Week 2 – The Heat Won’t Keep Us Down!

Tonight we close out another fantastic week at Camp Friendship. It has been a wild one. This week we have had great activities such as mountain boarding, pottery, archery, waterpolo, and loads more. Just visit out bunk1 photo galleries to peek at all of the fun we’ve had. According to our CF Newspaper we even had a Big Foot sighting according to Eric Vetter. I know I’m keeping my eyes open for Big Foot. John our resident Widerness Man has prepared to catch our very own Big Foot and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I learn more.

While this week has been quite HOT, our campers have been sticking to their waterbottles and are working hard on their water consumption during meals. A mixture of heat and rain have hit us this week but with a little camp spirit our activities and programming have gone none stop. Riding Camp made a good show of showing their Ride Pride this week. Our various Orange, Green, Red Rides to name a few are proud to be riding here at Camp Friendship and we are proud to have them.

Evening activities have been exemplary with Powder Fairies and a Scavenger Hunt/Ice Cream Party as some of the highlights. On Wednesday night we had our weekly dance for all of camp. It was a riot with our theme being “Toga Party”. Let’s just say our linens closet got raided and our laundry staff will be working a little extra getting all those “togas” washed.

Our CIT’s had a fun night out of camp this week. After much hard work our Counselors In Training went out to dinner and a nice evening out of camp with yours trully. I’m sure they think having me as their driver was the highlight of the evening but I rather enjoyed my chicken wrap. Our CIT’s have been doing a great job over the last few weeks and I hope they enjoyed their free evening this week.

Today we brought back our Friday Musical Lunches. I can personally say they are a great success. Tom Winfield’s selection of tunes were quite a diverse treat, from the classic Jungle Book song “the bear necessities” to some Jack Johnsoneque tunes I didn’t recognize but I’ll be sure to look into. The dining hall had a great lunch and a great atmosphere. Lunch got everyone in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Tonight we are preparing for camp fire as we do every Friday night. Camp Friendship will close out another week and prepare to welcome new campers for another fun session. While many of our campers are staying over with us over the weekend for another week we are also welcoming quite a few new campers on Sunday. We will aslo be seeing a Whitewater Rafting and River Kayak trip going out on Monday morning. It’s already shaping up to be a fun-filled week.

See you next week.


Our Supervisors Got Camp!

Yup I’m here to deliver the news our Target Sports Supervisor Brian Rich and our very own Wilderness Man (Assistant Program and Outdoor Education Supervisor) John Whipple have Got The Undeniable Camp!  Just take a look, they Got Camp!

Week 1 – Bingo Bango Summer Camp!

Our first week of camp has gone off with a bang! We may have started the summer with a smaller than usual number of campers but it has been great. Our campers along with our staff have had a fabulous time over the last week.
While not all of our activities have run this week the ones that did were great fun. Arts and Crafts as always was as popular as ever, along with friendship bracelet making and pottery. Our Arts and Crafts Photography classes put together photo scrap books this week and they were awesome! Our campers enjoyed being able to compile there photos into a story and take it home for a great keepsake. Campers have also taken on the soccer spirit here at camp. Many soccer periods ran throughout the week. I would say the World Cup spirit and excitement has spread throughout camp.
Our Campers got to try out our new “Media Cabin”, a small place for our various media related activities such as video production, song writing, and the CF Newspaper. The newspaper campers ran some great articles this week.
Evening activities were also a great success. Slip n Slide was great fun even though we ran into some water pressure issues early in the evening but we put our heads together and found a way to still have a fun slip n slide evening with our Senior Village and Equestrian campers. Junior Village Slip n Slide the following evening was also a lot of fun. Counselors and campers alike love a little slip n slide on a hot summer evening. This week we brought out our new “Minute To Win It” evening activity and we are glad it was welcome with open arms by Junior VIllage. Mock Olympics was loads of fun and a little team made for a great evening activity.
On Thursday we had our Holloween Themed Dance. Many different and CRAZY costumes were shared by our campers and staff. Some of our staff have even become worthy of being turned into costumes themselves, just check out the photos on our bunk1 photo galleries. We had some ninjas, some wilderness men, some witches, and even some Dwarves.
It has been a great first week of camp and in just a couple of hours we will be closing out the week at Camp Fire and saying good bye to our new friends. We will be going out in great Camp Friendship tradition with songs, skits and dances. It’s all very exciting, our first session CIT’s have even prepared a special performance to share at Camp Fire. Come back to check out more photos, next week a new update and more.
See you soon. 🙂

Staff Training: First Week Down

The first week of staff training has come and gone for the summer of 2010.  Our supervisors are ready to take on the world and the rest of our staff have arrived.  This next week will be non-stop excitement and we are excited to see our new supervisors take on the reigns.  Our CIT’s have also arrived this week to take part in staff training and see what it takes to be a Camp Friendship staff member.

I hope you have all registered with Bunk1 to see all of the great photos of staff training and the many summer photos that will be posted through out the summer.  If you haven’t just follow this link to some great summer camp photos and get started.

Got Camp? The CF Summer Theme

Every summer Camp Friendship sets a theme to carry our staff and campers throughout the summer.  This theme is meant to keep us focused on our goals and motivated throughout the summer.  This year we chose to borrow a little from a popular campaign here in the US.  I believe many of you will figure it out.  I would like to emphasize that our goal is to present the benefits of camp in a fun and exciting way.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting some exciting images of our supervisors and staff answering the age old question. . .GOT CAMP?  Keep an eye out on this blog for more and think about why you GOT CAMP?

I’d love to her if you Got Camp in the comments.