Camp Friendship – The Best Virginia Summer Camp Experience!

Sign Up Early and SAVEOf course we think Camp Friendship is the best summer camp in Virginia. We could go on and on about all our great summer camp programs and activities. But, wouldn’t you rather read what a past camper has to say?

Here is a letter from Amon Ferrell who came to us thanks to the Scott-Free Scholarship Foundation:

My Camp Friendship Experience

My experience at camp friendship was fun, the activities were entertaining. My favorite activity was the lake and the pool because the free swim, zip line, rope swing, diving board, high dive and slide.

Out of all the camps I’ve been to this one was the best of all. There is a variety of different activities so you can never get bored. Also if you wanted to keep memories there is a gift shop with a snack bar next door.

Another one of the good activities is horseback riding this activity has mostly girls. During that experience I learn a lot of things. When mounted on a horse you can make the horse trot or run but when running or trotting you must be in 2 point this is basically standing up.

The food is good and there is a lot of food to go around. There are camp fires and so many things to do you will never get bored.

We LOVE hearing from past campers. So, if you had a great experience at Camp Friendship, tell us about it! Write us an email, post to our Facebook Page, or even send us a good ol’ fashioned letter (via snail mail).

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