Tennis Update From Our Pro!

Alina here, bringing you a quick update from the Camp Friendship tennis courts! It’s getting a bit cold out these days but we are still having a great time on the courts.

I have been busy on the Camp Friendship tennis courts running clinics and private lessons for the local community kids and it has been going very well. Most of the students are taking lessons with me in order to prepare for the spring high school tennis season. I do a lot of on-court instruction, working with them on their skills, running a lot of fun drills and games and quick tournaments.

Modern tennis is much more athletic than it used to be. Players hit harder and practice more off the tennis court, working on their fitness and stamina. I make sure my students work on their fitness through weight training, running and some footwork exercises to improve their speed and agility on the tennis court.

Other than working with our year round tennis student I’ve been participating in conferences and improving my skills. Last Sunday I participated in the

Conference in Rockville, MD.
The keynote speaker was

Nick Saviano from Saviano High Performance Academy in Sunrise, Fl. Nick is a former Pro Player who has a great reputation among fellow tennis coaches. His modern tennis teaching methods have resulted in producing a lot of nationally ranked juniors and very successful pro players.

I attended Nick’s workshop on Perception and Anticipation tennis. The sport of tennis is becoming very fast these days with the balls achieving high speeds of 150 miles per hour. Having only a minimum time to respond it is essential for players to be able to determine where and how the ball will move and be completely prepared for a quick response. Nick shared a lot of great drills and techniques on how to work with players and achieve the best performance on court. The exciting thing is that these methods can be applied to teaching players of all levels and abilities. As a tennis teaching professional it is a great thrill to be able to obtain more knowledge and techniques that I can’t wait to share with my students and campers. It will be great to have CF campers return to camp next summer for my tennis clinics.

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in the Mid Atlantic USTA Tennis Championship for women over thirty. It was a great challenge and it’s exciting to announce that I won. Thanks to this win I’m now ranked #1 in the Mid-Atlantic ranking for women over thirty.

See you soon on the courts and around the campfire.