It’s Time To Say Goodbye!

Coming into this job at the beginning of the summer, I was unsure of what to expect. I understood it would be unlike anything I had ever done before, but I didn’t know in what ways it would differ. Working at Camp Friendship was the summer at camp I never had as a child, though I was acting as the Marketing Intern and not a camper. I kind of imagined a summer camp like the one at the beginning of The Parent Trap — and in a good way, I was right.

I got to live the most fun parts of camp as part of a strong group of staff, who were more importantly a strong group of friends. We stuck together through various challenges throughout the summer, laughed together each and every day, and lived together through an incredible summer. I cannot express how much I am going to miss this group of people who made up my camp family this summer.

I saw campers living the same kind of emotions the staff is going through this week. There were definitely a fair amount of tears from campers this summer who just didn’t want to say goodbye to their new friends and home. We helped them through their emotions and told them that they would never lose their camp friends, and now we have to take our own advice.

Now, we take the position of campers, reluctant to leave a place that has become our home. Camp lets us be our true selves, more than a little weird, goofy, and free. Though at Camp we’re always a combination of hot, dirty, and tired, and constantly smell like sunscreen and bug spray, we would never give up the time we’ve had here.

So finally, after weeks of Camp, many of us return to the real world, removed from the camp bubble we’ve been living in all summer. Just remember everyone, we’ve always got this summer to keep us together.

Camp Color Wars – Avengers Style

On Friday at Camp, we had the second Color Wars of the summer! The theme of this Color Wars was The Avengers! During the reveal the night before, the evil Niko kidnapped Senior Village 2 supervisor Nia. The program staff super heroes, Weiner Woman, Super Nerd, Mysteria, Captain Underpants, and Maracas Man tried to save her, but that had to call on the Color Wars captains to save the day! The teams were Captain America (blue), The Hulk (green), and Iron Man (red).

The next morning, Color Wars games began with both land and water activities. Junior boys started off with rounds of dodgeball, and junior girls participated in a sandcastle building contest and ugliest counselor competition. Seniors won points for their teams in the water activities, like the canoe relay and biggest splash. Later, the groups switched with juniors at lake activities and seniors on land.

In the afternoon, everyone at Camp took part in the camp-wide relay! It started off at the lake, worked its way up past Scott Hall to the gymnasium, and then back down on to the lower fields for the final activity. Legs of the race included canoeing, volleyball serving, math-problem solving, free-throw shooting, cup-stacking, and much, much more. For the final leg, captains of the team built fires tall enough to burn through a rope. Green team held a large lead throughout most of the relay, but blue caught up to make the final fire an incredibly exciting race. Green, however, held their lead and pulled a win for the relay.

After the relay, teams had some time to regroup and prepare for the next part of the competition. All teams created a dance and song to represent what their team was all about. Green team had the Incredible Hulk as a celebrity guest in their dance and song, and blue and red teams got everyone on their teams involved in the dance.

Each team had a great time throughout the day, working their hardest to earned points to help their team win the title of Color Wars Champions! The winner was . . . (drumroll please) IRON MAN! The competition was incredibly close with Captain American and the Hulk trailing narrowly behind. But, the most important part of the day was that every camper was involved and participating in every activity!

Performing Arts At Summer Camp

This week I spent a lot of time with performing arts making the video of the week. Performing arts makes up a wide range of activities for campers, including the traditional ones like dance, glee, and drama workshop, but also more modern ones like song-writing, drama production, newspaper, video production, and digital photography.

Mostly this week I recorded dance, glee, drama workshop and song-writing. I wasn’t involved in recording the other activities because they’re busy recording things of their own! The kids in digital photography are making a photomural of campers and staff, the kids in newspaper are making our weekly edition of the Friendship Times, and the kids in video production are making a superhero video starring a staff member.

