Week 9 – Another Fabulous Summer at Camp!

The 2010 summer comes to a close. It has been a fantastic summer and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. This week we had a great time like the many weeks before it. We had our sports clinics in Tennis, Golf, Waterskiing, and more. I even had the pleasure of driving our golfers to the golf course everyday this week. They seem to have had a good time.

As we close out the summer we had some classic evening activities to finish out the week. We had Powder Fairies a favorite with the juniors, Ugliest Councelor, and Mock Olympics an all-time classic. Last night we topped it off with our Under The Sea themed dance. The dance brought out many mermaids and mermen, as well as the under the sea KIZZ. The KIZZ Junior boys finally got their chance to perform.

Tonight we close out with a final campfire and fun one but we expect it will be longer than usual. Many of our senior village campers will be saying good-bye to Camp Friendship for the last time as campers. We hope that they will take fond memories from their years at camp and we look forward to seeing them again in other walks of life.

To our new and returning campers, we hope they had a memorable summer at camp this year. All of us at camp had a great time with all of you. We look forward to seeing all of you around the campfire once again next summer.

See you next year!

Week 8 – Superheroes Take Over Summer Camp!

What a week! It has been hot, it has been wet, it has been dark, and it has been FUN! This week like the many before it have had many fun activities for our campers. We have had our biggest week of the summer, with over 350 campers taking part in a fabulous Camp Friendship summer.

This week the weather has been rather warm and a few thunderstorms have kept things interesting. Our Mini Campers and juniors didn’t quite find the thunder as amusing as our Senior Villages. Thanks to our counselors and CIT’s it turned out to be a great indoor evening activity night. Senior Villagers enjoyed Slip n Slide on the nicer days this week, a nice refreshing treat.

Last night we had a special treat, dinner by candlelight. Thanks to some storms in the area we lost power along with many of our neighbors in the area. I have to give our campers a hand; they did a great job keeping everything in order during the meal. Even though it was difficult to see, they kept the spirits high with songs and lively attitudes. Luckily we were without power for a short while so the dance was able to go on.
Many costumes were lost along the way due to the lack of power but it was still a great time to be had. The theme was “Red Carpet” and I think we had some real superstars among our staff and campers after a difficult couple of hours without power. They all did a great job and we had lots of fun at the dance.

Today we close out the week with our final Color Wars of the summer! Our theme is something quite special and it was announced with quite the performance from our very own John Whipple and other program staff, during the dance. The “Superheroes” theme is made up of 4 special teams. Superman (Blue) Team, Spiderman (Red) team, Batman (Yellow) team, and the Hulk (Green) Team make up the Color Wars teams this week.
We have kicked it off with our land and aquatic activities this morning. I was lucky enough to witness a great basketball match where the Red Team (Superman) came out victorious. It was a beautiful last minute basket just as the clock hit zero. Very exciting stuff! The dances and team songs are in progress and our relay will be taking place later this afternoon.

It has been an exciting week and as we arrive on our final week of the 2010 summer we are thankful so many of you have joined us and shared your summer with us.

See you next week.