Junior Village: A Unique Experience

The Junior Program at Camp Friendship offers boys and girls ages 8-12 an unforgettable summer camp experience. An experience where campers can choose their own activities, make lasting friendships, and assert personal independence in a caring and fun environment.

Our junior campers are introduced to a well-balanced camp environment that caters to the first-time camper as well as the experienced camper. At this age campers are ready to set out and try some new things on their own and we offer a great and safe opportunity to do just that. Whether it’s participating in an Arts & Crafts project with new friends, or trying the rope swing on the Friendship Lake, there’s always something for everyone at Camp Friendship. As our returning campers can tell you with such a large variety of activities there’s always something new to try year after year, not to mention new friends to meet.

Over 50 activities are available for campers to choose and create their independent summer activity schedule. Junior campers choose five daily activities on the Sunday of every week and our program staff does it’s very best to give our campers their top five choices. This system gives our campers the independence to try the activities they want without any outside pressure or influence. With activities like, soccer, volleyball, lake swim, canoeing, kayaking, chess, photography, wilderness survival, low and high ropes even if you don’t get your top choice there’s still great activities to choose from.

The Junior Program is broken up into one and two week sessions to allow for a more flexible schedule for our camper families. One-week sessions offer a fabulous opportunity for campers who just want to try out camp and to see what all the fuss is about. When our campers realize they love Camp Friendship they can always add another one-week session or really go crazy and stay with us for a two-week session. Two-week session allows our campers to really get to know their cabin mates and counselors for a real bonding experience.

The Junior Program is divided into a Junior Girls village and a Junior Boys village where campers live in an age appropriate cabin with two counselors per cabin. Our junior village cabin counselors are your campers guide throughout camp.

They are there to help the campers with activity selections, meeting new friends, and getting the most out of camp as possible. Camp Friendship’s counselors are usually college-aged students, and teachers looking for a new summer experience. Since our campers and staff live together in their own cabins and villages it helps to create a very close-knit community within these villages. Cabin activities are always a popular favorite here at camp, such as smores’ around the campfire and cookouts.

While a lot of our staff is American we also have many international staff from all over the globe join us every summer. Camp Friendship prides itself in its international atmosphere and we are happy to welcome all of our international staff and campers. This is yet another unique experience that we offer our campers, to be able to experience and learn about different diverse cultures throughout the summer. In the last 42 years that Camp Friendship has been welcoming campers into our home our diverse group of campers and staff has represented over 70 countries.

As if all of this wasn’t enough junior campers’ can also participate in Sports Clinics in Tennis, Golf, Waterskiing/Wakeboarding, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and just recently added Soccer. Highly trained individuals in their specific sports teach our half-day sports clinics and they can be combined with any of our weekly sessions. These clinics are meant for the beginner and intermediate sports enthusiast, however other criteria are available on a per sport basis.

Junior Girls with Riding is another very popular junior camper activity. It’s only available to the girls in our junior programs and it’s one they surely will love. As you may have read in our last newsletter this program is for the beginner and intermediate rider that wants to participate in riding camp but doesn’t want to miss out on the rest of the general camp activities. Junior Girls with Riding is a great opportunity for the beginner rider to get a real taste for our Equestrian program for ages 10-16.

The Camp Friendship Junior Program is phenomenal opportunity for campers, ages 8-12 to really experience a unique summer outdoors in the beautiful state of Virginia. We hope you will join us for a summer of fun and friendships.

The above article was taken from our Winter 2009 Friendship Times newsletter. I feel that this article helps give families and campers a good idea of what Camp Friendship can offer a first time camper or younger camper at overnight camp. We try to offer things such as quality of programming, lasting friendships, independence, cultural diversity with our staff and campers, and finally variety all around.