How to Choose the Best Summer Camp in Virginia

The sunny days are here again, and it is time to start poring over advertisements, flyers, and brochures and browsing the Internet to find the best summer camp for your kid. Choosing a summer camp while balancing your finances can be a tricky job. But it will probably be trickier to find one that has the multitude and diversity of activities to wean your kid away from the phone, tablet, computer, television and the gaming console. And then there’s always the challenge of persuading your kid to leave an environment that they feel most secure and comfortable in—their home and family. The tips given below should help you choose the best summer camp for your kid in Virginia.

Go Over the Activities List Thoroughly
Given that kids these days have more entertainment and recreation options to keep them indoors, camps in Virginia have added a plethora of new activities to attract the young ones. So when choosing a camp, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the list of programs on offer.

But more is not always merrier. You have to choose a camp where the activities are after your child’s heart or suit their temperament. For instance, if your kid is not very athletic, then you should not choose a camp where they will have to take part in a lot of sports. Depending on their interest, you opt for camps that organize art classes or cookery programs or teach about space science or magic.

If your kid has some special needs, you will have to look for camps in Virginia that cater to their requirements. These camps organize programs that kids with special needs can easily participate in and also have accommodation areas where they can be comfortable and safe.

Check the Staff Composition and their Credentials
After you have ensured that your kid can have a whale of a time at the summer camp, it is time for you to allay your concerns about their safety while they are away. While choosing a summer camp for your kid in Virginia, ensure that it is accredited by the American Camping Association (ACA). A camp with an ACA accreditation fulfills more than 300 stringent health, hygiene, and safety standards, and you can be sure that your kid will be absolutely safe while having fun.

Visit the Camp Before the Camp Starts
Every child is different. While some kids just can’t wait to go off to a summer camp, some others feel jittery and may suffer from separation anxiety. To soothe your child’s fears and get them excited about the camp, it is a good idea to take them to visit the camp before it starts. The counselor can explain what happens in the camp and maybe even show them photographs and/or videos of the place and the activities. Seeing other kids having fun as they take part in the activities they too enjoy, will comfort your child and make them look forward to camp.

Established in 1966, Camp Friendship has been an ACA accredited camp for many years. Camp Friendship has certified and experienced health personnel who reside on camp property. Most of our Junior Staff, ages 16-17, are former campers with great potential to be our junior staff members. Our Senior Counselors and Program Supervisors are college students and graduates with previous experience working with children in camps, schools or day care programs. Absolutely all candidates go through Federal Background Checks for any criminal history. The counselor to camper ratio is 1 to 4 in Junior Camp and 1 to 6 in Senior Camp. At Camp Friendship we are proud of having a high percentage of returning staff year after year.

Camp Friendship has a FAQ section for you so your questions can be conveniently answered all in one place. Also, if you would like to arrange a private tour of our camp, please contact us at 1-800-873-3223 or 434-589-8950. We would be happy to show you around!