An Open House At Your House

Camp Friendship would like to invite all of our camp families and interested families to host a Camp Friendship Open House in their own homes. Yup, we want to pack your house full of families interested in the camp experience… just kidding! Let me tell you how the In-House Open House works and how it will benefit you and your friends.

First and foremost an interested Open House host will have to invite a minimum of three new families who may be interested in the camp experience at Camp Friendship. A Camp Friendship staff member, usually our Director or Assistant Director, will come to the host families home with a small presentation for all families in attendance. Now here’s where your first benefit kicks in, our Open House host will automatically be discounted $75.00 off of their child’s camp tuition for the upcoming summer just for hosting the Open House. It doesn’t matter if any families sign up for camp or not, we are just happy for the opportunity to talk about our camp.

Now if this little In-House Open House really gets exciting and your friends really feel Camp Friendship is the right fit for their children and lets say all three new families sign up for a Camp Friendship summer. Now our host family would receive a FREE WEEK OF CAMP for the upcoming summer! This free week of camp is only available if the three new families that sign up were in attendance at the host families Open House.

Camp Friendship is excited to extend this offer to all of our camp families, so please call us to schedule your In-House Open House. Let Camp Friendship share your overnight camp experience secret with your friends and family today. Call us at 1.800.873.3223 or email us with questions or comments about our In-House Open House. We will be monitoring this post as well so feel free to drop us a comment with questions or suggestions.

See you soon,


Stay Healthy After Summer Camp!

Summer camp is over and the kids are back in school.  We are all getting back into our old routines, no more running around to activities, no more playing tennis, dodge-ball  or slip n slide.  All of those fun and challenging activities are gone, well until next summer at least.  So what now?  What will our campers do to stay energized, active, and healthy to get through the school year attentive and full of excitement?

Well I’ve got my top 3 basic tips for helping our campers stay healthy and active after summer camp.

  • Breakfast! –  Here’s the most important part of any child or any persons day, breakfast.  Eating a well-balanced healthy first meal of the day will keep you energized and focused right up to lunch time.  It will keep your child from overeating during lunch as well.  At camp we serve three hearty meals a day, starting with breakfast.  Sometimes it’s hard to make the time to sit down and have breakfast during the week, but we think it’s very much worth it to make the effort.
  • A New Activity – The summer was full of different activities for our campers to try out.  We have so many different ones your camper may not have tried all of their favorites.  This is a great opportunity to reach out to your community and check out a new activity for your child.  You may even consider trying it together.  Look into your local YMCA or the local paper for community sports or activities.  Here at Camp Friendship we offer Tennis, Riding, Gymnastics, Dance, and Cheerleading all year for our local community.  I’m sure there’s an equal opportunity in your community.
  • Variety – At Camp Friendship, our campers are allowed to choose what activities they want to participate in, they are presented with many options during meal times, and they even can choose to have some downtime during the day.  As they say, variety is the spice of life.  When it comes to meals, sports, activities, and life give your child choices.  Limit their options to the best of each that you can offer but let them have a variety of healthy options to choose from.
These are just 3 simple suggestions to help keep your kids healthy and active after all of the excitement of overnight camp has slowed.  We hope this bit of information will prove useful in your everyday life after camp.  If you’d like to read about a few more suggestions, please check out this article, on kids staying active or healthy lifestyles.

Posted by Cris Higginbotham