Evening Activities

Camp activities are always fun, but the evening activities rock because all campers get to be with the rest of their village! Each night Junior Boys and Girls, and Senior Villages 1, 2, and Riding Camp, get to participate in an evening activity that is sure to full of lots of laughs and healthy competition. This week’s activities were Mock Olympics, Slip N’ Slide, Powder Fairies, and the Commonwealth Games. Campers also participated in the weekly opening and closing campfires, and the camp-wide dance.

Mock Olympics always mean FUN for campers. This week, teams represented Australia, New Zealand, Estonia, Kazakhstan, and the Netherlands. The teams had to compete in activities that sounded like they should be a part of the Olympics, but had their own special camp twist. For example, the shot put, discus, and javelin were actually a cotton ball, paper plate, and straw. Some teams lost point on their shot-put score for moistening the cotton ball — aka using performance enhancers. Campers also had to create a new national anthem for their team, the cutest by far being the Australian’s anthem which consisted of koala bear and kangaroo dances, created by the team’s smallest member, Junior Girl Ruby.

The Slip N’ Slide is perhaps the most self-explanatory evening activity — lots of slipping and sliding is involved. Senior campers went two at a time down the slippery slope, laughing all the way down. Campers and counselors also frequently went down together, which made for a whole lot of fun.

Powder Fairies is another great game that involves some ridiculous activities. Campers are divided into teams that travel around to different stations. At these stations, campers must perform a hilarious task to earn a word from the counselor running the station. Their goal is to learn all the words form the counselors and form a sentence. However, whenever campers run from station to station, they are chased by the powder fairies — counselors in outlandish costumes swinging tube socks full of flour. If the campers are tagged by the fairies, they have to call a medic to come and heal them. The medics heal the campers by making them do another hilarious activity. Basically, it’s one big laugh. The sentence this week was, “The camp pirate loves Skittles and M&Ms.”

Campfire represents the beginning and end of Camp. It gives campers and counselors the opportunity to show off their talents at the beginning of the week, and the things they’ve learned at the end of the week. It gives all of Camp Friendship a chance to be together for the first and last times at Camp.

Evening activities are a great time for all campers to come together and have fun, which is always the most important goal of Camp Friendship! For a video showing some of these evening activities, visit Camp Friendship’s YouTube page.

Summer Sports

Camp Friendship is full fun summer activities, but some of the most popular fall under the sports category. Camp offers flag football, mountain boarding, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, basketball, fencing, and many others. Campers from all villages and areas of Camp can bond over a good, fun sports activity.

This morning, I got the opportunity to play soccer with a group of senior campers. While the game was competitive and instructive, it was most of all fun! The counselors were playing the campers, who were convinced that the counselors were cheating. So, to make up for this unfounded accusation, the counselors decided to cheat as much as possible. Nevertheless, the campers came out on top for the win! The game was filled with laughs, and some great kicks and saves by senior campers.

Right next door on in the lower fields was flag football, where some junior boys played their hearts out. Whenever I come around with my camera, campers and counselors know that a hearty celebration (in front of the camera) is in order for each point they score.

A group of seniors played volleyball just up the hill, where they warmed up with a game of catch and then moved straight into the game. It took some of the campers a while to get into the spirit of the game, but they warmed up soon enough.

One of the most important things about all of the sports is—SAFETY! Counselors and staff make sure that campers are wearing sunblock at all times and have plenty to drink. Also, for some of the more risky sports, like mountain boarding and mountain biking, counselors make sure campers are wearing the proper equipment at all time—because how can you have fun if you’re hurt? After all, fun is the most important objective at Camp Friendship!

Wet And Wild Fun

Virginia has been hot, hot, HOT these last couple of days, so what have campers been doing to cope? Swimming and water sports! Kayaking, canoeing, waterskiing, water polo, and free swim sessions have all been filled with campers longing to cool off and have some fun.

Water sports have always been a large part of Camp Friendship activities, especially with the large pool and private lake within the camp. The pool has multiple swim areas and a diving board, making it great for all sorts of activities. Counselors can even get really creative (as they’ve been doing in this heat) and relocate different sports to the pool; for instance, this week volleyball became water volleyball. This gives kids a chance to learn new sports while having a refreshing swim.

Everybody loves the lake! In the lake, campers can play basketball, use the rope swing and high-dive, or even go zooming into the lake from the zip-line. Tubes are also available for campers who simply want to float in the lake and enjoy the beautiful day. When campers were asked what their favorite part of camp was, almost all of them yelled, “The lake!” The lake also houses the kayaks and canoes of Camp. During these sessions campers learn how to use these types of boats, and also lets them play fun games like the kayak version of “Marco Polo.”

Camp also offers campers half-day waterskiing clinics. Two groups travel to Lake Anna daily, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The goal of these clinics is to get campers skiing solo by the end of the week. Campers that participate in these clinics can vary in their experience—some are seasoned water-skiers, while others are beginners. However, only campers who are 11 years old and experienced swimmers can participate in this clinic. For fun, campers in this area also get to participate in wakeboarding and tubing.

As an extra special activity this week, Junior campers got to participate in the always-fun Slip-N-Slide! Campers were hosed off to get extra slippery, and then they dove down the soapy slide for a ton of fun!

No matter who you ask, water activities are a huge favorite at Camp Friendship, especially in this weather. To see pictures of your favorite swimmers, check the summer photos at the website. Also, always keep tuned to our Facebook and Twiiter profiles to hear Camp’s latest news!