Yesterday At Summer Camp: 2011

Yes, we are into another fantastic week here at Camp Friendship, getting close to the end but we are still having fun! After the extreme heat of last week this week has felt amazing and we have been having a blast with it. Some of our junior campers enjoyed the first half of the week down at the Arts & Crafts Village using their creative minds. So we headed down that way, ready to get messy and take a look at what kind of masterpieces were being created.

Down at Arts & Crafts campers have several activities to choose from that allow them to think creatively. Some of those activities being Pottery Wheel, Pottery Flat, Drawing & Painting, Friendship Bracelet Making and Arts & Crafts. Once down at Arts & Crafts, we watched as our junior campers remold and bring clay to life on the pottery wheels. Campers spend the first few days on the wheels forming their pottery then once perfect the pottery is placed into the kiln. Here the pottery bakes for 24 hour, which hardens the clay. After it’s baked the campers get to apply finish and gloss to their work. The pottery then goes back into the kiln allowing the finish and gloss to show its real colors. Campers then get to pick up their finished pieces on Saturday before they leave to show off their creative work.

Instead of hangin’ out with two daily activities this week we went ahead and saw what campers were up to during the evening of this magnificent week. Tuesday junior, mini and riding campers got to have fun with a camp classic, the slip ‘n’ slide. Our senior campers headed their way up to the pool Tuesday for our Pool Olympics. Campers’ where split into teams based on cabins and took part in various water events, trying to gain the most points for their teams. One of the events was a whole team effort where the teams lined up tallest to shortest in the pool and had to pass a water polo ball through their legs then over their head down and back. The Olympics was a good way for campers to bond and learn to work as a team.

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We have had a great week so far and can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will bring us.

HOT, Hot And More Hot: Camp Friendship 2011

Ok, so you remember how the last few posts I’ve been talking about how rather warm it’s been and how it has been the hottest so far this summer, I lied, WOW WHAT A HOT week! Wednesday and Thursday have been unbelievable hot and today, Friday, is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer. No worries necessary though because here at Camp Friendship we know how to stay cool in the hot summer sun.

One way for us to keep cool is to take cover in the shade of the forest and what did we find there, some junior campers at our Low Rope course. Here campers work together to complete low ropes challenges. One of the challenges that we got to sit in on was 3D spider web where campers had to work as a team to guide one of their teammates through the web with that teammate having his or her eyes closed. The camper going through the web is not allowed to touch the strings more then three times. To make things more interesting there are bells on the strings so they will ring if touched.

The other way we kept cool this week is the most satisfying and fun, WATER. Lake and pool swim were packed with sweaty campers this week. Some of the evening activities were changed so campers were able to keep cool. We set up our sprinkler on Overlook Hill for campers to run through between their activities to keep cool. We even opened the pool during our Thursday night dance for kids to come jump in. It’s been a hot week but we still had plenty of fun at camp and in our “cool” activities.

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Thanks for another great yet HOT week at camp! We can’t wait to see everyone again soon

Fun In The HOT Sun: Summer Camp 2011

Fun in The HOT Sun here at Camp Friendship and when I say “FUN IN THE SUN!” I mean it. The start of this week we took advantage of the cooler weather and now we are ready to take on these hundred plus temperatures for the rest of the week. The weather has been trying to slow us down but with our water bottles in tow we are moving forward. Of course we are very safety conscious here at Camp Friendship so we are taking more regular water breaks for our campers and staff as well as spending a little more time in the pool when necessary.

Fun waits for no man so we press onward with a trip to the top of Overlook Hill and put on our safety gear for a little mountain boarding. Since it’s summer and there’s not really any snow close by for snowboarding, campers get the chance to mountain board which is basically a snowboard with large off-road wheels. We have Overlook Hill specifically designed for this activity with a steady downward slope and then a few jumps the experienced riders are able to try out. Riders learn the fundamentals of mountain boarding, like keeping their balance and turning and stopping. Both our senior and junior campers have the opportunity to take mountain boarding and from what I’ve seen everyone seems to be having a blast.

