Preparing the Best Summer Camp Counselors in Virginia

At summer camp, the right staff makes all the difference in a camper’s experience. Promoting self confidence, teaching with patience, and a balance of light hearted fun and a mature sense of responsibility are all important things we at Camp Friendship look for in our candidates for summer help. 

Our Camp Directors conduct thorough searches for the very best counselors, program staff and support staff to meet our needs, and they go through a rigorous selection process. For many of our staff, they are returning to Camp Friendship in Virginia, for yet another anticipated year of camp. The training has now started, to keep them up to date as well as strengthen and prepare the new counselors. 

Our counselors are learning how to handle the daily and reoccurring dilemmas a camper may face. We’re teaching them the proper processes in the event of an emergency, so no worries folks your kids are in good hands. They are also preparing for the exciting activities for the summer. We try and

prepare our staff for many possible scenarios and give them the tools to make our campers summer the best it can be.
The staff attends sessions on how to keep campers active and positive throughout the whole day, keeping their minds occupied so things like homesickness don’t settle in. We also cover subjects like bullying, teasing and address neglect. Staff will be learning how to engage students in the activities they will be teaching this summer.
We are dedicated to providing a fun, safe and healthy environment for our kids. Teaching guidelines for our staff as well as our future campers makes the summer enjoyable for everybody. All of us here at Camp Friendship, are gearing up and getting ready! This may be the best summer yet!

Our Life Guard Training:
Our lifeguard training has begun! Carefully teaching swim skills, practicing lifesaving and rescue drills and awareness prevents incidents from occurring while being prepared for emergencies.  Our intense workouts at Camp Friendship’s lifeguard training increases skills and familiarizes our lifeguards with the camp environment. By the start of camp, our lifeguards are well equipped to respond to any situation, and ready to begin teaching campers of all ages to swim.

Parents Guide to Worry Free Drop Off at Summer Camp in VA

While it may be true that there are some nervous kids before the start of camp, many parents are probably more nervous leaving their child in someone else’s care. They might also be worrying if their child will have fun while they’re gone for the summer.

Here are some things to think about to help calm the nerves and have a worry free drop off at Camp Friendship’s overnight summer camp in Virginia. Most are helpful because you are re-affirming what’s valuable about summer camp and what will be meaningful to your child. You have made the choice to give your child not only a great experience, but wonderful opportunities. And you’ve carefully chosen the best camp to provide that.

Keep in mind:
-all the wonderful new experiences your child will have
-the personal growth they will experience
-the happy memories they will take home
-all the fun your child will have creating bonds

Remind yourself:
-your child will develop a sense of independence
-they’ll learn new things about themselves and about the world
-they’ll learn how to handle things on their own

See our website and watch our video to remind yourself why this is the right choice for your child. We have a great parent resource section that will be very helpful. If you’re calm and confident in your choices, chances are you’re child will notice and it will probably influence them in a good way. Embrace the change and allow your little one to fly for the summer without sensing you’re worries holding them back. Summer camp is FUN and you’ll be so happy when your child returns home with exciting stories and lifelong memories. No other experience provides the same opportunity as Camp Friendship’s summer camp in Virginia!

Lastly, you can feel free to talk to the Camp Friendship staff about any of your concerns. We understand! Most of us are parents. Contact us at 1-800-873-3223. We want you to enjoy your summer too, being worry free when you drop your child off to have the summer of their life!

How to Make Friends at Summer Camp in Virginia

Your child will be making new friends this summer at camp. Sometimes it can come easy and sometimes it takes a little bit of effort. To help prepare your child for a summer at Camp Friendship, here are some helpful tips to share with them so they can ease into being more social and having more success at making friends at camp:

– The first few days are essential. Try to talk with as many different kids as you can. Remember to be nice. Make eye contact, smile, say, “Hi, my name is…” and introduce yourself. After they tell you their name don’t forget to say, “It’s nice to meet you.”
– In new conversations, talk a little about yourself, but also ask questions and try to find out things you may have in common.
– Try and participate in any sign up games or activities, and use them as ice breakers. Doing things with other kids creates more opportunities, and more chances of finding that special friend.
– It’s always handy to have a few jokes to share. If you don’t know any, try to learn a couple before camp starts.
– Share as much as you can without being taken advantage of.
– Put your best foot forward and be respectful of others. Try and be nice to everyone. Remember to make a friend, you must be a friend.
– Lastly, it’s important to remember to talk to camp counselors if you feel left out or are having a hard time making friends. They are there to help. Chances are they have come across many other kids who have needed a little encouragement and they can be a good support. At Camp Friendship, we have great success in making sure our campers feel included, make friends and have a great summer here!

Packing for Summer Sleep Away Camp in VA

As summer approaches and camp is less than a month away, it’s now time to start packing for your child’s stay at Camp Friendship. Packing for summer sleep away camp can be stressful and starting now is your best bet. The earlier, the better. Don’t forget the sneakers, toothpaste…the toothebrush! Sunscreen? Enough clothes? Appropriate clothes? Relax. Take a deep breath.

At Camp Friendship in Virginia we’re ready to transform you out of your panic mode and unlock your packing abilities! Here are some tips to help.

1 – What do you need? First, dig out the Camp Friendship Parent Handbook which has a detailed description of all the items necessary for summer camp in Virginia. Consider all possible weather conditions. Good weather clothes such as shorts and tank tops, and bad weather garb such as sweatpants and long sleeve shirts. You can type out your own specific list with checkboxes (that you can re-use next year too, even noting where items are located during the year so it’s easier to retrieve).

2 – Gather personal hygiene needs. (shampoos, hairsprays, face washes, sunscreen, bug repellents, deodorant, hats, shower flip flops, etc.).

3 – Here’s a big tip: Before shopping go through every item on your list. Locate them. If you “assume” they’re somewhere you might find it’s missing at the last minute.

4 – Labeling your personal belongings is important. Buy sew-in or iron-on labels with your child’s full name and place these inside clothes. Permanent marker to initial socks and underwear, bathing suits, flip flops, toothpaste, etc. Items can easily get lost or confused for someone else’s.

5 – Another biggy: Organize packing beforehand for easy accessability. Pack clothing in the same type piles, and pair shoes

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on one side.Keep bathroom items in plastic shoe boxes, pouches or bags, and put small items, money and jewelry in a lockbox for safekeeping.

6 – After washclothes, towels, pillows, stuffed animals, water bottles, hairties, hairbrush, nailclippers, etc. are packed, it’s time to do the check. And re-check. Make sure you have all items.

7 – Another helpful hint: Include an UNchecked copy of your list with packed camp items, so it can be used by your camper when it’s time to re-pack and come home!

Lastly, for any last minute concerns or for more helpful advice, check out our parent resource link on our website, or contact us at 1-800-873-3223. We’re happy to make your experience as seamless as possible and your child’s experience the best possible. Good luck as you and your child prepare for camp. At Camp Friendship we’re just as excited to start the summer activities!

Now, that deep breath…