Horseback Riding at the Friendship Equestrian Center in Virginia

Have you ever been so excited about something that it was impossible to say for certain if it was real or a dream? If a pony could pinch, I would have pinched myself to see if it was true. When I backed off the trailer to discover I was at Friendship Equestrian Center in Virginia, I was nothing short of amazed. I had heard it whispered in the night and whinnied in the fields when no one was around – that Camp Friendship is the place to be. And now I’m here! I’m still learning the ropes but I’m as happy as…well…a pony at Camp Friendship! I’m enjoying my winter time off and spending it with my friends, especially Beyonce and Emma. We did come from the same farm, you know. I’m such a good pony and so smart that Riding Director Skye and Barn Manager Mandi decided to name me “Call Me Maybe” for my fancy show name or Carly for short. This way, other horses and ponies would know to call on me if they had any questions at al, just like the famous song on the radio! Everyone already knows they can call on me anytime to see what’s going on because I keep my eyes and ears ready for new information at all times. I do know some info that may be interesting to you. And here it is!

Spring Break Camp at Camp Friendship, I found out, runs just like Summer Camp. Each camper is assigned their own horse for the entire week. They participate in two lessons daily, and even go on trail rides. There are also fun evening activities like hay rides and campfires every night. I can’t wait to see my first hay ride come through the field or smell the delicious scent of marshmallows roasting on a fire. Emma has told me all about it and I might just have to see if I can sneak a marshmallow when those silly humans aren’t looking!

Spring Break Camp Dates:
March 25-29 for the first session and April 1-5 for the second session.

I also heard about the Girl’s Riding Weekends that will be held April 12-14 and May 17-19. They sound like a great way to try out Equestrian Camp for the first time, or for those girls that just can’t wait for summer to be here! The one I’m interested in seeing the most is the Mother Daughter Weekend held May 10-12. It just sounds like a great way to spend Mother’s Day!!

The last tidbit of information I heard is that Camp Friendship is so very excited to have returning staff from last year back again for 2013. They include Ashley White, Brittany Powell, Katie Gaffney, Kaitlyn Morelli, Meghan Harris, and Rachel Perez. I can’t wait to meet them. I’ve heard such wonderful things about the Camp Friendship Staff. What I’m most excited for though is meeting my first group of campers at the Spring Break Camps. I hope I will see you there!

Easy, Breezy, Fun – Family Vacation Tips from Camp Friendship

February and Spring Breaks are fast approaching this school year and many families could not be more excited to get away! However, family holidays can often be more stressful than staying at home. A holiday should not be a relocation of the stress’ of home. Thankfully the fun specialists here at Camp Friendship have compiled ways to eliminate the negativity, and keep vacations easy, breezy, and fun, just as camp is!

1. Be Organized – It is important to make sure that you are super organized. If you can’t find something you need you will be more likely to get stressed and will hence become less tolerant. Invest in a suitable bag with compartments which will have a place for everything and keep everything in its correct place.

2. Snack Food – Only pack snack food which are you sure will be a success. Take a range of foods. You will need some bribery foods, sweets or candy (consider choosing something which will last a little while such as a lollipop). You will also need some protein foods, no child can be happy if they are hungry and there is nothing better than protein to keep hunger at bay. Finally you will need something, such as crackers, which they can eat plenty of without making themselves feel sick.

3. Plan What Entertainment To Take With You – If you are taking toys, make sure that there are no parts that can get lost. Do not take any favorites as losing them can ruin the holiday. A good idea is to buy a new toy for the journey and give it to them when they need a distraction. To get the most out of the toy it is worth taking a few minutes to wrap it up to make it extra special.

Try to enjoy your flight! Play word games, play ‘rock, paper, scissors’, and take time to giggle with your children. It will make the journey more pleasant for all of you.

All of these tips should help to make your travels more special and fun! Keep calm and happy, your vacation is almost here! As long as the kids have made it through without tears or screams, your flight has been successful! Now all you have to do is enjoy your time off! And remember, soon camp will be taking care of this for you!

Registration for the upcoming 2013 is open, so while you’re planning your vacation, why not also plan your summer! Get your campers registered today for a summer camp session at Camp Friendship in Virginia! Camp Friendship would love to see you all during the 2013 summer camp session.