Farewell Summer It Was Good: Summer Camp 2011

It’s the last day of camp; no one wanted to see this day come. There have been many sad faces around camp today throughout the campers and staff. Everyone is leaving tomorrow and even some today so hugs have been given and a few goodbyes. Even though it’s a sad day we still have had fun this week and throughout the summer enjoying the outdoors and an unbelievable camp experience.

Our junior campers got to enjoy the outdoors yesterday at the volleyball courts by making some excellent sand castles. Campers got to creatively build their city of sand and then were judged on their creativeness. Staff got involved as well and built their own world of sand.

The summer has been a great one for campers and all the staff here at Camp Friendship. We have had a blast with the kids and enjoyed every week with them. We hope that this summer campers got everything they wanted out of summer camp and will remember this summer for the rest of their lives. Tonight we will be having our closing campfire for the summer and it’s going to be a great one to be at. We can’t wait until next summer to do it all over again. Tonight we will bid farewell to all of our summer 2011 friends and some that have been with us for years. It has been a pleasure spending our summer with all of you.

Thank you everyone for a fantastic summer, we hope everyone had a good one. Remember that next week we will be starting family camp. Can’t wait to see everyone again next summer.

Coming To A Close: Summer Camp 2011

We have been dreading this week all summer but there is no more denying it, the last week of summer camp is here. It’s a sad week but that’s just fuel for us to have the best week of summer camp yet. This week we check out both our junior and senior villages to see what they were up to during their last week. First we found our juniors down at the Riflery range.

Down at the range the juniors were learning the most important thing when handling a rifle, SAFETY! Counselors went over the correct and incorrect ways to hold a rifle and also the proper protection to wear when operating a rifle. Once all safety procedures were gone through campers then learned the correct and accurate way of aiming at a target. After learning target aim, campers put up their targets and began practicing their aim. Each camper gets to shoot five rounds every time they’re up to their mats. Through out the rest of the week campers will keep practicing their aim and continue to improve their shooting techniques.

After we got done at riflery with the juniors, we went up to the pool with our seniors for Pool Olympics during their evening activity. Now normally campers are divided up into four or five different teams with counselors but this week the campers wanted to take on the counselors, so we did just that. There were two teams, one team being mostly campers with a few counselors mixed in and then there was another team with mostly counselors with a few campers mixed in. Now I’ve been to quite a few evening activities but I have never seen one like this. Everyone that was in and out of the pool was involved and everyone was having a blast! The one challenge that was a treat to watch was the synchronized swim each team had to come up with. Each team had seven minutes to come up with a swim that would impress the judges and it was one of the funniest things I have every witnessed. This Pool Olympics will forever go down as one of the best Pool Olympics to ever happen at Camp Friendship!

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Lets make this last week count everyone! Oh and don’t forget Family Camp starts next week!

Fun, Fun And More Fun: Summer Camp 2011

It’s a sad Friday this week because there is only one more week left of summer camp but we know how to lift those spirits here at Camp Friendship and that’s just what we did. The second half of this week has been great at camp and of course campers have been having a blast. We were able to run around with our Sports Variety class during the end of the week and had a great time.

We joined up with the class this week right when they were learning the great game of
GaGa Ball. GaGa Ball is a camp game that requires players to only use their hands to hit a ball at their opponents but only able to take their opponents out by hitting their opponent’s feet. Let me quickly explain. The game consists of any number of people but it just has to be more then two in which its every man for themselves. The players’ enter the gaga pit and a ball or two, depending on the number of players, are thrown into the pit to begin the game. Players are only allowed to touch the balls with their hands and if a ball hits a player below the knees, directly or off the wall, they are out. They game goes until the last person is standing.It is quite an intense game and campers seem to love it.

Once the day was over with and Sports Variety calmed down we headed over to the gym to our weekly dance, this weeks theme being Halloween. Every week we have a dance here at Camp Friendship and have different themes for them this week I would have to say was one of the best for costumes. Campers had a blast using their imaginations to dress up as a variety of different things. Next weeks dance theme will be a toga theme that we are all looking forward to here at Camp Friendship, as we close out the summer.

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This week was great so let’s take that momentum and make the last week of summer camp our very BEST!

Keeping Summer Alive: Summer Camp 2011

The summer is coming to an end and has ended for some former campers from the surrounding areas but we still have a few more weeks left of camp. It’s a little quieter around camp this week with a few less campers but we are still checking out activities. This week we headed to the pool once more to work up a sweat with some water aerobics.

