Week 7 – Fairies, Wizards and Fun at Camp!

The end of our last two-week session of the summer has arrived. It has been a lot of fun this week. This week like many others had some great activities. Our campers also took part in some challenge trips out to West Virginia and fun cookouts.

One of our evening activities this week was Powder Fairies. We had fairies, medics and our campers all over the place in a fabulous battle of the Powder Fairies. It was a lot o fun!

Another fun evening activity was our weekly themed dance. This week our theme was Harry Potter. I was happy to see many different versions of the famous Hogwarts wizards and famous characters from the novels. Some great tunes and awesome dance moves were happening on the gym floor on Thursday night.

Our challenge Rock Climbing and Rafting trips went out this week. They enjoyed some great adventures in West Virginia. White Water Rafting on the New River through a variety of class 3, 4, and even class 5 rapids. Our climbers visited Great Falls for some quality climbing.

The Session B CIT project is coming along nicely. The CIT’s are working on creating a simple “Peace Garden” to surround our peace post across from Scott Hall. It was a nice idea from Francis one of our CIT’s. I’m pretty sure he didn’t think we would actually take him up on it but work has begun. It’ll be nice to see the final product.
It has been another great week at camp and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next week.

See you then.

Week 6 – Knocked Their Socks Off At Futbol!

Here’s a short and quick recap of the past week’s adventures. This week we’ve had fun, wonderful, and outstanding activities. Activities like water polo, friendship bracelet making, pottery, soccer, fencing, basketball, tennis, and many more. It has been HOT, but we are in the water regularly every day and we are all drinking plenty of water. We are staying hydrated and happy all summer long.

Our new CIT’s our hard at work in their villages, cabins, and activities this week. I think we have a new bunch of great counselors in training this session. They have already chosen their service project and I’m excited to get started working on it. It took a bit of discussion but we nailed it down. I believe some of the ideas were painting the flag wall, rebuilding the volleyball court in junior boys, and building a ping-pong table but alas we have settled on something more conventional. A final reveal when we have something to show.

Along with our activities this week I’ve had the pleasure to check out the Tennis Clinic’s weekly Tennis Tournament. Alina our Tennis pro has put this tournament together every week it looks like a fun and challenging end of the week. All clinic participants get to play and it looks like they are having a great time going on the courts. Tennis is fun to watch but I’m going to guess it’s even more exciting to play.

This week we also had our annual soccer match against our neighbor camp Triple C. Triple C is a Day Camp in Charlottesville VA, and their staff play our staff in a fun and friendly soccer match every year. They had championed over Camp Friendship for a few years but for the last three years we have had the honor to win a few bouts against Triple C Camp. This year was a close game but in the end, we WON AGAIN! I’d like to thank Triple C for giving us the opportunity to play and to the Triple C staff for getting on the field and having fun. We hope to see them again next year.

As we close out the week we had a great Pirates and Princesses themed dance and tonight we will be closing out the session with a fabulous Camp Fire. It has been another fun week for campers and staff. Check out more photos of our week at camp by visiting our bunk1 photo galleries.

See you next week.

A Spectacular Week at Camp According To Cheese!

This session has been spectacular according to Elizabeth “Cheese” Ren. We have had a fabulous time with activities and some pretty awesome evening activities. Our campers have chosen their activities for the week, from archery, pottery, photography, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee to name a few. Our waterskiing and tennis clinics have been going strong this week as well.

Kendal Izenberg from SV2 tells me that her High Ropes class was amazing this week. Jordan Croan and Kyle Feathers the instructors of her High Ropes class this week have put together a great skit for campfire tonight. Kendal is excited to partake in the performance tonight.

I hear that one of our Low Ropes classes this week gave the team building class an interesting spin this week. Kyle and Kasey the instructors of this low ropes class tried out some challenges in the refreshing pool. Alligator Boards in the pool, now that’s what I call a cool team building experience. I believe Kylie Flemming from SV2 agrees with me.
Our riding campers have been working extra hard to prepare for their Horse Show and it seems to be going very well. I’m sitting here at the camp store as I write this article and I’m getting to talk to some of the parents stopping by and picking up their daughters Riding camp photos. I get the feeling that our families are enjoying the show and seeing their daughters having a great time at Riding Camp.