Once at the bottom of the Overlook Hill we toke our gear off and headed further down the hill to Riflery .22 where both seniors and juniors are able to learn and practice their aim. Campers here first tackle the importance of safety when shooting a firearm and what to do and what not to do with and around them. Instructors then go over the commands of the range when people are shooting or as campers learned when the range is hot. Shooters shoot at paper targets to judge their aim and get to have some fun later in the week and shoot at some less then fresh fruit.

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It’s been a great week so far at camp and it’s going to stay that way!

Riding In The Wild: Summer Camp 2011

Another great week has gone by, it was hot at first but after a nice rain it was the perfect temperature for summer camp. The second half of this week we put on our boots and hiked along with our Wilderness Survival activity and learned how to survive in the wild.

Campers started the week off by learning how to build a shelter when stranded out in the wild and how to collect water then properly prepare it so it can be drank. The rest of the week they learned how to build and set up a trap to catch food. Our Junior Village Counselor, Hunter, then showed the campers the proper way to build a fire so they can cook their catch and also to keep warm. Campers were able to end their week with some delicious smore’s.

This week at Camp Friendship our Equestrian Camp girls had their horse show. It started at 10 a.m. Girls competed against each other in a variety of events. The events are a combination of showmanship, walking, trotting, and jumping on horseback. The girls are also judged on three different game events. One of the games are Egg And Spoon where the girls do exactly what the name implies, they must ride their horse while balancing an egg on a spoon. Points will be added up and winners will be announced at the end of the day.

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Thank you for another great week at Camp Friendship and we can’t wait to see you all again.

Chillin’ Under The Spot Light: Summer Camp 2011

Is it really the middle of July already? Wow time really does fly when you’re at summer camp because it’s already week four. It’s been a hot week so far but we have been having way too much fun by keeping cool at the lake, pool and even a little cooling down with the slip ‘n’ slide during the evening. Like always we tag along with a few activities during the week to see what they are up too. One of those this week was paddling along with the junior kayakers to see what kayaking was all about.

The juniors had a great time this week kayaking learning how to properly paddle, keep their weight evenly distributed in their kayak and also learning what to do in case of a roll over. Kayakers also added a little fun to the mix by singing the age-old nursery rime “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” of course substituting “down the stream” with “down Friendship Lake.” Alasdair Russell, one of our Senior Counselors and teacher for this activity, had the campers play simple games, one of them being “Follow The Leader” teaching campers to snap their wrists when paddling and also patience when kayaking. For the rest of the week they will be continuing to play games that teach them the skills they’ll need for kayaking.

Stepping onto land and into the spotlight we sat in with the Drama Production team to see what kind of acting skills they had up their sleeves. Last week the team discovered each other’s talents and brainstormed a story to put on this week. The clever story they came up with is a classic mystery about two pilots on a plain in flight on its way to Palmyra from Las Vegas. The team is practicing for their performance later this week to the rest of the camp.

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Color Wars: Camp Friendship Style

It’s Friday! But not a normal Friday, it’s Color Wars Friday! Colors are flying, adrenalin is rushing, kids are cheering and tensions are high because it’s a race to victory.

Color Wars are upon us and campers are excited as well as staff to take on their opponents and bring victory to the team. This years the three team colors/themes are yellow for cowboys, blue for ninjas, and red for pirates. Teams will be competing agents each other in events all day today gaining points depending on what place they finish. Teams are also able to gain point by other means as in having good sportsmanship, team spirit, or using proper safety methods. Team members of all ages will get to participate in age and skill level appropriate events throughout the event.

So far this morning teams have taken on tasks on land and water with some being easier then others. The land activities are basic gym sports one being basketball where teams play 3 minute five on five full court games. Water activities are taken place at the lake one being the canoe relay. Each team has two teammates in a canoe and must paddle to the other side of the lake and then come back and repeat that two more times with different campers each time.

Normal the teams will be competing in the “Apache Relay” which is a relay containing multiple stops that are all over camp but do to the weather the relay will not happen.
Instead of the relay, teams will go right to presenting their float’s, dance’s, and cheer’s, which they have been working on all day. All points will then be added up from the whole day and the winners will be determined. Win or lose each team gets to celebrate their achievements from throughout the day and all teammates and opponents gain a valuable experience worth sharing.

