Tennis For The Health of It!

The summer is a fabulous time to relax and get away from the pressures of everyday life, especially for our children. Summer camp is a great opportunity to do just that, get away and having tons of fun! Many of our campers love coming to camp for the fun, the activities, and the new friends. However there’s something all campers and staff get out of camp that they sometimes don’t even realize, good health and fitness. At camp our campers are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities but one of our most popular has always been Tennis. This is a sport that is not only fun, especially at camp, but also a very healthy activity. We all know that our children need regular exercise but it’s hard to find the time. Tennis is an engaging activity that can be played indoors (year-round) and outdoors.

A great article was point out to me by our Tennis Pro Alina Ackenbom, “34 Reasons To Play Tennis”. This article outlines some of the specific benefits one will get from playing tennis. Benefits gained by playing tennis go beyond the physical into the psychological. Let me quickly outline a couple of the facts about the sport.
• People who participate in tennis three hours per week at a moderately vigorous intensity cut in half their risk of death from any cause, according to the late Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger, who was an internationally recognized exercise authority and studied more than 10,000 people for 20 years.
• Since tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, it may generate new connections between nerves in the brain and promote a lifetime of continuing development of the brain, reported scientists at the University of Illinois.
Some of the specific physical and psychological benefits or reasons to participate in the sport are bone strength, fine motor control, enhancement of the immune system, discipline, stress control, and mistake management to name a few.
Tennis is an ideal sport for children to play at an early age. With such an abundance of benefits and possibilities, who wouldn’t want to expose their child to such possibilities?
Our Tennis Clinics at Camp Friendship are an ideal way to introduce campers to a fun and healthy activity. This year we have a special last minute offer for first time junior tennis players. Never played before? Start playing tennis this summer on our newly resurfaced courts and receive a brand new tennis racket to use while at camp and keep after camp for your continued tennis play. Contact Alinaour Tennis Pro about this offer and to learn more about our Tennis programs and Sport Clinics.

Spring Break Riding Camps in 2010

Our spring break camps were a huge success! The weather could not have been more perfect with temperatures in the breezy 80’s! It was so warm, in fact that the second week’s campers actually went swimming in the lake! They had a blast going down the slide, off the high dive tower, and swinging off of the rope swing.
All of the girls improved in their riding lessons and had great fun on the trail rides, which included some of our newly cleared trails, and the always popular “Jumper’s Lane.” The evening activities included pony costume contests (Mokie decorated as “Spring Time” was a crowd – pleaser, as well as Hank dressed as “Easter Egg Hunt!”), Karaoke, which everyone got involved in, campfires, and an exciting hayride out to the farm pasture to see all of the horses (though the second week’s campers got caught in the rain on the way back… Good thing they like water!) Two wonderful groups of campers were a great way to kick off our 2010 season!

Don’t Forget These Essentials When Packing for Summer Camp!

The time to start packing for another exciting summer at camp is just around the corner. The summer will be here before you know it, are you ready? Last year I shared a list of “Five Things Counserlos and Campers Should Bring to Camp” and today I’ve got a few little extras. One can never bee too prepared with the essentials for a busy summer. Below I will outline the top 3 things every camper should fit into their camp trunks or duffle bags.

