Five Things Both Campers and Counselors Should Bring to Summer Camp

Packing your bags for camp?  Did you pack everything you will need for weeks of fun in the sun?  Well just to be on the safe side here’s a quick list of five important and useful things most campers and counselors forget to pack before heading off to camp.

  1. Sunscreen – Oh yes, that good ole protection from sun.  Campers and Counselors will be spending a great deal of time outdoors in the sun so pack that sunscreen.  Waterproof, sweat proof, or sport types of sunscreens in a lotion form (not a spray-on) are recommended.  Be sure to try it prior to camp since allergies are possible.
  2. Insect Repellent – Keep those pesky bugs away, remember to pack insect repellent.  We recommend quality repellent for people who are deep in the woods not the “smell nice” stuff. We’d also encourage the stick or lotion types.  Once again be sure to try it prior to camp since allergies are possible.
  3. Closed-Toe Shoes – Lets keep our feet safe this summer, pack closed-toe shoes.  At camp we do a lot of walking and with flip flops it’s very possible that a foot injury is just up the hill. Our current policy requires all staff and campers to wear closed-toe shoes when walking around camp and to every activity.  Don’t forget we have many activities where a sneaker or hiking boot will be the best choice, so keep that in mind when choosing your summer camp footwear.
  4. Flashlight – Camp gets dark around 8:30 – 9:00 and we are still enjoying our evening activities or campfire at that time so a flashlight is a great thing to have to avoid injuries.  Remember to pack that trusty flashlight and fresh batteries for the summer.
  5. Water Bottle – No summer camp packing is complete without our water bottles, so go get it now and pack that sucker!  Summer in the outdoors is great fun but it will be HOT, there’s no use beating around the bush about that.  We all need to drink lots of water and keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day.  So bring your water bottles and keep them full.
Well that’s it, these are 5 of the essentials counselors and campers will need this summer.  So if you are finished packing already, double check for these items and if you haven’t started packing yet then get started summer will be here soon.
Please keep in mind that by no means is this a comprehensive packing list for camp.  This is only a reminder of some of the most important things you will want to make sure you have with you to make your summer as comfortable and safe as possible.  Please see your parent or staff packet for a more comprehensive packing list.
See you soon

Helping Parents Prepare Their Child For Summer Camp

As camp professionals and as parents ourselves we know how important our child’s privacy is, so we’d like to give you some helpful advice when it comes to sharing critical information that would allow us to better serve your children at camp.

The American Camp Association (ACA) and Bob Ditter have put together a great video for parents with very helpful advice on this very subject, titled – Ready for Camp: Sharing Personal Information About Your Child With Camp Professionals.

Ready for Camp: What Parents Need to Know, with Bob Ditter @ Yahoo! Video
Bob Ditter is a child, adolescent, and family therapist in Boston, Massachusetts. He consults with youth agencies throughout the United States, including the American Camp Association (ACA), Girl Scouts of the USA, YMCA, Salvation Army, JCCA, and many others. He has visited over 500 camps in the United States, writes for Camping Magazine, the official publication of ACA, and has authored many books and training videos for camp professionals.

We hope you find this video helpful and interesting. Please visit for more helpful and informative getting ready for camp videos and for more Camp Friendship videos visit our YouTube summer camp page .

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Staff Reunion A Success!

On Friday we started our Staff Reunion weekend, our first reunion in over twenty years. We are thrilled at how great it went. I’d like to thank all of the former staff members that attended and really made this a reunion to remember. We had staff members come see us from as far away as Manchester, England and as near as right here in Palmyra, VA. We all had such a great time that we can’t wait to do it again in the near future. So to all of you I say visit our CF Alumni Directory page at and get your name on the list so you don’t miss out on the next reunion. We hope to invite staff and campers in the future. Don’t forget to stay connected.

It was a real joy to see so many old friends together here at camp. Some of our visitors had not seen each other in over 10-15 years and it was like they had never been apart. I can honestly say we had lots of smiles and hugs to go around all weekend. Our Friday night Camp Fire started things off with a bang! The staff jumped right in with songs and dance without missing a beat. Like I said before, it’s like they never left Camp Friendship. We finished things off on Friday night with smores and time for old friends to catch up.

On Saturday it was time for activities like riflery, canoeing, mountain boarding, tennis, and high ropes which proved to be the most popular of all. It was very exciting to see how many of our former staff brought their little ones to participate in the fun this weekend. I was even more excited to see how many of them were already signed up to be campers this summer. I couldn’t ask for a better endorsement than that of a former camper and staff. After Lunch we got our hands dirty digging up a time capsule buried at camp during our last reunion over twenty years ago. It certainly smelled like it was that old! A lot of memories in that little box. Saturday came to a close after a wonderful dinner prepared by our Kitchen staff, a slideshow that seems to have been enjoyed by all, and a closing speech from our Owner/Founder Mr. Chuck Ackenbom.

Sunday brought our fun filled weekend to a close. While many of us had a great time, as they say – all good things must come to an end. We bid farewell to our friends and we hope that these old friends will stay in touch and give these friendships another opportunity to grow. Thank you all for coming and we hope to see again real soon.