In many of the performing arts classes, campers practice all week to present their hard work at the weekly campfire held on Friday nights. Already this year we’ve had some fantastic and hilarious performances by junior and senior glee, drama workshop, dance, and song-writing classes. Also, we were treated to a 30 minute play last week that was produced, choreographed, and performed by a two week drama production class.

The performing arts classes are offered at Camp Friendship to ensure that we address all areas of interests that campers might have. While kids clearly love to run and play, kids also love to sing, dance, and express their feelings in less physical ways. The performing arts classes are full of enthusiastic campers each week, so we know they’re still popular!

Summer Camp Activities

This summer is slowly starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean that our campers have! All through the summer kids of been involved in tons of activities at camp, and they still haven’t slowed down.

Though this week has been cooler, it’s still been really refreshing to take swims in the lake and pool. Yesterday, I got a chance to spend some time at the lake during the activity “Lake Swim” and see all the campers having tons of fun! At lake swim, kids can, obviously, swim in the lake, but if they don’t feel like swimming that day they can play beach volleyball, work on their friendship bracelets, hang out or even just talk to other campers. Also, when they actually do want to swim, they can float in tubes, relax on the floating dock, jump of the high dive or the diving board, or take the zip-line for a thrilling ride!

After the lake swim, I worked my way up to the gymnasium. The gym hosts a lot of sports activities, like basketball, mixed sports (like dodge-ball  indoor soccer, and hockey), and fencing. When I was in the gym, a class was learning all about fencing. They learned the finer techniques of the sport while giving me a great pose.

As I was walking around Camp, I spied some mountain boarders on the hill down to  junior girls.They were all padded up and ready to roll! Mountain boarding can be very scary at first if you’ve never done it before, but after the first few runs the campers were like pros!

Campers this summer continue to retain their enthusiasm and energy, despite the amount of time we have left. I always know just by looking at campers that they are having a great time!


Camp Friendship Soccer Match

Last night was the highly-anticipated annual soccer match between Camp Friendship and Triple C. This proved to be an excellent match-up, leading to one of the most exciting soccer games Camp Friendship had ever seen.

All this summer, Team Friendship has been meeting at odd hours (including a couple 6 a.m. sessions) to practice playing together as a team. We had a wide mix of players and staff members, with counselors from Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Villages, CIT’s, Snack Bar, your very own Marketing Intern, and even the Venezuelan chaperon  After a pep talk from the founder himself, Chuck Ackenbom, and the team’s captain, Rory Dinwoodie, the team headed down to the field.

The first half was intense, with each team playing their hearts out. Although there were several near goals, the opening 35 minutes remained scoreless.This tense competition was only the lead-up to an action-packed second half.

Only a few minutes into the second half, Triple C scored the first goal. However, Team Friendship wasn’t discouraged, and retaliated with a goal of their own minutes later. After this, things took a turn for the worse. Triple C quickly upped the score to 3-1. Spirits were down on Team Friendship, but not for long.

Team Friendship got back in the game with another goal, but the Triple C scored again, making it 4-2. Finally, Team Friendship gained another goal. Then, as player Joe Merriman went in for a shot, he was fouled in the box. He evened out the score with a well-placed and powerful penalty kick.

Soon after, the game ended in a tie. Because it was getting dark, teams went into a penalty shoot-out to decide the winners of the match. Four male players and one female player from each team took shots one-on-one against the opposing team’s goalie. On each team, one player missed their shot, tying up the score again.

From there, teams moved into a penalty shoot-out where the first team to miss their goal lose the match. Unfortunately, after a total of eight penalty shots, Triple C’s goalie blocked a shot by Team Friendship, making Triple C the winner.

Though we did lose the match, what a way to go! Everyone who saw the game admits it was the most exciting ever to happen at Camp. Through it all, campers yelled, cheered, and supported their team as much as the possibly could. Team Friendship stuck together until the end, played their hearts out, and had fun! And no one can argue that it wasn’t a thrilling match, on both sides.