Fall Outdoor Activity Guide

Who doesn’t love the deep oranges, yellows, reds and other earth tones of fall? You can head to the craft store and pick up a whole bunch of supplies, or…why not head outside? Take the family for an outdoor adventure. Get creative with what nature has to offer

We just had our Fall Festival at Camp Friendship, where we offered some great creative outdoor activities. Of course we painted pumpkins, but have you ever played pumpkin ring toss? We also made use of our archery supplies to put a fall spin on target practice!

Here are some other great Fall activity ideas you can try at home!

Make a Nature Picture Frame –

While out on your walk collect twigs, sticks, pine cones, acorns, pine needles, etc.
Strip any leaves from the sticks.
Find the photo you’d like to frame and lay the sticks down in a rough square or rectangle around the photo. Use at least 3 sticks per side. You will be attaching the photo behind the frame, so be sure not to make your frame so big that the picture falls through!
Use a glue gun to glue the corners of the frame together and leave it to dry.
If you are using twine to wrap around the corners, now is the time to get wrapping! You can tie the twine in the back or glue it if needed.
If you collected any other interesting things from outside, now is the time to get creative! You can use these items to cover gaps in the twigs.
When everything is dry, turn your frame over and use glue (or a less permanent putty) to attach the photo to the frame.

Rock Art –

Collect rocks of all sizes while out on your walk.
Get out the paints (put some newspaper down first of course!!) and get painting!
There is no end to what you can turn your rock into! (Pumpkins, Faces, Trees, Hearts, etc.)

Scavenger Hunt –
Whether you are headed out for a hike up a mountain, around a lake, or even a stroll in your backyard there is always plenty to see! Put together a list of items for your kids to locate, and turn a simple walk into an exciting adventure!
Some examples: 1. Birds nest 2. Animal tracks (feather, footprint, half eaten acorn, etc.) 3. Colored Leaves 4. Rough tree bark 5. Smooth tree bark

Stay in Touch With Your Camp Friends!

When was the last time you wrote somebody a letter?

There is a monotony to the daily routine. Kids go to school and see the same faces day in and day out. But, with summer camp children get to step outside their small towns or big cities. Summer camp is great for many reasons, and among those reasons is the opportunity to build friendships with other campers. At Camp Friendship, our motto is “Enter Here to Be and Find a Friend”. These friendships may exist only in the couple week period they attend camp, but they also could be the building block for a lifelong friendship!
With today’s technology, kids are able to email, text, Skype, call and chat with their summer camp friends all year round. But, this communication lacks that personal touch of a hand-written letter. And, isn’t it fun to find a letter addressed to you in the mailbox? (Of course when you’re young, a letter addressed to you doesn’t mean a bill!)
This Thursday is Letter Writing Day! Why not sit the kids down for a letter writing session to their camp friends? You can even get creative with it. Get the paints/crayons/markers out and let them draw a picture to send with the letter! Or of course you could send a photo too!
On December 11th, Cris Higginbotham, our Camp Director, along with our Program Director will be hosting a Webinar called “Why Summer Camp?” They’ll be discussing all the great reasons for sending your kid to summer camp, as well as answering any questions you may have about Camp Friendship, and summer camp in general.
Happy Letter Writing to you!