Easy and Fun Cookout (BBQ) Party Games

With just 22 days left until summer camp at Camp Friendship in Virginia, we’ve found ourselves at Memorial Day Weekend! We sure are excited for another camp season to get underway, and you must be excited too! Why not use this long weekend to get yourself ready for camp!

Take a break from inside activities and especially technology and get outside (weather permitting, of course)!

Here are some activities you can try (perfect for a cookout):

  • Wheelbarrow Races (human wheelbarrow that is):
    This is a great way to get all the children to interact. Separate guests into pairs. One team member is in the front running on their hands, while their partner holds them up by their legs! This is a classic, and hilarious fun activity for everyone! (Adults should give it a try too…!!)
  • Relay Races:
    If you are in a large space, it might be fun to set up a course for a relay race. Split into teams, line up single file. Each team gets an item to pass. The runner runs the course and returns to the line, handing off the object to their teammate, and so on…The team that finishes first wins!
  • You can also try a relay race of another kind:
    Split into teams. Space out your team in a line (with enough distance to run). Give the first person a cup of water filled to the top. When the race begins the first person runs to the next and passes off the cup. Each teammate runs the cup to the next in line. The team who keeps the most water in the cup by the end of the relay, wins!
  • How about a game of Simon Says!
    Remember, only do what Simon says, if Simon (the leader) says, “Simon Says” before their command! If players follow the order without hearing, “Simon Says,” they are taken out of the game. The best listener is the winner!

If you come up with any fun games of your own, be sure to share them with us. Whatever you do, we hope you and your family have a safe and happy long weekend!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Sleepaway Camp in Virginia

Camp Friendship - Sleepaway Camp in Virginia

Artwork submitted by a longtime camper, Spencer Donley.

By the time summer rolls around, kids are in need of a change in scenery, and that’s what summer camp is for! Located between Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia in a town called Palmyra, Camp Friendship is the perfect sleepaway camp for city kids of nearby Washington DC, and Baltimore MD to get out of the city and into the woods!

At Camp Friendship, we have so much to offer your camper that they might not be able to get at home! We offer a variety of Camp Programs for boys and girls of all ages! Here are just some things your camper can look forward to:

  • New Friends: At home, children have the comfort of their usual social groups, school friends, and family. But, at camp, kids have the opportunity to experience new people, and make long lasting friendships with other kids from all over the country, and even some International Campers as well.
  • Trying New Things: Along with these new friends, campers will also have the opportunity to try activities that might be completely new to them! Along with your every day sports, we also introduce campers to a variety of atypical outdoor activities such as our High and Low Ropes Course and Mountain Boarding. Camp Friendship makes it easy for children to find new interests and hobbies!
  • Taking a Break From Technology: Although your camper might not be excited about leaving the video games behind, taking a break from technology can really benefit a young camper! Campers can work on communication skills by writing letters and of course conversing with other campers face-to-face. Campers will also learn to really appreciate the beauty and joy of the great outdoors!

Change can be scary, but at Friendship we make sure all campers feel welcome. Campers of all types spend their summer with us. From the loud and outgoing to the quite and shy. From the athletic to the artistic. Your child will fit in regardless of their personality type!

First time parents can join us for orientation at our Free Camp Webinar on May 11th, 2013 – Register now to hold your spot! Get tips on packing and prep for summer camp. Get your questions and concerns answered by our very own Camp Director