Wednesday night we had our weekly night dance with a “Super” theme. It was exciting to see all of the creativity from campers and staff in their costumes. We had super heroes in all shapes and sizes. I can quickly call out the Hulk, Spider-Man, and Dash from the Incredibles. Those Mini Campers are very creative! Even our very own Tom Winfield (Sports Supervisor) was decked out in some outstanding Wolverine Claws and outfit.

Thursday night we had our annual visit from Radio Disney. Camp Friendship was pleased to welcome Radio Disney for another year entertaining our campers. Junior Villages and Mini Camp had a superb time with the Radio Disney hosts. We enjoyed games, dances, great music and a pool party.

As you can see this has been another great week at Camp Friendship and we can’t wait for our new campers to arrive on Sunday.
See you soon.

Week 4 – Color Wars World Cup Madness!

Let me quickly share a few high points of the week before I have to run off to dinner with Senior Village. This week started our second two-week session and it has been a warm one. Let me just say there’s been a lot of water being consumed around camp. The lake and pool have been very popular this week.

This week has been our biggest group of campers so far this summer and we are excited to have them. Many countries are already being represented at camp from Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and France just to name a few. It has been a fun experience for our American campers to share in all these different cultures. Just imagine how popular the World Cup has been at camp with all of these different countries sharing in the excitement.

The World Cup has been such a part of our campers and staff so far this summer that we made it our Color Wars theme this week. Today our campers competed in our first Color Wars competition of the summer. Our teams Netherlands (RED), (Blue) Uruguay, and (YELLOW) Germany did their very best today. It was a real the teams members played hard through a variety of activities and challenges.

Campers participated in water sport challenges, land sport challenges, a silent lunch – my personal favorite, an Apache Relay, and song and dance performance, and finally the team float. Our teams demonstrated a lot of team pride and spirit today, not only for their teams but, for the other two teams. It has been a lot of fun! Check out all of the photos from today and the rest of the week on our bunk1 photo galleries to see what else our campers have been up to.

Riding camp while they did not take part in Color Wars they did have Ride Pride. All six rides demonstrated Ride Pride all day long and they enjoyed silent lunch as much as me, since they could talk all they wanted. Red, Hunter Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Blue, and Purple Rides wore their colors proudly during their day of Ride Pride activities.

A blast has been had by all!

Week 3 – Great Themes and New Surprises at Camp!

The end of our first two-week session is tonight. Closing Camp Fire is upon us but before we say good-bye to our new friends let me tell you a little bit about our week at camp. It has been a beautiful week as far as weather goes, in the low to mid 80’s all week. That would be around 27 Celsius for our international families. Our campers are still carrying their water bottles around but we all appreciate the sun giving us a little of a break.

Over the last two weeks our Equestrian Campers have been hard at work for their Horse Show, which so happened to have been this morning. We have had parents visiting all day and we are thrilled to have them. The Horse Show was a great success with events such as Showmanship, Command Break Out, and Ride a Buck. We had some fun with some of our events but we still got to see our riders do their best at more traditional show events.
This week the rest of our campers enjoyed the many activities we have at camp. Some of the more popular ones were Fishing, pool swim, and riflery .22. Much to my incredulity the most popular activity seems to be Friendship Bracelet Making. It boggles the mind but I guess it’s a great time for campers to relax and make something special for all of their new friends.

Our CIT’s are also hard at work on a very special CIT Project. I’m very excited myself and I
can’t wait to tell you all about it. This CIT project will add to the beauty of camp and to the fun of one of the most visited places on camp. It’s very exciting but for now I must say nothing else about it.

As we close out the week on Thursday night our campers had their very special Thursday Night Dance. Our campers and counselors dressed up to the theme of “Stars and Stripes” in honor of our very special Independence Day holiday on Sunday. It was fun to see our campers and staff show off their pride and respect for a very special day in American history. Even our International campers participated in our celebration.

Tonight we close out another week of camp. We wish our very best to our old friends who are going home to new adventures this summer and we hope to see you all again next summer.

See you next week.