Socks – Absolutely, who doesn’t need socks! Camp is hot, humid, and wet. Socks will protect your feet from the elements and keep you going all summer long. We recommend at least eight to ten pairs of socks per week if partaking in laundry services. If not taking advantage of laundry services at least one pair per day.
Stationary, Stamps and Envelopes – During camp our campers are cut off from outside contact. It’s a time for them to have fun, participate in activities and become more independent. Parents and relatives will be sending you bunk notes (email letters), mail letters, maybe even packages. Pack some stationary and some stamped envelopes so you can write back to your family and even send a letter to your BFF’s. Don’t forget you will be making a ton of new BFF’s while at camp and you will want to write them if they leave before you do.
Old Clothes – At camp we will be outside, running, playing, learning, having fun, and getting dirty. Don’t bring your brand name shirts, and bring the old soccer shirts. Bring clothes to camp you don’t mind getting dirty or possibly ruined. There’s no point in bringing stress with you to camp, by worrying about your clothes. Leave the nice stuff and bring the old clothes, you will thank me later. 🙂
Bonus: Water Bottle – Here’s a quick little bonus and a very important part of your packing for the summer. A water bottle to carry around with your all summer. Stay hydrated and healthy all summer by carrying with you a water bottle and drinking water. We also recommend some form of carrier or strap to keep the bottle with you at all times.
Here are the top 3 things you should add to your packing list for the summer. Summer will be here soon and we can’t wait to see you.
Please keep in mind that by no means is this a comprehensive packing list for camp. This is only a reminder of some of the things you will want to make sure you have with you to make your summer as comfortable and safe as possible. Please see your parent or staff packet for a more comprehensive packing list.

What NOT To Bring To Summer Camp!

What not to bring to camp, that seems pretty obvious you don’t bring knives, illegal drugs, alcohol, and so on to camp.  Well certainly don’t bring these things but there’s a few more things that sound perfectly harmless that you shouldn’t bring to camp.  Today I’ve got a list of the top five things you shouldn’t bring to camp for your own safety and to get the most out of your camp experience.

Drum Roll Please….

  1. Money – Leave the cash at home, it’s summer camp and you wont be needing it. Yes, I know we have a camp store and a snack bar but if you’re camper is interested in purchasing some of those items just give us a call and add some money to their account.  Cash is easy to loose so please don’t bring it to camp.  *Please keep in mind that the only exceptions to this rule are for our out-of-camp trips.  Any cash sent for these trips or otherwise confiscated will be kept in the camp safe until the trip or the camper’s stay has ended.
  2. Cell Phones – In this digital age cell phones can do pretty much anything, least of all is making a phone call it seems.  There’s a whole slew of reasons why campers shouldn’t bring cell phones to camp.  The main reason is cell phones do not match with the philosophy of a resident camp experience.  We want our campers to be 100% invested in their summer camp experience and a cell phone just provides a distraction.  While we understand some parents feel the need to send the phone for security reasons it’s best to avoid it because the majority of the time the phone is not used for how parents intended.  *All phones found in a campers possession will be confiscated until the campers stay has ended at camp.
  3. Electronic Games – Here’s another gift from our friend in Silicon Valley. These things can do almost anything just like cell phones, soon they’ll be one and the same.  These electronic items come in all shapes,sizes,and a million acronyms (PSP,GB,DS), your camper will not be needing these at camp.  We know they are great for killing a few minutes of boredom in the day but your camper wont have time to be bored if they take advantage of all that camp has to offer.  Camp is a place for face to face interactions so leave some of that great technology at home for now.
  4. Inappropriate Music – Camp Friendship encourages the appreciation of music and we will be doing our share of dancing and listening to music all summer.  However, music must be played openly at camp and we must be respectful of all members of our camp community.  This community includes children and staff from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures not to mention children ages 6-16.  Music with lyrics or subject matter that may be offensive, condones or promotes violence, or has a “parental advisory” warning should not be brought to camp.
  5. Non-Prescription Medications – For your camper and all our other campers safety please don’t send non-prescription medications to camp.  We have a 24-hour health center always ready to deal with our campers and counselors medical needs.  All Prescription Medications need to be dropped off with our medical personnel during Check-ins but please do not bring or send any non-prescription medications to camp.  Any use of non-prescription medication will be under our medical personnel discretion when deemed necessary.
Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list of what your camper shouldn’t bring to camp but 5 of the least obvious things to avoid bringing to camp.  For our full list please see your parent packet.  Also remember that camp reserves the right to confiscate any inappropriate items on this list, to be returned to the parent when the child is picked up from camp.