Camp Talent and Cartoons


With the week coming to a close the campers and staff are all making preparations for the end of the week festivities. This morning Arts and Crafts was abuzz not only with the hum of the pottery wheels but also with the exited campers. Thursday is the big dance night here on camp and what kind of Camp Dance would it be without a theme? This week’s theme is Classic Cartoons! Some aimed for Calvin and Hobbes or Catdog costumes while others are making a statement with the characters of Frozen – already a classic in the hearts of the kids. Be sure to watch our photo gallery for the pictures of the dance to be posted within the next few days!

The Seniors flaunted their creativity at their evening activity last night. Camp Friendship certainly did have talent. Our panel of judges reviewed an act, performance, or any other type of talent our campers could come up with. The winners of the evening were a cabin of SV 1 campers that comically arranged a workout routine whilst acting as single mothers. The boys had the crowd roaring with laughter and several of the audience members doing the routine with them. Even our crabby judge Sighmon was crying tears of laughter.

The juniors enjoyed a relaxed cookout with Taco skillet or hamburgers and several intense rounds of Gaga Ball. Of course, a cookout isn’t complete without s’mores. The quiet evening was a pleasant change from the intense games all week – especially in preparation for the dance and the upcoming campfire performances.

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Introducing: Rugby


It’s no secret that we here at Camp Friendship are a diverse group of people. We see campers and staff from all over the world and while they get to experience American customs, accents, and activities, the local campers learn what it’s like all over the globe! In the spirit of this cultural exchange, Camp Friendship is looking to widen its horizons and introduce activities from abroad.   With its exciting re-introduction to the Olympic Games in 2016 and the coming Rugby World Cup, Rugby’s world-wide popularity is set to explode. This Camp season we are pleased to announce that Rugby has been introduced to our list of activities that campers can choose from. We encourage both seasoned Rugby enthusiasts and players as well as interested new comers to give Rugby a try this summer with us here at Camp Friendship. Both Boys and Girls are encouraged to play our camp-friendly ‘tag’ version of the game. Our staff is both enthusiastic and skilled in all things Rugby! Our Sports Supervisor, Sid, who returned to camp this year, made this activity an exciting opportunity for our campers!

A big thank you goes out to Rugby Virginia! With their support this activity is now available to all age groups here at Camp Friendship!


Second verse, same as the first!

We’re well into our second week of camp! With brand new faces and even more activities this week is sure to be a good one! Campers enjoyed some camp favorites during this week’s edition of Opening Campfire.

To our returning  camp families the Toast Song, the Yes Dance, and Smooth and Creamy are all familiar skits – if not they will surely become unforgettable. This week our wonderful Performing Arts Supervisor offered both Campers and Staff members alike a chance for an impromptu Campfire Performance. Our staff, campers, and supervisors were all surprised and delighted with the turnout of talent! All of the skits, songs, and dances were wonderful, especially with no preparation! The most notable event of the evening would have to be a dramatic interpretation of Jolene by one of our enthusiastic Snack Bar staff. Not only did the performance receive a standing ‘O’vation, but the song has also been stuck in everyone’s head.


Much to the excitement of the Seniors, their evening activity was Slip n’ Slide – a refreshing way to close a hot sunny day. The soap suds prove an issue still not only in taste, but also in how it manages to cling to dirt and grass at the end of the slide; however, it still didn’t stop anyone from penguin-sliding down the hill. If you missed the Junior’s experience with the Slip N’ Slide last week you can check it out here.


The Juniors dominated the lower fields in a game called Chip Cup. Counselors with boxes filled with plastic chips ran about the field throwing the chips. The campers followed closely behind gathering as many chips as they can carry, and for the measly price of five plastic chips they could trade for a cup filled with water – that they could pour on anyone that they can catch. Then the cycle repeats and they collect more chips. Tensions rose as a chip shortage occurred. The counselors – bogged down in a cup-filling frenzy – didn’t get enough chips out onto the field which caused the juniors to become restless, some hoarding the chips they could find, or eventually trading chips for cups and so on. In the end the kids were soaked and refreshed from a long day of activities.



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Mud n’ Suds

We’ve had an exciting few days with our first group of campers!

Activity changes are officially over and the campers are settled into their favorite camp activities – everything from bracelet making and song writing to fencing and water-skiing! There is something for everyone here at camp, and the campers certainly love it! The campers themselves are as varied as the activities. While the International campers learn about America, the local campers get to discover different cultures from all over the world. Today some of the French campers talked about the city of Paris!

The evening activities went over well with the campers. On Tuesday the Junior Villagers slipped and slid in soapy water down our lovely mountain-boarding hill. They rocked out to some music and danced and jigga-ed while waiting in line to slide down the hill! However, they did run into one tiny problem… The soap suds tasted bad, so they had to try not to laugh while sliding penguin-style down the hill – which proved to be near impossible while having so much fun. The soap may have left a bad taste in their mouth, but the laughs were totally worth it.

The seniors enjoyed the Camp favorite: Capture the Flag. However, unlike the rules-oriented juniors, the Seniors were more devious and sneaky about capturing the opponents flag. They collaborated and plotted elaborate “jail breaks” and distraction tactics. Unfortunately for them, the sun went down before the Seniors were down to stop playing. For more photos of the Seniors playing capture the flag check out our photos!

An other activity worth mentioning: Ugliest Counselor – a favorite of the Junior campers. For those who don’t know how this activity is played – you’re in for a treat. The Junior Boys get to make over the Junior Girls Counselors and vice versa. However, each village plays the game differently. The Junior Girls dress up the Junior Boysin pinks, frills, and buckets of glitter – not necessarily ugly. On the other hand, the Junior boys douse the Junior Girls counselors in Lake gunk. Yes, gunk – unidentified smelly mud-sand-leaf concoctions from the bottom of the lake. Then all of the counselors have to compete in a pageant complete with a lip-sync, a skill, and a speech. The winner of all of this, is the camp’s Ugliest Counselor.

Contestant One: Swamp Fairy

Contestant Two: Queen of the Lake














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Introducing Summer 2014!


As another summer begins, Camp friendship would like to welcome new faces and old for another exciting camp season!

This week started off with a memorable opening Campfire! For our new campers it was certainly a treat. The counselors’ acting, dancing, and singing brought tears of laughter as well as beginnings of lasting friendships. For our returning campers, Campfire brought back the memories and excitement of summers past, especially the dramatic rendition of the Camp-familiar “Airplane Skit”. By the time the fire dwindled down, the kids were worn out from laughing, dancing, and singing along with our staff and headed back to the cabins to get ready for the exciting day of activities to follow.

On Monday after five periods of activities, as the sun set and the Flag was  returned to the flag room, evening activities were announced. The Juniors cheered as they ran to the Lower Fields for a Camp favorite – Capture the Flag. They worked with their counselors and organized strategies for both sneaking toward the flag and rescuing their captured teammates. Of course, running would have been a lot easier if they weren’t laughing so hard.

The Seniors gathered in the Gym for a hilarious game of Noodle Hockey. Each team member is armed with a Pool Noodle instead of a Hockey stick. The goal of the game is to maneuver a dodgeball into the opponent’s goal using only the Pool Noodle, which is easier said than done. Pool Noodles are awkward to carry and graceless anywhere other than in the pool. Yet, our seniors joined together and used the Noodles every way they could think of.


And all that is only day one!

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