Summer Camp On The Trails: Week 2 Is Great Fun Of Course

Sunday we kicked off our second week of camp with some familiar faces from last week and many new ones. Campers started off Sunday getting settled into their cabins then headed off to Camp Fire. Each village supervisor and counselors performed skits to break the ice with the campers. One thing that caught not only the campers’ attention but staff as well at campfire was the three new faces of Cove Creek Production, the developers of our website and now putting together a promotional video for Camp Friendship. The crew enjoyed a fabulous campfire along with all of us at camp.

This week our mountain biking activity took our campers out for a chance to visit the back woods of camp and explore the terrain while getting a great workout. Monday campers learned the important safeties of mountain biking and were fitted with safety gear and bike for proper comfort and control. All of our activities through out the week start with the proper safety talks and required rules to follow.

Tuesday campers got a little taste of riding with short ride through camp making sure everyone’s equipment was comfortable and also allowing the Cove Creek crew to take some footage of them. On Wednesday they were able to go adventure out with some back trails like Pony Express and a trail through Old Challenge. The campers will continue this week to explore the boundaries and terrains of camp.

Earlier in the week we visited Riding Camp for some photos of our campers with their individual horses for the week. It was great fun hanging out with the riding campers for a while. These photos will be available for purchase at the Camp Store on Saturday and we will be uploading them to your Camp In Touch account as well.

Many of our campers have been great sports this week during our friends from Cove Creek Productions visit and we appreciate their efforts. As the week comes to a close tomorrow please be on the look out for a summary of the week video on YouTube and more photos. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates on what we are up to at camp.

See you soon!

An Exciting Week Comes To A Close: More Summer Camp To Come!

The first week of summer camp has been awesome! The first half of the week was wonderful and has continued to get better and better. Riding camp girls have started trail riding each day and become champion riders while mini, junior and senior campers have become experts at their daily activities. Thursday all the villages came together at the gym and danced the night away with a Mexican Fiesta themed dance. Staff dressed for the occasion and even put on a traditional “bull run”, of course the bull being Drew Closter, one of our senior village counselors. Closter chased other fellow counselors down the street lined with campers, giving everyone a good laugh.

Tonight we will be ending our first week of summer camp the same way it began, with a campfire. Each village will put on a little skit at the campfire tonight that they have been preparing for this week. Once all the performances are finished and the campfire has gone dim, the supervisors will take stage and sing “This Little Light of Mine” excusing campers village by village to return to their cabins ending the night and signifying the end of session 1A.

Then Saturday will come and while some campers will be leaving to return home, many will be staying to enjoy multiple weeks of camp. We encourage our campers to make the most of their stay here at camp building friendships that can last a lifetime. Whether staying one week or nine we are happy to have all our campers. Remember to check out our photos at CampInTouch and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates.

Make sure to check out the video that we put together to summarize the week. We interviewed some campers on their favorite things about camp this week. There was a lot of fun put into this video, one of your supervisors who is quite the character, Rory, put on quite the show for part of the video which made the campers get a kick out of making the video. The video will be on our YouTube account so check it out and tell us what you think.
Thank you for an amazing week and we will see you next week!

Summer Camp Is Back In Action!

Week one of camp has started off better then ever, a little wet, but full of fun and excitement. Campers started rolling into camp mid afternoon Sunday and were assigned to their villages. Once settled in and goodbyes were said campers had a quick, yet delicious meal and then headed off to our Sunday evening campfire. At campfire campers got a good laugh from all staff while we put on short performances, sang and taught camp songs, I even performed a camp favorite by myself in front of entire camp. It was a little embarrassing but at camp you can’t be embarrassed you have to let go and be yourself.

Our precious little mini campers and our junior campers have kept busy these first few days and have been having a blast doing so. Monday consisted of a combination of activities for the campers throughout the day followed by an exhilarating game of Minute To Win It, Camp Friendship style, for the evening activity. The game incorporated challenges the campers had to achieve within a minute to receive points. One of the challenges consisted of a team member having to blow up a balloon and then blow a plastic cup off the table with the air from the balloon. Tuesday was another day full of activates learning more and more then the day before. Junior and mini camp finished their evening with a slippery ride down the slip ‘n’ slide. Smiles and laughter filled the overlook hill while the second night of camp came to the end.

Our riding camp girls have been keeping busy this week prepping their horses and ponies for riding. The girls took pictures with their horses or ponies they were assigned to on Tuesday, which you are able to view at CampInTouch. Also keeping busy, are our senior villages with a mixture of activities throughout the day. Monday riding camp girls and the senior village got to end their evening with the slip ‘n’ slide. At first campers were not sure what to think but once seeing the thrill the counselors were having they quickly joined in. Tuesday night riding camp and senior village split and did their own evening activities getting a taste of different aspects of summer camp.

The rest of the week will continue with the same schedules during the day and will vary between villages with what night activates campers will participate in. Check out Camp In Touch to view photos from this week and visit YouTube to watch videos. Also remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with daily updates.


Just The Beginning: Summer Camp Staff Training 2011

Summer has arrived and camp is approaching fast. Camp Friendship Staff have been in training the past week getting ready for the 2011 campers to arrive. They have been learning how to handle the daily and reoccurring dilemmas a camper may face. Also going through the proper processes in the event of an emergency, so no worries folks your kids are in good hands. They are also preparing for their exciting activities for the summer. Our staff is ready for the summer to begin and is finishing up their preparations this week for the fun and exciting 2011 summer.

Starting Friday evening, staff are arriving to camp from a variety of places around the world, from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Russia, South African and all around the US just to name a few. Saturday and Sunday contained a number of exciting get-to-know each other games, which Staff benefited from, getting to know one another and also will use with campers so everyone becomes familiar and comfortable with each other.

Monday was the start of training on how to handle camper behavior. The staff have attended sessions on how to keep campers active and positive throughout the whole day, keeping their minds occupied so things like homesickness don’t settle in. Also covering subjects like bullying, teasing and neglect were addressed on Monday’s meetings with staff. It’s our goal to prepare our staff for many possible scenarios and give them the tools to make our campers summer the best it can be. Continuing on Monday evening we topped off the night with a good old fashion game of Capture the Flag, which was a time of strategic thinking, bonding among one another, and some good quality fun.

Tuesday involved more on situation handling and how to maintain campers full interest in an activity and enjoy their experience at Camp Friendship. The evening was topped off with a Pirate luau on the beach. Hotdogs and burgers were grilled while staff bonded more and more throughout the evening until the sun set. We have some amazing pictures of the luau on Camp In Touch so please login into your account and take a look at the fun and positive energy our staff brings to the table.

The rest of the week will be a mixture of training on field events. Staff will be rotating to sessions and learning how to engage students in the activities they will be teaching this summer. The 2011 Staff is more than ready and eager for this summer and cant wait for the campers to arrive. This Sunday we open our doors for our 45th Camp Friendship Summer, are you ready?