Campers went to bed. The campers and counselors all did amazing work!

And to add to all that the Camp Dance is tonight! A shout out to Riding Camp for doing the decorations for this evening’s festivities! The Hoedown Throwdown is one of their favorites.

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Camp Customs

Tuesdays mark the last day of activity changes at camp! Kids have finally settled in to the activities of their choice; everything from ropes and rugby to songwriting and drama production is available for our campers to pick from!

We have both familiar faces and new ones here at camp this week – and many different accents! During our opening flag ceremony the international campers posted the flags of their respective countries and shared with Camp Friendship where they are from. Of course that is just the beginning! Throughout the week so far we have learned so much from our international campers! Different cultures and customs are always celebrated here at Camp!

The bar was set high at Campfire with two strong acts performed by Riding Camp and Junior Boys. The Riding Camp counselors taught us how to make Pancakes – only their hands didn’t want to cooperate. Their mischievous hands cracked eggs on laps, threw flour in hair, and spilled syrup everywhere. The act received an overwhelming standing ‘O’vation from the crowd. While the junior boys relied on the Camp Classic “Yes” skit – with a surprise appearance from Junior Girls.

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Blast off to Independence Day!


The temperature is finally cooling off as this week’s activities are just starting to fire up! Yesterday was one of the hottest days of the summer so far – but it didn’t stop the fun!

At the ropes course the campers had to work together to make it to the top of the challenging Jacob’s ladder. The last rung proved to be the most difficult – however it didn’t discourage anyone. All of the campers were determined to make it to the end of the course and many of them did.

Wilderness camping has a small class this week, but that didn’t stop them from having fun. The campers learned how to build survival fires in a number of different ways: with the traditional match, a magnifying glass, flint and steel, and batteries and steel wool. Of course, you can’t set a fire without learning fire safety. The campers made sure the fire was out before heading out to their next activity.

The Juniors partied at the pool last night – cooling off after a long day in the sun. Unfortunately the party was called off early due to a rain storm late in the evening. The Seniors enjoyed the evening with a cookout. Even though it was still hot and humid so late in the day, several volleyball games and a few dance parties managed to spring up.

Thursday marks the dance night here at Camp and this week’s theme is Independence in celebration of the Fourth of July tomorrow! In addition there is the Drama Production’s Peter Pan performance this afternoon for the campers to attend. Tonight and tomorrow are going to be big days for the campers. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Color Wars – a camp-wide event that lasts all day. It is sure to be an exciting end to camp this week!

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Neverland and Fairy Dust

With the first day of activities over and the second beginning, camp is rolling into the swing of things with Week 3! Last night the evening activities introduced the campers to their peers and their counselors! The Seniors had a party up at the pool – complete with noodles and music. After a long day in the sun a relaxing evening in the pool is just what the seniors needed to recover for another day of activities.

The juniors played Powder Fairies for their evening activity. The object of the game is to visit each of the stations that are located all over the Lower Fields. Each of these stations is a counselor with one word of a sentence. The campers have to perform a ridiculous task before the word is given to the team. Of course, it’s not that easy – running in between all of these stations are Powder Fairies. These Fairies are dressed in horrendously bright colors and armed with a tube sock filled with Fairy Dust. They try and tag teams as they run between stations. If one teammate is tagged the entire team is frozen until they are released by a medic – which also requires the team do a task before releasing them. Some of the tasks were difficult, one of which was, “Show me a skit that has a Pineapple as the main character.” Others were easier such as, “make a human pyramid.” The juniors were forced to be creative and work together to gather each word of the sentence in order to win the game.

It’s hard to thing that the week is going to get even better with the 4th of July this friday, the dance this Thursday, and the promising premiere of Drama Production’s Peter Pan all set for the end of this week. It’s all going to be a blast!

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