At the pool we watched as our senior campers have a blast with counselors while getting a work out. Water Aerobics is a work out in the water where the water is the “weight” or the force that they must fight. Counselors put this all into fun games, one being they all have to run in a circle as fast as possible without laughing. Now if you have never ran in water or seen someone try to run in water your missing out because it is quite the seen. They have other running games like lining up the width of the pool and running to the end and back in the best “Baywatch” pose. Campers love this activity from what we see so we are thinking its one to stay.

After the pool we headed down to the lower fields to watch an interesting game of Lacrosse. Here counselors teach campers the rules and tactics of the game. Campers learn how to catch, cradle and pass the ball. We figured this would be an easy sport to pick up but we were wrong it is difficult to learn especially cradling the lacrosse ball while running. Once the campers get the basic skills down they start playing real games.
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Color Wars “The Four Seasons” : Summer Camp 2011

We have had quite the week here at Camp Friendship, I’m not sure where to even start but all I have to say is its been epic. On Wednesday we had the privilege to host our annual soccer match against our neighbor camp Triple C. If that wasn’t enough fun, we received the exciting news on Thursday that our Friday was not going to be just any old Friday, it was Color Wars Friday!

Campers spent all day Wednesday getting ready for the big soccer match by making banners and painting themselves for team spirit. Once all the paint had dried the campers and team headed down to the lower fields where the big game was set to play. It was a great game to watch and campers had fun doing so along with chanting cheers they had learned throughout the week. Unfortunately after winner four years straight we fell to Triple C but even though the loss, both teams showed excellent sportsmanship during and after the game.

The sad loss on Wednesday was soon forgotten about on Thursday once the great news that Color Wars was soon to begin. This Color Wars consisted of four teams each having their own theme. The themes were the four seasons, summer being yellow, autumn was red, winter blue, and spring green. Junior and senior villages were divided into the four teams along with counselors. Each team was put to the test in the morning with land and water events. Land events consisted of basketball, soccer, gagaball, and volleyball. Some of the water events that took place at the lake were canoe race, tube race, and smallest and largest splash. In the afternoon the teams competed in a relay, which involved the whole team. After the relay each team showed off there float and team song that had been worked on throughout the day. After all the points are tallied for the winners of Color Wars will be announced at campfire.

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Another great week has gone by and we only have a few more left so lets make them count! Thank you.

Hello August: Summer Camp 2011

August, is it really August already? I can’t believe it but I guess the age old saying “time flies when your having fun” turned out the be true. This week is an exciting week for us here at Camp Friendship with both of our junior villages nearly packed full. Also, later this evening, the annual fun filled soccer match between our staff and our nearby neighbor Triple C Camp. Since we’re in the sporty mood here at camp we decided to check out some sports activities.

One of the sport activities we looked at is not a common one here in America but is always a good time, Water Polo. No time is wasted at Water Polo; campers learn the rules and fundaments of the game then begin playing within the first day. We don’t have a deep enough pool for camps to be treading water the whole game so they are on their feet but every other rule is in play. Players, other then the goalkeeper, are only allowed to use one hand when handling the ball. The game is also taught as the campers play because sometimes certain situations occur within a game and can only be explained right then.

Once we dried off and changed out of our swimsuits we headed down to the volleyball courts for some Beach Volleyball. Here our juniors were learning the proper way of an underhand serve and how to return the ball. With one kid on each side of the net, one of the campers would practice serving while the other camper practiced returning. Once they get those moves down they will be ready for a good old game of beach volleyball.

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We are rockin’ another great week here at camp and we’re going to keep on rockin’.

Goodbye July: Summer Camp 2011

Happy Friday everyone! July is coming to an end and August is almost here which means there are only a few more weeks left of camp. This week was the end of another two-week session here at Camp Friendship and we all know what that means, Horse show! Our Equestrian girls prepared all week for today so we saddled up and road along.

The last two weeks the Equestrian girls have prepared for Friday going over calls with the
horses and improving their form with counselors. The girls have also been preparing their horses by brushing and washing them making them look presentable for the judges. The girls are judged, just as the last Horse Show, in four different categories showmanship, walking, trotting, and jumping on horseback. Also, the girls are judged on three different game events one of them being “Ride A Buck.” This game requires a camper to ride around the show ring with a dollar bill in-between their leg and the horse without it falling off. This game may seem silly but this is a very important skill because when riding having your leg pressed tightly against the horse is a must. Overall the girls had a blast like they always do and everyone came out with more then they came with.

Not only where our Equestrian girls busy this week but our Video Production class had some fun activities. This week they went around camp and asked campers and counselors what they will remember about camp. Once all the footage was gathered they then put it all together into a video which each camper in the class received a copy of. Since I know a few people I pulled some strings and got a copy of the video so make sure to check out Camp Friendship’s YouTube channel to view the video.

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Thank you for another great week at camp. We only have a few more to go but we will make them count!