There will be a video up on our YouTube page on Color Wars so keep and eye out for that and take a look at what Color Wars is all about. Keep checking out our Facebook and Twitter for daily updates and take a look at pictures from the week on your CampInTouch account.

It has been a great week and we can’t wait to see you the rest of you soon!

Our Third Week Of Summer Camp Kicks Off With A Firework Bang!

We are off and running with our third week of camp and the beginning of our first two week session. During our opening Sunday evening Mother Nature canceled our campfire early and didn’t allow us to have our 4th of July festivities on Monday. No worries though we were able to finish campfire and celebrate our nations birthday on Tuesday night with music, fireworks, and a playing of “Taps” by Camp Friendship founder/owner Chuck Ackenbom on his trumpet to end the night’s festivities.

This first half of the week we had the pleasure of strapping up with our seniors at the high ropes area where campers take on challenging obstacles like the Leap of Faith, Jacobs Latter, The Dragons Tail, and Stairway To Heaven. Monday was a day of safety training showing campers the correct way to put on their harnesses and learning the proper commands to call out before and during climbing.
High Ropes at Overnight CampTuesday became more interesting with campers suiting up and taking on the Leap of Faith where they must attempt to climb to the top of a trimmed down tree to a short and narrow platform. Sounds easy right? That’s not all of it, once at the top the climb must then balance themselves on the platform and “leap” for a trapeze bar that is suspended in the air between two trees a few yards away.
Campers not only learn how to take on challenging tasks but also how to encourage fellow campers to achieve these tasks when they’re not able to on their own. Throughout the week campers will continue taking on the rest of the high rope course with our trained instructors to guide them.
The Camp Pamper PoleTo take a little break from the intense climbing we headed over the other side of camp to arts and crafts for some Friendship Bracelet Making where our expert bracelet maker, Junior Boys Supervisor, Carl Robinson, showed the class the ways of tying friendship. Campers weaved colorful yarn together to make exciting and meaningful bracelets for new and old friends. The “unspoken” friendship bracelet rule works like this, if you are given a bracelet you make that person one and it is tied on and never taken off to mark that long lasting friendship.
We will be following some more activities for the second half of the week so make sure you check in later this week to see which ones we are looking into. Make sure you follow us on Facebook andTwitter for daily updates and also check out your YouTube page for weekly videos. This week will be a very “Special Event” covered so keep an eye out on Saturday for that video.

On The Field & At The Range: Week Two Of Summer Camp

Second week is coming to an end tonight and it has been a great week. We had the privilege of having Cedar Cove Production with us this week and the kids had a blast working with them to get some excellent shots for our promotional video. Campers continued their week at camp with exciting activities and memorable moments with old and new friends.

The second half of the week we watched and learned as the juniors practices some soccer skills taught by our Sports Supervisor, Katie Buehler. Buehler showed the junior campers some simple but very important ball handling exercises that will improve their hand-eye coordination. Each camper also got to practice their kicking and goal tending skills with Buehler.

After learning a few soccer pointers we headed over to the archery range where some more junior campers were improving their accuracy. The campers were shooting with their bow and arrows at targets a few yards away. Once each camper had a few practice rounds, they were able to put up balloons to add an extra element of difficulty to their shooting. Campers in both soccer and archery said they loved the activity and would highly suggest it to other campers.
We also visited waterskiing this week and got some thrilling video of our senior campers out on the water displaying their mad skills they’ve picked up this week. Make sure to check out our YouTube page to watch the footage on waterskiing and the campers thoughts on the activity.

This week we were excited to get some footage of our newest activity at Camp Friendship, discovery. Here campers get to use their creativity to design and build bridges, boats, marshmallow guns, water rockets and egg catchers. We were able to catch the campers in the act of building their marshmallow guns before heading to the marshmallow range.

Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates on camp events and to check CampInTouch for weekly photos. Tune in to our YouTube channel for our waterskiing and discovery video post, and upcoming weekly video updates. Thanks everyone for another amazing week at camp and hope to see you all soon.