Staff Training Has Begun!

We are off to the races! Summer Camp is just around the corner and our supervisors are training and preparing for a fabulous summer. Over the last week our supervisors have arrived to camp settled in and go to work. Lifeguard training was the first order of business for supervisors with a couple of visitors from one of our neighbor camp, Camp Horizons. Our supervisors are now officially Red Cross Lifeguard certified. It was great fun to see them get out there and do their very best. Some Riding Camp supervisors and staff joined us for training and they also did very well. Another batch of lifeguard trainees just started yesterday and I’m sure they will have a great time and learn some very important skills.

Over the last week our supervisors have gone through some important training sessions such as leadership training, goal setting, and much more. They are shaping up to being one of the best supervisor groups we have ever had here at Camp Friendship. Our camp theme of “got camp?” for the summer has gotten a lot of attention from our supervisors and staff. It’s exciting to see them all get on board and start asking the age old question, GOT CAMP?

Supervisors spent the evening camping out last night and what a time they had! Kasey our Challenge Supervisor gathered up the tents, the pots and pans, and other necessary tools for a great night out in the woods. Staff packed flashlights, sleeping bags, blankets, and guitars. The supervisors enjoyed a nice “Taco Skillet” meal out on the fire and some smore’s for dessert. They even enjoyed their very first Camp Friendship campfire literally around the camp fire.

As you can see the summer is off to a great start. Many more staff are yet to arrive and once they do we will just need one more piece to the summer camp puzzle, all of you! So get your bags ready and if you don’t “got camp?” don’t worry you soon will.